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aquarius woman with virgo man?

I’m an aquarius. I see many sides to issues, and black and white situations become more of a muted grey for me.
The guy I’m currently dating is a Virgo. He tends to stick to his guns when he makes up his mind about an issue, and knows which side he’s on. He is a bundle of extremes and there are few blurred lines with him. I respect this, because sometimes I wish I was quicker at making decisions on certain issues.
He’s told me before that he believes in astrology. We’ve never discussed it, but I’ve looked online and in books for fun, and discovered they often state that the Aquarius-Virgo match is one of the worst when it comes to love / romance. I’ve seen a few positive ones, but more negative.
I’ve never spoken to him about it, and he’s never said anything about it to me — though I wouldn’t doubt he has read things about it on his own.
I have to admit I couldn’t help but think to myself that… maybe we might be different… but…? I guess it depends on how much he believes in it. And how much we like each other.

I don’t let horoscopes rule my decisions, but they’re cool to read. I definitely won’t stop dating someone because of it. But it does feel better when it doesn’t flat-out say “bad” when you look up the match. Yikes.

Admittedly, I am surprisingly materialistic. I believe in making money, and I think this goes against what a lot of horoscopes say about aquarians. I’ve seen so many scenarios where people were struggling. People who were / are close to me… and they deserve better. I can’t help but wish I had enough money to help them is all. Also want to be able to take care of myself so no one worries about me. And that’s why its so important. ((Cash Rules Everything Around Me)) <– If you catch the reference without googling it, I’m especially happy you’re reading this.



  1. Well it won’t work forever, but the sex will be good.

    • Stop being foolish people. Don’t let astronomy fuk with your head and your relationship. It is what you make out of it. These personality profiles can apply to just about anyone. Look around you some people struggle in relationships others don’t. IF it works enjoy it love each other appreciate each other. If it doesn’t work move on. No need to look to the stars for answers.

    • okay there is sooo much about Virgo males and Aquarius females…what about the other way around :(?

      and I’ve noticed that usually on horoscope queries regarding relationships, a lot of girls post…well, more than guys anyway…I’ve seen Virgo males post, what about the Aquarius males? No experiences/vies/opinions about Virgo females?

      Yea, you’ve guessed it, I’m a Virgo female, that’s why this is all about “define me! what about meeeee!” 🙂

  2. i think it will work. I read the horoscopes for fun but I don’t believe them. I am currently n a relationship with a Virgo man and it’s good. We do have a lot of arguments because of our differences with one another. But, we always say if we want it to work we have to understand each other’s differences. I love my Virgo man. And, I’m never leaving him. EVER! Oh yeah, the sex is totally AWESOME!

    • I can only agree with M.A. I love my Virgo fiancé. Sure we have our differences (gosh I hope so, that what makes us individuals), but the amount of what we have in common and the way we take life seriously but with a lot of fun is uncanny. I absolutely adore him and I know that he adores me, and ohhhhhh the sex is like no other and out of this universe…lol. He is funny, keeps me laughing and is a very caring and gentle soul, yet dominant just the way I like it where it needs to be and that makes him a Gentleman to me. We are both very creative minded people and that makes things magical for us,

      • Same here, in love with a virgo man [I am aquarius], but we have all the ‘bad’ simptoms that horoscope gives :/ I waste all my energy to him. Did it work out for you, does it work well still? Should I give an effort?

    • I’m curious. Are you still with your Virgo man? did it work out? send me an email. I’m in love with a virgo man. 😦

  3. Well, I’m a Virgo male…and I’m kinda feeling an Aquarius woman. And I am DEFINITELY into astrology. I actually thought about writing a book. But I am fascinated with Aquarius women for some reason. I love how “outside of the box” they think. So…when u find out how that works please let me know. I do agree, u have to understand each others differences. And communication is key with any sign combination. So good luck with that…let me know how it goes. C.R.E.A.M. get the money…yanno…

    • I love this response …yes you will mesh well with one of our kind ….

  4. I am a capricorn and I was married to a virgo man for 15 years. You have to learn to do all that he says, be ontime, and don’t expect to be able to buy anything you need without asking him first, even if you have a full-time job. He controlls everything.

    • His personal issues doesn’t spread to the whole sign.

  5. I’m an Aquarius woman, in love with a Virgo man that I just had an argument a few moments ago (that’s how I found your page searching google to see just how doomed our relationship is)! Anywho, I’m getting kinda bored with him but I love him and I wish we could work it out. Our biggest problem is that we are both really stubborn at times. Also I’m waiting until I’m married to have sex but I think that if sex were a part of the equation we might be doing a little bit better but that is not the glue that keeps relationships together.

    This blog entry is what I needed to see to make me want to reconcile our relationship because he is a great person who shares some of the same ambitions and moral aspirations I have in life and that does not happen all the time so it is worth both of our time to try and work it out!.

    I laughed at the Virgo male who said he is greatly attracted to the Aquarius woman. I can’t get away from Virgos, before I was spoken for all of the men who would express interest and be falling over themselves to meet me were Virgos. The men who are in the queue to date if me and my boyfriend ever break up (heaven forbid) are Virgos. I feel like I am destined to be with one. It’s quite strange. I take it as a compliment though because Virgos have high intellectual standards and high standards of beauty!

    Also dollar dollar bill y’all!

    I’m a somewhat materialistic snobby aquarius and for similar reasons as yourself. But it makes since because it represents the independent and humanitarian sides of the Aquarius. We want to use the money to help others and to take care of ourselves. Good reasons indeed! Do you sometimes see your independence as a problem? Sometimes I find that I should not have waited as long as I’ve waited to ask for help, that my pride in being independent has made me suffer when I didn’t have to suffer. Like a normal person would have gotten help and moved on!

    Keep on being you and writing. I appreciate it!


    • Are you still with your Virgo man? did it work out? send me an email.

  6. yo, my name is brad! I am a virgo male, august 25, 1988.
    don’t believe astrology on the “compatibility”. the personalities are accurate, but not the compatibility.
    It is all about your background, and how you were raised. not every virgo are going to be JUST alike! It is right on how virgo get nervous in crowds, because I don’t talk AT ALL when I am in a group. but, one on one, I will talk about anything.
    And, I dated an aquarius girl, I liked her.. we got along alright..
    the only thing, is that I have trouble expressing my feelings sometimes.. so, there were a couple of times when I was being rude, without even knowing it..
    And, it says that virgo-aquarius is bad.. but, I felt a STRONG connection between me, and her.
    But, don’t go by this.. any sign could be compatible.. any PERSON could be compatible…

    • Did it work between you and your girl? I’m an aquarius in love with a Virgo man right now. We’re in the rocks. Please let me know how i all went. send me an email.

      • I’m also an aquarius falling for a virgo male who we have literally been off and on for the past 4 months. he’s also 9 years older than me. He distances himself from me a lot. One of my friends suggested that I might be the other woman. But he’s a single dad like i’m a single mom. we are surprisingly in the exact same boat, the other parent is not involved at all. Our kids are 5,4,3 and we haven’t introduced them yet. It drives me insane when I’ve sent him a text and he just blows it off and never responds.
        He has mentioned that I am the girl he wants but then he starts wondering if he’s what I want.
        its frustrating because we have this amazing connection but its like we’ll take one step forward and like 5 back… any advice?

      • Be Patient.. smiles Aquarian F with Virgo M.
        Ive waited I guess (got on with my life) and it has been six years
        and we only just got back together. See him again been three years in eight sleeps.

  7. I’m an aqaurius women, who went on one date with virgo and never went on another one. He, was boring. On the other hand I have a good guy friend who is a Virgo and he is very interesting and we get along great. To find if your really compatable with another sign you have to knowing their rising sign. I’m an aquarius with a scorpio rising.

    • Jennifer-me being the rational man laughs- that is the name of my other -unfortunately we, Virgos are too rational——-need sleep to not be moody————-but lady———you know when the intellectual understanding hits the bed —————well perhaps———–Astrology reduces personalities to simplicity—and there is no scientific proof that your personality is set in stone and set in fate by those born in another—————–shit i just lived up to the verbal rations virgo stereotype
      Let’s meet—————————–i match aquarian women for spontaneous————seems you like to paint your bad boyfriends with-original

      Your facebook update makes you look fat—————–oh – that is why our signs are not meant to be

    • Hi there, I’m very interested to find out about the rising sign. I am a libra female and a few weeks ago I waw someone from high school. To my amazement we just could not get along. I found him too boring, he found me too outragous. Oh yeah, he’s a virgo.

