Posted by: ayakoaya | November 26, 2006

is the correct and accurate, (worth $70) answer?

Yesterday, I worked for the guy who usually takes the Saturday Help Desk shift. We have 1 person who works Tuesday – Saturday and answers the calls. He wanted to watch the UH football game (Warriors beat Purdue 42 – 35 ) so I worked 6 days last week, and get my one day off today. It feels weird only having the one day. But it’s important people have time off.

My boss met with me on Friday and asked me how I thought I was doing as the new Team Lead. It’s been about a month now. I said I wasn’t sure yet. That, with the short-staffing it was hard to just keep shifts covered. I told him after doing the job for 3 or 4 months, I’d have a better idea how I was going to be as a Lead. In my heart, I’m hoping I won’t be there much longer than the 3 or 4 months.

There’s a position open that I want to apply for at a bank here in Hawaii, for Desktop support. I’m working on the resume today and sending it off to them. If they’ll pay as much, or close to as much as I make now, I’m willing to take it. I’d like to continue to progress in IT and don’t want to stop at Help Desk. I’ve been in HD since May 2005. I’m getting really antsy to leave. I told the boss that I wanted to continue to learn new things, and while I am learning management, which is good, I want to learn IT things!

Last night, the guy I’ve been dating took me to Restaurant Row, and we ate at a Greek / Mediterranean restaurant named… Yanni’s. It was my first time at a Greek restaurant. It was a good experience. I had some food I can’t type the names of, and it was neat to try something new. This was our post-Thanksgiving celebration together since we both had family stuff to do on Thursday. I told him I’d want us to take time off and overlap just a couple of days so we could stay in a hotel in Waikiki and play tourist. I’d wanted to wait until I got another job, and he said “We could do that now.” But I’m too short-staffed and have a new guy starting Tuesday, so I can’t go for a while. A part of me wonders if he means it, and still wonders what he thinks we’re doing.We act like we’re in a relationship, but not quite. And I know once I slap that “boyfriend” label on a man, things get weird because I get weird. So in a lot of ways, I can’t ask for much from anyone.

Some of the guys at work told me I should go to for the answers to the A+ hardwware exam I’m taking at the end of December. I’m debating it. If anyone has any input at all on the A+ exam, please, by all means, leave me a comment. Am I better off studying on my own, or should I shell-out the $70 for the hardware questions? Apparently, its 700+ questions and answers for $70. I feel like I should be able to pass if I just study hard. Any suggestions? logo



  1. Aloha,

    TK can be worth it, but you have to ask yourself a question of ethics. All the BS aside, some of these TK questions truly do mirror the real world exams. Would you cheat on an exam in college? I know plenty of “paper mcses”, or those who have taken and passed these exams based on buying these test questions. After the exam, they dont know too much about anything. FWIW, take certification exams when you feel you are ready, not because you set a hard date and time. Although setting a hard date and time helps to force you to study, you should still feel comfortable with the material. And yes, I have taken the A+ exam and hold several others as well.

  2. I think fact of the matter, probably about 75% of the folks out there have probably used something similar to testking…just for question memorization. I also believe that most of the material presented in some of these test you’ll more than likely never use in the professional job environment. But yet you still have to pass the exam for that oh-so-special certificate. And you’re all of a sudden, a Certified Proffesional. Considering that most jobs don’t even really care about certifications anymore, it all comes down to how much you really want that Certification. How you attain it is irrelavent.

    But anyways, i have heard from many folks that testking does appear to have a lot of actual questions from the actual test. I heard MS even sued them for it…so i dunno how it is now. Wouldnt hurt to try though…

  3. Don’t pay $70.00 for TestKing when you can get it for $10.00, I already have lots of experience and bought cheap CBT Nugget videos and fully updated TestKing Software from

    Best of Luck Guys!

  4. I have passed my A+ certification exams

    I like Better than testking

    Good Luck

  5. I passed my VCP-310 certification with help of certifyme

  6. I passed the 640-802 CCNA with They are the best in my eyes. I also used the 220-601 using pass-guaranteed.

  7. can anyone give me the A+ exams 220-601 and 602 please. i want to challange them. Please i can’t afford to buy them. I am taking this course through gov. funding. please help me out thanks.

  8. I bought serval products from CertifyMe and they were word to word as you see in the real exam. I am glad i came to this post.

  9. Pass My vcp-310 with the help of Certifyme

  10. Passed my SY0-201 with the help of certifyme.
    I was amazed everything was word to word that i studied from their product.

    • Hi Steve,

      Pls can you send the certifyme SY0-201 to my email address.

      I have read the sybex fourth edition very well but need to be extra prepared.


  11. your website is very good.i like to thanks for its make……..may Allah keep it website………

  12. Yeah, I think it is one of the best software to use. It made my test a lot easier. I didn’t have to pay for Tesk King since they had it at my school. d:

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