  8. Hehe. Wow. I found this via google.

    I’m also a female aquarian. (^.^) but unlike the typical aquarian characteristics i’m much more needy in the affection department, probably because of my cancer moon. I met a virgo last summer and completely fell in love with him. It’s sad to say I don’t know much about him. We had somewhat of an INSTANT connection. It was great! I may see him again soon. But only time will tell if anything can come of our attraction. I know he’s a virgo but when we met we were strangers and he seemed very outgoing. I’m very attracted to virgos personally.

  9. I’m an Aquarius girl been dating a Virgo male for 9 years now. We love each other deeply but we always have these arguments, and then we don’t talk to each other as we are both stubborn. i don’t see why he should be… as I’m the stubborn star sign!

    I’m into astrology and i introduced him to it. He is very intelligent and that is a turn on for me, i find Virgo’s charming and aloof… he says he like my personality as he is never Bored with me, but thinks i have cuckoo ides… and that i have a eccentric streak. He can be very quite and carefully chooses his words when he speaks, unlike me i just blurt out what i feel regardless of the consequences, i think i am a very frank person. Once he has made up his mind that’s it he will not budge, and very rearly admits to being wrong, which gets on my wick. He really likes to analyse the details in everything… which can be boring at times i believe he is pedantic but wont agree to that. I have no interest in money what so ever, i see my boyfriend as my best friend and my soul mate.

    Virgo’s like to call a spade a spade, but having said that he has this weird side to him too, he also has a witty sense of humour and loves playing pranks and scaring me that’s his idea of romance scaring me half to death when i least expect it!

    I have also told him that i think he has a issue with controlling everything, he likes to be informed about any thing and every thing. Also he is a hygiene freak and likes things to be perfect, that drives me up the wall. He is also bad at time keeping i don’t know how we are still together… Also he is health conscious and I’m not, well not to the extreme he is. Having said all this we are doing ok and hope to get married soon.

  10. Hi Im an Aguarian woman thats still dragging a virgo man because he won’t let go. I’ve been involved with him for 2 years now Ladies nothing will change. you’re always at fault my virgo never seem to have any faults. when he’s broke it’s my fault. I need a real man that can take care of his on responsibilities. then if he falls short ill always be there to lift him up.
    However; with that being said I don’t like a man to think he’s taking advantage of me. And lying just to lie isn’t good. A person of those characters makes you think you’re being deceived. He throws all kind of critism at me but when I tell him Striaght up how less of a man he seems to be it eats him up.
    OH YES ladies I’m also materialistic, but I have the finances to bag mine up. I don’t have children and my bank is never touched I buy what I can afford.
    I invest in my assets then I reap my rewards I pay my own bills and shucks I even sometimes have to pay his debts. but in return He acts as if Im suppose to give him and get nothing in return OH NO IT DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT I do for you but you don’t do anything for me. He HAS HIS WALKING PAPERS BECAUSE LOVE DOESN’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE. AND LADIES BE REAL WITH YOURSELVES FIRST if he don’t love love you the way you want him to then let it go don’t allow yourself EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE. LET HIM BE SORRY ON HIS ON AND MOVE ON.
    Also when things go wrong he betrays you behind your back to his so call friends framing all details on you as if he’s trying to set himself free of guilt and make you look bad. thats a low point and its also not a real man.
    and I know if you’re a true Aguarian then I also know that you don’t hold friendship close because somewhere within your journey throu life it has taught you that sometimes when people want to get close to you its not because they want to befriend you its because they want to get to know you and how you do what you do. But ladies we really aren’t aware of where these people are coming from due to the fact that were so busy with our daily lives that we simply don’t have time to think about other people unless they interfer with our lives and upset us. however in due time we will also learn something about interference and that is if we allow mess to stress us then we will never accomplish our ultimate goals.
    All in all I must say that all Virgos aren’t alike but before I go further I want to add this and since Im an Aquarian woman Im referring this to my kind (Aquarians) Yes virgos are passionate that true but Sex is not the glue and even if it is at this point I’m sure we all know that Even Super glue Weakens and loosens up that stong hold so its only TEMPORARY. ITS NOT ABOUT SEX PERIOD.
    Virgos I’m not by any means trying to degrade the sign by any means I’m only speaking on behalf of the virgo that I once Dated. I wasn’t into horoscopes in the beginning but when I started I dived deep. and yes the traits are definitely accurate. the out of space thinking is also accurate and ladies so are the compatibilities lets not fool ourselves. becuse we can never change these men and if we did would we still want them in the end.
    virgos take pride in their dominance well the one I dated took pride in his dominance he always had to assure himself that he was a man. but after a while I began to realize why solution; because he had always been told what to do and how to do it by his arrogant sister whos a Leo. Her mentality was so screwed you know this leo was miss universe that controlled her brother on a sly.
    He Hated his mom because ms. leo put it in his mind that she raised him there was no father figure they all teamed up and ran him off. I tell you the man was whacked from the beginning.
    Nothing will ever get better until you leave him standing where your tracks disappeared.


    • I agree with everything. I am an Aquarian that divorced a Virgo 2 years ago. I am happy and at peace now. He already replaced me when we were separated. I actually pity the girl. I experienced everything you mention but the icing on my cake was that his 1st ex wife-Scorpio was an additional thorn in my side..calling at 2am to talk to him and he was never man enough to put her in her place. The funny thing is I just started with another Virgo..but this time I am not as naive. I am proud to be an Aquarian..we may be misunderstood but we are faithful..positive..see the best in our family and friends with all our heart and honestly want to make a positive difference in the world

  11. Hi

    I am a lot into astrology and i have read and researched a lot on astrology. I have also related and tried it on different people around me who i know very well. I dont say astrology is 100% correct, but still astrology is not rubbish too.

    I believe Virgo – Aquarius will never work in the long run, and definitely not for marriage. You may say for sex it will be ok, but i seriously doubt even that, for if there is one sun sign that is bad in sex it is AQUARIUS, without doubt.

    Virgo’s cant tolerate the easy going attitude that aquarians have for life. Virgo is one of the most practical (and sensible) sun sign. Aquarius and virgo live of a different plane all together.

    Aquarius is very stubborn, so is Virgo though in a different manner. Especially for virgo girls aquarius is not a good match at all.

    Best suited match for aquarius is libra. Libra loves to tame the wild and rebellious aquarius with their world renowned charm, and aquarius stays busy in taming or matching up with the Libra brain. Libra & aquarius will remain muddled in their mind games where aquarius is best at.

    Virgo’s simply stay away.

  12. Had a bad break up with an Aquarius, did you Rajiv?

    • Max, do you bleed negativity? Wow and I thought virgos were pessimistic. Just because two signs are supposedly bad together doesn’t mean its hopeless. Opposites can attract. There are so many more things that go into a relationship than astrology – like maturity, life experiences, etc. Virgos are actually great for any sign because we are highly intelligent and analytical and we are the easiest people to be trained. I read the book The Five Love Languages and it changed my life. Once I understood why I wasn’t feeling loved or properly expressing love to certain people it all made sense. It’s okay to be different as long as at least one of the two people understands the differences and can adjust. Virgos are stubborn until they understand then we are extremely malleable.

      • Again, a typical virgo with a typical virgo answer. They can’t handle a strong aquarius woman so they run around expressing bs. No wonder why they only attract insecure people. Only a scorpio can put up with a virgo’s mind games and nasty tongue.

  13. I am pisces 19th feb born (mostly considered to be in pisces).

    Have been with Aquarius – This was the worst, in every aspect. They are on a different wavelength. It was a nightmare that didnt last. Though aquarius are good friends, i can have aquarius as friends but LOVE, please never.

    I am and was with pisces: ITS BLISS, not that we dont fight, but that as a pisces I want 100% of the other person, mind, soul, body everything. This has been simply amazing, out of the world. Sex has been simply amazing, its just a little touch that just takes it to another world.

    As earth signs, Virgo should best stick to earth signs or water signs.

    Please dont do that to your good beings Aquarius and Virgo, stay away as distant as you can. Mind you aquarius is extreme in long distant love, so long distant is good, nothing else.

  14. Well just wanted to say when talking about signs it’s always good to go a bit deeper than only the sun sign of a beloved one.

    I am a triple Aquarian woman, having my sun, rising and no less than 5 planets in Aquarius BUT I have my moon in Virgo which grounds me.

    I have just begun dating a wonderful man who is a Virgo and although it’s early days, it seems to be going well. No I haven’t done his natal chart yet 😉

    Rajiv, you say that Libra is the best sign for Aquarius? Well I did date a Libra who had some Scorpio in him but because he was a Libra, I was walking around saying, ‘Happy Days’, until of course, he became physically aggressive toward me during a discussion that I didn’t even think was heated. (Aquarians like to discuss and dissect issues and we even take the opposite side to what we hold true occasionally). I walked out and never looked back.

    So the moral of the story is not to look at dividing all humans into mere sun signs, but looking at the natal charts and using these to see where further challenges and compatibilities lie. Relationships take work, period.

  15. I am a Virgo woman who is married to an Aquarian man. We’ve been together for three years and it just keeps getting better.

    When we first got together his stepmother told him that if he and I worked out (which I don’t think she thought it would) that it would be solid. I would ground him and he would keep me positive and pull me out of my rut. It’s absolutely true. We had a really hard time in the beginning, but once we both decided that it was the right thing for us, we have gone at it full force.

    Life outside of the house (work, school, financials) aren’t great all the time, but when I come home all I want to do is fall into his arms and I feel safe, warm, and wonderful.

    It’s true, we are extremely compatible intellectually (but the sex is fantastic too!) And I am a lot more grounded than him. Sometimes his dreaming and imagination bother me, but certainly not enough to stop being with him, if anything it makes him who he is and I think part of me is envious that I don’t dream like that. I’m too busy worrying about bills and deadlines.

    That which makes us so incompatible has actually allowed us to balance each other since we decided that this was the person we wanted to grow old with.

    • I am a virgo women married to an Aquarian and I’m in hell! Dont get me wrong I love my husband by I teell you what we are very different from each other. His points on marriage do not match mine. We are both Christians so my faith gets me through lots of siturations, but I feel like im giving ang giving while does nothing but make sure that he is ok…

      He is very private and I am not, I’m a open book and love to share when I have something on my mind.. when he gets upset he rather chat t up with other women or friends and Im not like that at all!

      Sex is great but that is not all that matters in a marraige

    • I’m a AQUARIAN woman who has been dating a Virgo man for four months now our connections was an instant attraction! I also read horoscopes n love them and have seen that our sign isn’t good together! But boy I tell you I love my Virgo man n I know he loves me cause every action shows it! N yes we bumped heads before because where stubborn but what is great about it we get thru it! We already talking marriage!!! I love being around him he makes me feel so comfortable with him n I know he feels the same because when it’s time for me to leave he never wants me to go!! N yes I love a lil control in a man because I don’t want to walk all over my mate that’s a turn off!!! N far as making love its amazing connection!!! So don’t believe what any horoscope is saying if you truly love someone work it out but if not let it go, but not until y’all tried your all!!! AGAIN I LOVVVVEEEEE MY VIRGO MAN HEIS AWESOME!!!

  16. Jacqui

    What you say is right, that sun sign is not everything.

    You have aquarius in 5 planets. He had scorpio in some. Scorpio and Aquarius anywhere dont even look eye to eye. Forget it. Its the biggest clash of ego’s.

    Aquarius are better as friends than in spouse relations especially aquarius men. The problem with aquarius is they live in their head, and yes they do dissect things that leads to stubbornness. Scorpio are far too possessive and broody, that wont go with aquarius again.

    Still believe Aquarius sun goes best with Libra and Gemini. Libra for intellect, and Gemini for love of life and fun, which is what aquarians thrive on.

    Yes all relations take time and patience to work.


    • Thanks-shit———I read all this anti aquarian virgo stuff and say——shit i fit the stereiotype too stubborn , too rational to believe it ————-but we all grasp for any straws when looking for love, and finding a way for compatability -in sex. love , values————the rest is hard worl

    • are u still together until now? Please let me know. I love this Virgo guy and I’m an aquarius girl We broke up. I havent talked to him yet

  18. Wow I can`t believe I stumbled upon this…. I am an Aquarian Woman dating a Virgo Man – we`ve been together for 5 months and yes it has it`s challenges at times but so far it`s great. He treats me like gold and with so much respect! We`ve been able to talk about everything and are so much in love.

    As for Aquarian Woman being stuck in their heads, not true – yes, it happens at times, but I am more of a `feeling` person and like to discuss my feelings and it generally takes over when compared to `being stuck in my head`

    Rajiv – I was MARRIED to a libra which was the worst possible match for me and when I looked up that we were most compatible I was shocked. I definitely believe in astrology in profiles to an extent but when it comes to compatibility there is so much more then just a sign. If you are able to communicate and be willing to compromise to find the right solution for the people who are in the relationship, things go smoothly. The sex is the greatest ever! And to say that sex with an Aquarius is not good – wow, who were you with?? According to my Virgo man (and men of other signs) it`s mind-blowing…. So, it depends on the person and stop generalizing Aquarians….

  19. Yeah. What she said.


  20. I am a Virgo Woman that recently met an Aquarius man. I’ve never dated an Aquarius but all my best friends are Aquarius. None of the signs typically compatible for me have been good. Capricorns, Taurus and Cancers are WAY Boring! Scorpios are just plain scary!

    I think it depends on how much you’ve honed in on the so called “negatives” of your sign and consciously have decided to “change” them. Now I recognize when I need to be thinking out of the box and now am totally annoyed with Black and white thinking. I get along SWIMMINGLY with this AQUARIUS man.

    Manifestation is KEY! Hone in on the “negatives” Virgo and make them “positive”.

    • Damn,
      I’m a Vibra (9/21) and I recently broke up with an Aquarius woman. I was deceitful to my ex, which probably is the worst thing I could have done to ruin us, but in my analytical Virgo mind I rationalized my deceit. Yes, it is wrong to cheat and lie, and for that I failed as a man. However, it is wrong to expect absolute commitment when you yourself aren’t capable of giving it. Rational me of course, knew that this aquarius chick was not giving 100%. And I don’t mean financial. I need meaning, accountability, and presence. Why would I commit to someone 100%, if they’re barely giving 40? When I expressed my issues with her, she would detach or become defensive. The truth is I loved her in every way, and wanted more I feel than she was able or willing to give. Some of our compatibility issues are more about morals, the true meaning of love, and the expression of each. Many men do that, not just Virgos.

      • wow! what a nice excuse for cheating!

        lets do some “analysis” here

        “she wasn’t giving 100%” so i cheated. awesome!

        “i loved her in everyway” and so i cheated!

        “many men do that, not just virgos” … this confirms that the first statement is an excuse to justify cheating

        compatibility issues about morals? u think its ok to cheat once in a while and she doesn’t agree

        true meaning of love? for u love doesn’t mean u cannot cheat, u can cheat and still love truuuulllyy and she doesn’t agree. hmm i get it!

        expression of morals? u think cheating is not really a true expression of bad morals and tells nothing about ur morals, she obviously disagrees

        expression of true love? through cheating and blaming her for it, she obviously…

        I get ur BS virgo rationalization to save ur ass face!!

        and bdw im an aqua female who has dealt with same virgo BS in the name of logical anaysis…let me tell u…”u guys are “hypocrites of the zodiac” …i’m sure u know exactly what i mean if u know urself well.

  21. HI everybody!
    I have just spent my lunch hour reading all the things you guys are suggesting and I proud to say that I can now make a valid decision based on all yoll theoriesi Im a Aquarius woman and Im Utterly and Completely in infactuated by a Virgo man!Looks and all aside,I seem to become patty in his hands the worst thing is I think he knows it.Virgos are so so so complicated,I hate spending tym thinking about the opposite sex but I find myself spending more and more tym analyzing my current dilemma.I have to confess tho,The Virgo and I have met between the sheets and just the smell of his cologne leaves me(yes me aquarian and all!!)out of breath.Sometimes I think its just about the sex,but there are moments that we share that feel so genuine and when he looks at me,I know that its not easy to fake that genuine look of fufilment.I guess I will never know were will end up but hopefully astrology wont stop me from being with the man of my dreams.I think becuase know one actually knows me I gonna tell you guys something:I LOVE MY VIRGO…even tho we arent officialy together but I now have the courage to make our relationship work!You will be hearing from me again to tell you how it went but hopefully we will b married by then!

  22. I’m an Aquarian female currently infatuated with a Virgo male. I’ve wasn’t really interested in astrology until after I met him. I basically wondered if his quirkiness had something do do with his sign. I believe I fit the typical Aquarius mold and very comfortable in my aquarian skin. Then I started to research Virgo/Aquarian relationships and became discouraged yet determined to be the exception to the rule. Most of the qualities that i like in him contradict my own qualities. I guess I’m a believer of opposites attract.

  23. The Virgo male that I’m interested in is a workaholic that loves schedules and solitude. I stay pretty busy with my own work and hobbies so his “him time” is not much of a problem for me since I like my “me time”. We get along great and can talk about most anything for hours. We have a similar sense of humor. He has told me he hasn’t met anyone quite like me(duh, no aquarians are alike) and that he really enjoys my company.

    Here is where my problem lies. Since we don’t get to see each other that often I don’t know how or if our relationship can go to the next level. Generally when I think I’m falling for someone I like to spend a consistent amount of time with that person and see where it heads from there. The way this is going… in spurts… it seems like it could take a lifetime. If anyone has any advice on this, please let me know. I’ve never met anyone like this Virgo before and think I can be very patient(because i believe he’s very worth it) but at the same time don’t want to waste my time hoping for something that’s not meant to be.

    • im experiencing the exact same thing!!!!

  24. Hi All…
    I am an Aquarian Woman married to Virgo Man….Wat do i say, i am totally confued, So I am immensely in love with him. We have not even completed One year of our marriage. Yes Its true that its a difficult match….it take great patience to stay with a virgo, as My virgo has EXTREME tempremental issues. Apart of that, he is FULL GOLD. he Takes good care of me, V caring, V possive abt me, Extremely Loyal, Honest, Only issue is he gets Really upset on SMALL things. More over when he is angry he gets VOILENT really VOILENT…I wanna learn how to deal with him in order for our relation to go smoothly. People who are experienced, who learnt, pls tell me. I wanna Be happy all the time. Problem is I am TOO TOO TOO sensitive too…so when two sensitive ppl meet, they will at every point get upset on any topic as anything can offend them anyime. Apart from all that SEX is Wonderful.
    Help me pls.

    • Thanks-shit———I read all this anti aquarian virgo stuff and say——shit i fit the stereiotype too stubborn , too rational to believe it ————-but we all grasp for any straws when looking for love, and finding a way for compatability -in sex. love , values—–why——-the rest is hard worl

      Bitch you got issues————fuck his temperment–make sure he gets’s enough sleep————dump his ass and think of me—————-you know who I am———-we met long time ago-yo never write anymore

  25. Manoop:First off there is never an excuse for violence. I don’t even know where to begin preaching on that subject. When you say VIOLENT, do you me that he is abusive towards you? If so, understanding astrology is not gonna get you out of that situation. Bringing astrology into the equation is just a way of making uneccesary excuses for his behavior.

    I was on this site so that i could get a little insight as to what might be in store for me if I continue my involvment with the virgo male that i am interested in. It’s obviously still in the early stages(since it’s a known fact that Virgos tend to be very cautious and move very slowly in the relationship dept.) if there is anyone out there that can relate to what i’m saying, plese respond.

  26. Well…..he is not abusive coz he like to be…he is a Gem at heart. But in anger he is a distroyer. I just need to get some advice on ho wto deal with this behaviour. How do i Calm myself. How do I (AN EXTREMELY SENSITIVE PERSON..WHO APARENTLY TAKES EVEERYTHING to heart) How can i deal witgh this…I am here not to take Negative vibes…but to take positive ideas for improvement.
    Pls help

    • The simple rule——-average people will yell once in awhile—loud voices and if there is no swearing and offense by one——it will be the woman-=not any real man i know, If your emmotional response is to scratch or his is to punch walls instead of you than you can say all is not good. When it breaks down to violence usually the man———–but sure the woman————-than you both have a problem————as if love and emmotions are easy————but trash types just go Springer while the rest of us occassionaly do that———-oh who is kidding who

      the worst female personality is the one who claims she is not impressed but is somewhat turned on , confused by the lover who puts a hole in her drywall with his fist ” cause this emmotional wreck is too much of a man to hit a woman”————sure—————it’s the flaky broads with daddy issues who get off on this or see reason in it—————As a virgo male Aqauarius girl————–i want make up sex and just a verbal brawl
      Babu——————fuck this pseudo ephemeral insight into personalites——————-

  27. Manoop, altering yourself can only fix you, it cannot fix another person.

    It sounds like you are trying to fix this man, to make his violence and destroying tendencies okay, through altering yourself. But. Nothing you do, no alteration of self on your part, will make another person’s violence towards you acceptable or okay. His violence is something only he can fix and the fact you are trying to alter yourself to fix him suggests you are in a bad situation in which you are accepting blame for another person’s bad behavior.

    “My violence is not the problem, you are just too sensitive”?

    This does not fly.

    This will not work.

    You must leave this man.

    Also, this is not a Virgo trait. This is a seriously damaged and out of control person trait. And you cannot save a damaged person who rather than accepting he or she is damaged and trying to be better merely lashes out at everyone close to him or her and then claims it was their fault. Violence is the fault of the violent, not the person violence is perpetrated against.

  28. I love My Husband…..More than anything and Anger is his weakness. he admits that and repents too. I chose to get married to this man…and I choose to Live with him for the rest of my life. I am trying my best to be his therapist…Rest I leave to God. he is dere to take care of me. Leaving situations and breaking relationships dont solve matters. They make it worst. God Chose me for him for a reason. And may be I will make a diffence in his life.
    Yes, he does try very hard….But no one can do wonders in a days time. Its takea time. He is from a broken family and thats Y all this anger.

    I pray to god that he shows me the way, to keep my family smiling and happy all the time.

  29. can someone respond to my post. No Offense but Manoops’ has nothing to do with astrology.
    Manoop my heart goes out to you. I’ve been exactly where you are. The key is to stop making excuses for other people’s abusive behavior. Take away the excuses… but the abuse is still there. Point being, why would you wanna excuse violence anyway? Loving an abusive or violent person is like loving your pet pitbull…still dangerous.

  30. I am a Virgo Female. And I am dating an Aquarian alpha male for the past 3 months. It took me 3 dates to have him talk about himself. He is usually the one that initiates the date and sometimes myself too.

    About him : He loves Money – making alot of money and making money works for him. Money – That is his numero uno interest.

    The other thing is he said that his idea of a marriage is two people living in separate house and only see each other once or twice a week because he is easily bored (Sounds like wife material but kept like a mistress to me).

    He told me that he likes me, and we both have been flirting with each other. I have no doubt that he likes me, but he tends to ignore me when he is busy. I am not sure what to do… Most time I do not know what to do – so I usually just let him be and he’ll come around after a week or two. But I can’t always live like that. He usually calls me impromptu. I respect a man who has the dignity to allocate some time with me and let me know beforehand.

    How do I tame an Aquarian male? What kind of woman an Aquarian respect? I do not want to be just a filler in a void he is trying to fill – like a backup copy of sort.

    Can you guys shed a light?

  31. Oh Dear, Why has this all been so interesting to read!!!

    I am an Aquarian woman who’s recently become smitten with a Virgo man…It’s been months of pussy footing around each other…SO FUSTRATEING as from the first moment we met, all I’d wanted to do was take him home 😉 (I can’t believe that just about every web site I’ve visited has said that Aquarians aren’t physical creatures. Personally NOT true.)

    Unlike most Aquarians I seem to be motivated by a need for security in personal relationships and am very emotional (a women’s prerogative)…I know I am artistically driven, that my mind wonders at such a pace that can frustrate and isolate others (or more often then not, myself), that I’m never on time, I have a sharp tongue when disappointed and am quick to anger…

    Ultimately, I believe in progression and I agree with previous statements about growth as people within a relationship. This guy inspires me to be more realistic yet optimistic, organized and affectionate…no major problems so far.

    (Although, I fear this Virgo thinks he’s got a whole lot of love to give and I know there are a whole lot of women out there LOL) As we both mostly have friends of the opposite sex trusting each other is the first step now…only time will tell.

    • who is this charlatan man ————————I don’t understand———–being quiet and aloof but intelligent has it’s place———–I work damn hard to get outside myself and find sexual-intellectual and some activity and compatibility in a lover—————–and on a level must be a friend——sure———————————- most virgos just need some sleep baby

      IT’s your unpredictability that is your main attraction—————but you won’t find a better intellect————-not a boring cunt in bed————–that you can spend an ephemeral time of love in
      fuck it you want boring —————–try pisces

    • So, did it work out between you and your Virgo guy? Please, i need to know. i love this Virgo guy.

  32. Manoop! Unfortunately I do believe that there is truly a darker side to my sign (Aquarius). When not entertaining a productive outlook on life and after loosing faith in the human race we tend to become quite destructive. In one of two ways; We can either lash out and destroy the lives of those around us or internalize our anger and destroy ourselves.

    My Aquarian stepfather was abusive not only to my mother but also in turn, to me on a massive scale. His destructive tendencies were externalized.

    If merely having you in his life and loving him, as you do can’t change him and his attitude towards others, then you must realize, that motivation comes from within…and that your safety is what’s most important. MAYBE loosing something dear to him will motivate him to grow as a person, separate from past trauma. Do not help him continue the cycle, it will only cause you and yours pain.

  33. Lila, if you are too convenient, like whenever he calls you are available with no notice, you will never know whether you are present in his life because you are convenient, or because he truly wants you. If you want him enough being a convenience does not matter you are willing to be in the relationship as that, then this will work as is. If you wish to be more important than this, then you must make plans in your life and, when you have plans, tell him you are unavailable.

    You will either lose him, doing this, when he goes off to find someone more convenient, or he will stop treating you as an oh by the way. Usually when this is going on though, it means, yes, he likes you, he just does not like you enough, not the way you need to be liked in order to feel secure in the relationship. And nothing you do will change his feelings. They are what they are.

  34. [PS: That has very little to do with him being an Aquarius, other than the level of focus going his work’s way and not yours. Aquarians are very focused on what they want — and that includes relationships. If an Aquarius wants YOU, you will know it.]

  35. [Found via google]
    If I may add/and ask…I’m a Virgo male (not sure of my natal, rising, etc..but would like to find out) and wish dearly to be in a relationship with an Aquarius female that I met a year ago. I am so smitten that it scares me.
    I am very practical and analytical. Yet, I accept the needs of others to believe in “the not-so practical and logical”. This woman I met is creative and impetuous. She is not financially responsible but is trying. I am a hypocrite to say I am more responsible than her.
    However, I cannot believe the interpretation(s) of just some star chart when my feelings are so different. How a person develops and matures is not just based on their birth date. How they are raised, if they have siblings, how they react to stimulus and others, their schooling, upbringing, and locale all play a part. If all my life I am treated bad, do you think I will treat you good, no matter what my sign is or yours?
    If anything, I feel that the negatives posed by the chart actually make me want to avoid that stigma and change it into something positive.
    Am I stubborn? I am sure I am. And admitting that, is a good deal to improving one’s self. Am I great in bed? I should hope so, as I’ve never received a negative about it. I pay attention to the person I care about. I listen, with ears and my heart, and my mind. I may go overboard (who doesn’t?) and so what!
    One thing is for sure, I was a very creative person with so much drive that it burned me out. I decided to pursue, logic, of all things as it was less physically draining. The aquarian woman I adore, she is the drive I lack. For this, I am attracted.
    But my issue is this: she also is big into the zodiac. I fear when she knows my sign, she may react like others that have been less than positive about this “match”.
    So, I plan on saying that I am more than open to her opinions. And that she understand that I trust her if she feels its not her plan. But I am willing to understand.
    And for that, I break this Virgo≠Aquarius misnomer.

  36. to: Virgone

    The aquarian you described sounds like me. If your gal is anything like me or other “aquarians” If she is interested in you she will probably 1. embrace your quirky Virgo qualities that may be something that she admires and lacks in her own make-up.(which is the sitiuation i am in)2. she may initially get discouraged by some of your negative qualities but work on ways to be the eception to the Virgo/Aquarian match up. (also the case in my situation)
    I have found myself researching the behaviors of Virgos, not to be discouraged by them but to understand them. Aquarians are intellectuals and once they begin to understand something, they for lack of better terms, conquer it.
    The question is how much will she invest in the situation before getting fed-up and walking away.

    I too, agree with you for the most part about:

    “How a person develops and matures is not just based on their birth date. How they are raised, if they have siblings, how they react to stimulus and others, their schooling, upbringing, and locale all play a part.”

    I am however, starting to believe that this “star stuff” is an underlying frame to which their character is built upon..and has something to do with wow they deal with and react to the situations you listed ie. upbringing, locale, etc.

    Good Luck

  37. VIRGONE:

    My advise: Be persistent. I don’t know about most Aquarians, but this one loves a man who’s persistent.

    My current boyfriend is a Virgo and it took him over 6 months to get me to go out with him. And yes, I admit that one of the reasons is I’m a bit into astrology and read Virgos and Aquarians don’t work. Then again, my BF isn’t your typical Virgo and I’m sure not your typical Aquarian.

    My Virgo doesn’t hesitate to show me how he feels about me and has none of the usual Virgo tendency to pussyfoot about. I’m much more passionate than Aquarians are “supposed to be”, possibly because my moon is in Leo. I totally crave the attention he gives me and I give it right back.

    I definitely agree with the others that your star sign is only part of the equation. If your Aquarian is into astrology, be sure to find our what your moon sign and your ascendent are so you can assure her that you have qualities that are compatible with hers. Your upbringing and background as well as your CORE VALUES are actually far more important, to my way of thinking and Aquarians are generally logical enough to figure that one out.

    I’ve dated two Libras in the past (supposedly my best sign). One was an abuser, so I left him. The other I got on with great and our personalities matched in nearly every way, but our core values were way off. We wanted totally different things out of life, and actually enjoyed different kinds of things. My Virgo and I are unbelievably well matched in how we enjoy spending our time, our spirituality, etc.

    Having said all that, there is no such thing as a typical starsign no matter what the charts say. There are too many variables. I believe astrology can help you understand your basic personality, but there is far more to us than our star charts.

    Best of luck to you! I say go for it! You’ll never know unless you try! 🙂

  38. HEy Guys, I’m a very unique virgo male who stays in shape and babies his aquarius woman. I love how she asks me for massages and shit cuz its stuff that I like to do. I think every virgo man out there has to do lots of pampering to keep this awesome person grounded..and if you only do it cuz you expect it to lead to sex you completely missed the point. It’ll lead to sex anyways. She sets her own trend and remember everyone is different, the astrology only covers the basics of their personality and the attitude. I understand that you gotta adapt to their values and especialy past events in their life. The key here is to understand your woman and show her a good time! Ur the sweetest steph 🙂

  39. I am in an odd relationship with this virgo guy. I’m quite happy with our very casual affair. Just when I think I won’t hear from him again. He texts me. I use to be available for him at first but now its when I’m available. Now he texts me once every week and I’m still not available only because my car is impounded otherwise I’d be over there!! Yet he won’t come over to pick me up! I have other random lovers so its no biggie if I don’t see him for awhile. Although I’m looking forward to our catch up when we do meet up again at his perfect clean house. We do have great conversations about our careers and everything happening in this world.

  40. He is 7 years younger than me. We do have great chemistry. We’ve never questioned each others past or talk about the next day, we just enjoy our time together there and then. Its the silent understanding & the respect between us that keeps me interested in him.

    • Great going.. I am also Aquarius seeing a Virgo guy. We met at a club and we really got attracted to each other but thinking it was just one night stand I lied to him Cus I was at rebounce stage after my separation from my ex husband. But he wanted to see me, we met few times after,dinner and clubbing. Since I lied to him about my age and address and he still doesn’t know that I am 9 years older than him. He is very passionate lover. He makes me forget everything and now we are not in good terms since he got annoyed with me for telling him about another guy who was texting me and my bff to flirt. I was actually telling him a joke which he got offended on the spot. Since then he went silent. He doesn’t text me back but he answers me saying m annoying him this days and calls me a liar. I just feel bad Cus I ruined his mood. I think I shud let it go?.please advice!!!!

  41. I am an Aquarius woman who is curruently married, but separated to a younger Virgo male. Right now we live in separate states due to “all kinds of issues”, yet I can’t seem to get him out of my system. I love him dearly and wish it could work, but alas I don’t think it can. How do I get over this man and move on? I find myself comparing all men to him. I have his two children who constantly remind me of him. I feel as though I am stuck on stupid. Help.

  42. Hi im currently dating a virgo man and its one of the most interesting relationships that ive been in in a long time. Im not an aquarius im the total opposite Im a leo. I feel like we argue alot. I feel like we have a lot of control issues and i feel like i try my hardest to please him and nothing never works. Hes always in control but I stop him. I think that we argue because we battle for control. He always wants the upper hand and i stop him. Hes mean he says mean things to peolple and on the other hand im not. Im alot nicer than he is to me and others. He also freakishly neat. I needed that in mylife because he has good morals and stuff like that. But i can only take but so much because in the end of the day i will be in control of my own life.THEY ARGUE ABOUT THE LITTLE THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!! It can be crumb on the table or the telephone would ring. This is my first virgo because i had to say i wanted things to be new.I was so sick of a taruses. Their to bull headed virgos are to practical. Virgos are nice and they have a great sence of mind but thier attitudes STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leos are so loveable.

  43. I met a woman that I’m completely head over heels for. I’m a Virgo and I just found out she’s an Aquarius and I did the same thing – google to read what the compatability is like. It’s a shame that most sites say it would never work but this is one of the times that I say ‘to hell with horoscopes’. The woman is definitely worth a fair shot.

  44. Dear dapper dan:

    I say “go for it”! I am an aquarius woman and am very attracted to virgo men. Unfortunately my relationship did not work, but I reallly don’t believe it had anything to do with sign compatibility. Just bad timing and different upbringing. I love the virgo’s aggressiveness, so don’t give up on her if she resists, she just may want you to try a little harder. Good luck to you!

  45. I am an aquarius woman, have been with my virgo man for 6 years.. BUT.. I am SO bored with the sex! In fact, I got bored within the first 18 months. He is also very controlling & moans about everything! However he is truly my soulmate, I feel at home with him, wherever we are. My problem is…I have met a Gemini guy who turns me out- he is really fun, intelligent, sexy and we talk for hours. He makes me feel so alive, not oppressed as with my virgo. I was reading this to try & persuade myself to stay with my virgo, but just want to know- how come you guys are having great sex?? I believe it is a huge thing missing from our relationship, we have tried and tried and tried. I CANNOT GET ENOUGH of the gemini guy- why is there no attraction with my virgo??? What should I do? Is there a future with Mr Gemini? Or should I stick with Mr Virgo??

  46. I am an Aqua female. I’ve dated quite a few signs. Just enough to know that on the surface Aquarians don’t mix well with Virgos, Pisces and
    Scorpios. Cancers are a little clingy but tolerable. All my long term relationships have been either Gemini, Libra or another Aquarian.

    My Gemini mate passed away suddenly.
    My Libra mate got involved with drugs..and refused to give them up, so I let him go after 6 years of bliss..and my Aquarian mate, I’ve been involved with for 14 years now. We are a perfect combination; it’s like a mirror of myself. Outside our sun sign, we compatible with our rising signs too (I am Libra, he is Gemini), and our moon signs (he is Aqua and I am Sag).

    Virgo men, just don’t do it for me. It was always on their schedule, when thehy had time, etc. etc. and talk about meticulous pain in the In addition, the conversation was zany or outlandish enough..ha ha..the interaction was to by the book–and the sex was Now with the Gemini and Aquarian sex is the best..because it’s through the mind first, and then the body.

  47. I dunno. I am an Aquarius and the best sex for me has been with Virgo and Pisces partners and even the idea of “sex through the mind” sounds libido numbing clinical to me. Must be the rising signs.

  48. Reading this just encouraged me so much, i love astrology and i have read a lot about the compability between aquarius and virgo, which is said to be terrible. Well im a aquarius woman and i am extremely attracted to a virgo man. I want him bad. We work together but barely have time to talk. I want him to be very attracted to me, i want him to see something about me that will drive him insane. He already thinks im really good looking but i dont know how to show him theres so much more than that. I need tips on how to get this guy! asap! thank you!!

  49. wow… relieved i am to find this site. I have been googling for answer, to which I admit, from astrological point of views on how relationship could work (or should work).

    I am not really a true believer in astrology. I became attracted to it because of my lack of understanding in men. But, since i agree to most character descriptions in Aquarius, I thought that it could work well with others too.

    I am an aquarius who’s unlike my aquarius friends seem to have problems dealing with men. I’d flirt but unable to be convinced to commit.
    I guess I am slightly picky.

    But, i met this virgo man. He’s my cousin’s best friend. When we first introduced, i didn’t think he was interested in me, and likewise, i didn’t consider wanting him. Only after a few months later, we saw each other again, I realized on that day that I must’ve caught him staring or observing me a lot.
    From that moment on, we would see each other often (2 months now) – mostly over lunch.

    Now, I like him so much and slowly thinking that he MIGHT like me…
    The problem is I am not sure what to do with him. I don’t know how to find out if he does like me too, or he’s seeing me because I am his best friend’s cousin.
    and I admit also that I am afraid to move or do anything because I read that Virgo man does not like agressive woman.
    Suddenly, I just don’t know how to measure myself. and the more he does this to me the more I want him..real bad!

    I’ve almost given up when I read the compatibility report. I’m just afraid that he won’t want me. (doesn’t sound like a confident Aquarius woman huh?!) But, i just think it’s foolish to give up before even trying.

    He helped me finding housings, although I never able to make my mind. He was there when I said I was frustrated on something. But of course, I thought maybe this is because he’s being a virgo man, as a caring person–and not because he sees me special.

    Anyway, i know I have to deal this myself. I can’t make him to fall in love with me. I know I have to be patient.
    But, if only I know (if there’s ever a way) to make him see me more…

  50. I’m a virgo male and have an aquarius girl whose madly in love with me but I’m afraid she might get bored to soon with me or might just be infantuated.I haven’t really fallen so bad for her yet but believe it could work.I am trying to take it slowly but I don’t know if she will last with me.Any ideas please?

  51. Hey Kallah,

    I am an Aquarius woman. Initially what I found so intriging about the Virgo male was his intensity, and passion. But I believe you are right about us Aquarius women getting bored because the intensity and passion were soon non-existent. It was like, the more my Virgo fell in love with me, the more he withdrew. Go figure. My best advice is: The way you keep an Aquarius woman is how you got her in the first place. If you start off one way and don’t explain why it has changed, you will definately loose her. I don’t know about most Aquarius woman, but this one likes to be the center of her Virgo’s universe…just telling it like it is…for me at least. What ever you do, don’t withdraw! Good luck.

  52. I think u’re right Reecie.She just wants to be the centre of my everything like she recently showed at a wedding we just attended.I also feel she is still contemplating on going all out with me.I just don’t want to go too far and get bruised.Moreover she turns 20 in February and me 25 in August.I just feel we are not on the same lanes.Sometimes I just feel she is just a young woman and might change her mind anytime later.But she still doesn’t want me to pull back and just stay as a friend like I’d want to.She has been the one talking about a possible marriage if she is convinced I am the one.She is talking about two years time.But I haven’t mentioned marriage yet evn though I’d like to.Yet she contradicts things so much so that I just want to stay back and let her take time to decide if she really wants to go all out with me or just play it cool despite saying she loves me.And Reecie,can you please let me know why I shouldn’t withdraw in such a case?I need to make a decision even though I don’t mind waiting 2 years to marry her.I just feel she is confused and hasn’t decided yet.

  53. Kallah, since I am older than you both and have experience with the Virgo (male)/Aquarius (female) thing, I’ll put it to you this way. I am very spontaneous and my Virgo liked order. I was always trying to get more or a reaction from him because he was always so “calm”. Although I loved him beyond all else; I realize that perhaps we would have made better friend rather than lovers. I say this because his intensity was strong in the beginning and he made me feel more special than any other man; but soon that began of wane and I was left with a man whom with whom I had no connection with. I love being connected because I feel once the connection is broken than every else breaks down, trust, loyalty, passion, etc.

    It sounds like your Aquarius is is smitten with you now, but we can be fickle. Unless she is truly into you, I’d be very cautious if I were you. I know how sensitive you all are and although it seems as though you are unemotional, your emotions run deep. She may not be the one for you, but if you do go for it, it will take a lot of work and it won’t be easy. Be sure that she is worth it. Marriage at this stage of the game seems a little premature only because of your ages, but who knows she may be your soulmate. Good luck to you. And try not to over analyze things as Virgo’s do have a tendency of

  54. I am an aquarius female, I have been infatuted with a Virgo male for months, We have never spoken, but I know he is nterested, I can even tell the way he looks at me, But I feel like he is never going to make the first move, how do I get this virgo guy to ask me out, or should I just ask make the first move, because he’s taking so long??????

  55. Dear Wondering,

    Most Virgo men do not like aggressive women. They like to be the aggressor. Have someone introduce you two. That’s how I met my Virgo.
    Good luck.

  56. Reecie, I dont think there is ever a chance for us to be introduce, because of the situation we see each other, it on public transportation. I’m afriad that if I don’t say anything he will move on…… 😦

  57. Wondering,

    Then go for it. But, be subtle or I guarantee it will turn him off. Be mindful though because I don’t know about you, I like to know that a guy is interested in me by him making the first move; otherwise I would always be wondering??? That’s just me. Is he cute? What makes you think he is interested? Virgo men are very analytical and he may be sizing you up and trying to get the courage to do something. By the way, if you never met, how do you know he’s a Virgo?

  58. I found out he was a virgo by over hearing a converstaion, I’m am 100 percent sure he is intersested, He has even tried a couple of times to talk to me. I think that any guy that is asked by a female would love that. Most guys are afraid to ask out females because of rejection. Not to took my own horn, but I’am an attractive women. I think that in society it is ok for a female to make the first move. that for your thoughts but I think I’m still going to ack him out. 🙂

  59. I am a leo woman desperate about a virgo man. We met online, on a dating site..he approached me by the end of july. We have spoken on yahoo mess until the end of october, but never real met…he told me he doesn’t want to meet me face to face because he is in a relationship and moreover, he didn’t recover from his great love. So, in a way, he’s in 2 relationships. So, as long as we spoke on yahoo I was fully captivated … august was magic…we were spending a lot of time talking…even I am a very busy woman. We had quarrels…but we made it up all the time…until the end of october, when I put him on my ignore list wishing him to have a nice busy life…because I was under the impression he became cold and suddenly busy…because I was used to talk to him every single day…I’ve been so childish 😦 .Anyway, after 10 day I have changed my mind and I tried to add him on my list, but he rejected my request 2 or 3 times telling me he has a fucking busy life 🙂 . I tried to add him again but he gave me no answer. So all the month of november until December 7th I sent him messages on yahoo, but no answer. I wrote him about anything I had in my mind at that moment: what I do, how do I manage with my business, what I think about what’s happening in my country…anything.. but no answer from him, nothing. On December 9th I’ve got sick of writing to the walls and I told him he’s a liar and a coward and all kind of stuff… I miss him all the time..I missed him from the first day…because I love his style and mind…Do I have any hope ???? What should I do ?

  60. Lafesta,

    I could write a book about my Virgo man experience (I’m an Aquarius by the way). They can easily live double lives without letting on that they are doing so. You’ve already said that he is seeing someone, but has never gotten over his first love, right? Do you want to be #3. Virgo men can be very busy (drama-filled). They themselves don’t think of it as drama, just life. If you are attracted to a man with a “busy” life, then have at it; but if not I suggest that you move on. As intellectually stimulating as they can be, they can also be distracted and withdrawn because of all the balls they have juggling in the air. But, when they are into you, they are really into you. Again, if you are comfortable to NOT be in the #1 position, go for it. Does he have any kids, any baby-momma-drama? God help you if he does. If he does ever contact you again, he is probably bring a car load of baggage with him.

    Don’t get me wrong it seems as though I think only negative things about Virgo men. I don’t. They do have their positives also. Afterall, I loved my Virgo like no other man. But I can see both sides now that I’m not directly involved. He’s in California and I’m in Texas and that works for us. I will always have love for him.

  61. No, I could never be no.3. No, he has no kids but his mother left him with his grandmother when he was 10. He told he doesn’t love the woman in the official relationship, just simulating and charging the batteries because of his great love. Anyway he still talks and I think meets with his great love, not because he loves her but because she is very rich (my opinion) 🙂 They are both older than him : 33 and 30. I am 28. He is 26. :))

    If I would know that he is interested with me (I know he was), I could wait becuase anyway I am very very busy and all the men I have met borred me like hell. But I know nothing of what he thinks and feels. Nothing. 😦

  62. Lafesta

    Oh you will not be bored by the Virgo man; that’s for sure. They do have a tendency to like older women because they, themselves are usually very intellectual and mature on one hand, but not in others. I think older woman captivate them because they usually know what they want with no bullshit. Younger women sometimes are flighty and unpredictable.

    I don’t know about your guy. He has obviously stimulated your mind and you want to keep the relationship going. I don’t think you will ever fully know what the Virgo man is thinking. He will only tell you what he thinks you should know and nothing else. They are extremely private. There is a sweetness about the Virgo male like they can really tap into their “feminine side”. Not gay, just different. They make great boyfriends, but not husbands because I believe that even though they may love you and want to be with you, they like their freedom (just in case). They usually resent being “tied down” to marriage. Just know that there will be periods when you will be completely ignored (because they have so many things on their mind) or completely adored (because at that moment you are the most important thing in their universe). If you can stand the extremes – go for it.

  63. Thank you Reecie, I will keep writing him. Two more question for you. 🙂

    1. Am I not risking not to talk to me ever again if I am so persistent and pushing? Indeed, he doesn’t talk to me at all right now, but you know what I mean. 🙂

    2. Do you think there is the possibility that maybe he’s not interested with me anymore at all ? Yes, we had our beautiful time and he admitted and I felt he was very enthusiastic, but maybe he got bored. Do you think it’s possible?

    Thank you again.

  64. Lafesta

    It’s hard to tell with them. But one thing is for certain, once they turn off, that’s pretty much it. I don’t know what happened with your guy, but like I said earlier, he may be too busy right now to deal with you and may get back to you when he can devote his full attention solely to you. Don’t give up yet. Just when you least expect it, he will be all in your mix again like no time has passed at all. That’s just the way they operate (it’s one of the unfortunate things about them). They are deep though aren’t they. If I had my Virgo in front of me right now, I’d jump his bones. No, on second thought because I know how they don’t usually like agressive women, I wouldn’t -I’d wait for him to jump mine….wink-wink. Enjoy the madness.

  65. Reecie,u must have done some real studies on the virgo man.So tell me about this little aquarian girl I was talking about.How do I know she is fully in(cos u are an aquarian)?Should I just go about making other arrangements or just keep on.I can only see getting married to her in 2yrs(should I decide to marry her).So why will it be hard work to make it work?I just feel she isn’t very settled yet about me even though she may be madly in love.She doesn’t want me to pull back but keeps metioning the possibilty of us getting married when she gets convinced that I am the one as she just left one she liked very much and is still contemplating.Or better still,she is still trying to see if it was worth leaving her ex for me.He too was a virgo(middle house) like me(early house).So what can this be?

  66. Kallah,
    I don’t know if you can call my Virgo experience a “study”; more like a desire to understand the Virgo male mind. I was so smitten with my Virgo (I guess in a way, I will always be smitten with him). I do believe in my heart that he was the love of my life. But, back to you…. The reason I say that it will be hard work to deal with an Aqaurian woman is because we tend to be a little flightly, aloof, unpredictable and moody. It will be difficult to figure us out or should I say it will be more of a challenge. We love to be adored, but we also like our space. I believe that we too like our freedom. If you give us our moments of freedom, we will usually always come back. It’s nothing personal, we just sometimes withdraw into our own world which makes us seem aloof and distant. When an Aquarius woman allows herself to fall in love, it’s usually for keeps. We can be very loyal. But if trust is broken, forgivenesss is often difficult if not impossible. So when you love an Aquarius woman just know that if you betray the trust – you may loose her.

    As far as marriage goes, YOU have to be sure; otherwise you will grow to resent her and believe me she will know. Try to always keep the lines of communication open because we Aquarius’ do have tendency to withdraw into our shell; if we go in too deep, you won’t be able to draw us out. Hope this helps..

  67. Thanx Reecie,I find that quite helpful.Quick question.Does marriage really work between these two(Virgo and Aquarius)?And why leave ur Virgo male if he was the love of ur life?With us here,it is getting deeper but I want to be able to control things so they don’t get out of hand.I always wonder if this will ever last.Not because of me but because of her,knowing how fickle she can be.

  68. Kallah,

    Remember when I said keep the communicate going? Well my Virgo/Aquarius communication came to a halt. We were both too stubborn to give in to the other. I believe we both wanted to “run the show”; but, you know, that Virgo males want to run everything, right? My personality was way to strong and independent. He was younger that me and because of that I thought that I could control him — boy was I wrong! I regret a lot. It wasn’t worth it to be in control. If I had it to do all over again, I would relinquish and surrender to my Virgo; but whats done is done. Just be patient with your Aquarius. It will take a tremendous amount of it and know that a lot of what she does is usually to get a rise out of you because most Virgos are masters of controlling their emotions (on the surface, of course). While I was in the relationship I could not see the depth of how my Virgo’s emotions ran. I believe he loved me, but I pushed him away with my “mothering ways”. It’s funny how you can see everything so much clearly when you are not “in it”. Good luck with your Aquarius. I wish you guys the best. Quick word of advise. Don’t become too predictable, we love a mystery.

  69. Well said on everything Reecie!
    I’m coming up for 30, my Virgo guy is 25. I’m still with him (and over the gemini- gosh we ARE fickle!) he just didn’t cut it.
    I’m ashamed to say I also found myself in bed with another virgo man (I know- don’t ask!) and honestly, with the light off, I could hardly tell the difference between the two. You REALLY know what you are getting with a virgo.
    I’ve come to my senses (for now) and decided to stay with virgo1 as he really is my soul mate, sex is not everything and I want to grow old with this guy by my side…so… NO MORE fooling around, I’m committing myself. I think 😉

  70. Im a 27 y/o virgo man with a 40 y/o aquarius woman. we have a good relationship,to the point where i would say soulmates. yes we do bump heads,im not sure if its our signs clashing or the fact that were both Italian and hard headed. when we fight she always wants to talk right then and there and I on the other hand,would rather go for a walk and cool down first. but even then its still hard for me to let her in 100%. I know i love her and want to talk to her but it just wont come out. But if we are chilling in bed or sumthing i can talk about anything,why is that? do i have like a virgo curse or what! Anyway im just wanted to say that people are people and whatever sign,age,nationality ect. dosnt anyways matter. if you love someone and are good to eachother and take time to understand eachother you can live a good life with your just gotta take time and look @ the other persons side of things.
    Ciao-Ciao! ~ONE~

  71. hi!

    I’m an Aquarius woman who went to a new yrs eve party and I was imediately drawn to the Virgo in the room. He seemed shy quiet and polite and turned out to be very intelligent. What i’ve read about our compatability scares me a little because i’m seriously wanting to ask this guy out. It seems like i’ve been chasing after these Sagitarius and Pisces for months! and here is this Virgo whose presence was SO GENTLE and non threatening. He ended up just holding me the rest of the night SO secure and lovingly. He wasn’t the greatest kisser i’ve ever kissed but I could tell he was charishing the moment and that made it worth while. I didn’t want him to go. I’d like to think he thought about me the whole way home. Should I ask him out soon? Or wait it out? I’m tired of chasing after Sagitarius.

  72. Sabrina

    My best advice to you would be to let him make the first move. Then you will know for sure if he’s into you. By the way, why are you always the one doing the chasing? It sounds “out of order” to me. I don’t care what century we are in, men like the chase! Especially Virgo men! But if he’s not a good kisser…..what else isn’t he good at? I’m just saying. Good luck to you.

  73. Well, I made all the first moves because I liked him I just didn’t feel like holding out. I felt he liked me but didn’t have the courage to do it. So I asked him out a few days after the party and we went out and had a really nice time. As far as chasing goes… im sick of it. What I like about this Virgo is that he’s just so open and quick to love me without playing a game or making me think there’s alterier motives. He may not be the best kisser but I believe he really likes me and that’s good enought for me.

  74. okay lol i have like two minutes i’ve been on and off with a virgo with 4 2 years we are so different from each lol but i love him to death i am 2 a aquarius we are both stubborn but….lol great sex great times lol i dont know i like it

  75. “Well, I made all the first moves because I liked him I just didn’t feel like holding out. I felt he liked me but didn’t have the courage to do it.”

    Let me point out something about men.

    Men hunt ducks.

    Ducks are very small animals. Ducks do not pose much threat. But it takes a lot to catch them. And men who want to catch them? Those men hike and crawl miles through all kinds of mud to get to places they can hunt ducks and then they crawl into duck blinds. [Duck blinds are cold wet places usually in rivers or swamps that are purely wrong and not intended for human occupation but still, men go.] Go days without heat, without bedding, without bathing, sometimes without water and without food.

    To shoot a duck.

    Do you really want to be easier than a duck?

  76. Max, we are so on the same page.

  77. I don’t dig hunters first of all and second of all I don’t have the world to be waiting around for men who have no balls and can’t make moves. Not ALL men are like that.

  78. Sabrina, have you ever asked your Virgo does he like aggressive women? And you are right, some men do like aggressive woman, but I’ve found that most Virgo men do not.

  79. Well I am a Virgo Man and i have a Aquarian girlfriend and we have been goin out for about 7 mouths with out phyical touch or sight. We send pics of ourselfs to eachother and everything but i have a question Y is our CONNECTION SO AMAZING????? if u have an answer please e-mail me at PLEASE Need Answer

  80. I’m an aquarius with Cancer rising and a Gemini Moon. I’m married to a Virgo man with Virgo rising and a Pisces Moon. Once the sex equation was removed from our relationship the whole marriage took a nose dive. He’s hyper-critical, unable to see his own faults, constantly blaming me and trying to control every aspect of my life. As for parenting, he is the only “good parent” in his estimation. No one else can do anything right. We’ve been married for 7 years and I’d give anything to go back to that day in 2000 when I had a compatibility report run on our natal charts and heed their advice: “Run away and do not look back!”

    • maybe you just got fat and predictable tanis————oh but those selfish virgos
      your spinster material sweety———–just as you wrote it———You forgot the virgos great gift for the put down———-espeicaly your type of narcstic ivory tower

  81. I feel for you Tanis. I really do. I know your frustration, hence the reason I am not with my Virgo to this day. I loved him beyond reason or explanation; but knew we could never get along. We are both too stubborn. He wanted to control everything, but I would let him. I always figured it was because I was 6 years older than him that I was the boss; big mistake. Since hearing what you have to say and witnessing other Virgo matches I realize that they are not happy unless they control everything. When I was with my Virgo, I found myself “giving in” and not liking it. Our relationship got so bad that we just stopped communicating all together which was the beginning of the end. He started cheating and then his ass had to go. I don’t know about you, but I am a one-man woman and don’t like to share.

    So in closing – please know that you are not the only Aquarius woman who is going through it with a Virgo man. I mean everything you said about your Virgo is true. I’ve come to the conclusion that the Virgo male/Aquarius woman match is good only in friendship – leave the sex out of it and it just might work. But then again you are already married. I would never tell anyone to consider divorce, but…. Prayer always works.

    P.S. Isn’t it strange how you are blamed for EVERYTHING! God, I remember those days…again my heart goes out to you. You can’t win because his stubborness is far stronger than yours. Once a Virgo male gets and idea in his head, thats it. It’s very hard to sway them. I’ll love my Virgo forever ….from a distance – thank you very much.

  82. My Virgo man is mad at me at the moment and I am unrelenting this time.
    His penchant for my answering the phone as soon as he calls me, – I missed his call as I was alseep! – has caused him to ignore me all this valentines day.. Sometimes it feels as though he is a child again!
    I am realising that my laid back aquarius attitude is not what he wants..I cannot live under a cloud of pressure..
    Its true he is gorgeous, sexy and so caring.. however he is so controlling!!

    • where do you get these controlling losers from————-In deed the opposite just respect me and don’t control————–you girls all date unsexy virgo losers

  83. I have read every comment on here … been dating a Virgo man for about 9 months now. We met online and have been pretty much inseparable since the first day we met. He is magnetic to me. He lives 100 miles away and will be moving to my area this weekend so that we can be together. Yes, it’s like a fairy tale. But, let’s remember, there are no such things as fairy tales in real life.

    What each and every one of you has said is true … they are amazing, extraordinary men – so gentle, considerate, loving, great sex, but not pussies either. BUT, he is one of the most bull-headed, opinionated, critical and sarcastic people I have ever met and he can be infuriating.
    When a ‘mood’ strikes him he reminds me of a little boy practically throwing a tantrum and can only see things thru his eyes and his way.

    So far, we have been able to work thru these issues b/c I have been very patient and have learned to let him calm down, realize that he just may lose me if he doesn’t act a little more mature about this (and not in a playing games way – I hate games) and when he chills a bit, I will then take the time to talk to him in a calm rational tone and manner – but not before. This takes A LOT of patience and to be honest, I’m not sure how long that will last b/c I know myself and I KNOW how impatient I can be and when troubled times lead to just too much turmoil in my life I just say F*** it, get out.

    Going to try not to do this with this one – he has his faults but he treats me, not like gold, better than gold – he respects me, he thinks about me, he considers me in everything he does – he compliments me continuously, takes care of me and adores me.

    I will not completely give myself up but, I feel like with him, if I was to give any part of myself up to him that I would be in the most wonderful and trusting hands that anyone could ask for. I like that he takes control sometimes … I don’t like being responsible for everything. I have always taken care of people … I think it would be nice to have someone take care of me for a change!

    And when he tends to blame me for things taht I know are not my fault, I simply tell him how mental he is, he better step back and that he has some serious issues – walk away from him for a bit and he tends to calm down…. not saying that will always work but, it’s what has worked in the past …. he gets worked up, loses his temper (not in a bad or violent way), loses his sights and I just have to wait for him to come back down to earth so that I can talk to him like he finally has regained his facilities and has some sense about him, ya know?? LOL

    Anyhow, don’t want to drag this one but I found this ‘blog’ very interesting and enjoyed very much reading about everyone’s experiences and thoughts/opinions on my similiar situation.

    I have read tha same negative things about Virgo/Aquar. couples but they tend to leave out how absolutely wonderful it can be if you really try (which you have to with any relationship you treasure) and you really love each other the good times are outstanding!!!

  84. i’m a virgo ( sept 7th ) . my wife’s an aquarius ( feb 7 ) we get along great but argue on alot of stupid subjects and even though i know im right she tends to think other wise , we’ve been together 12 years and been married 8 of them , we think our marriage is good …. to a point besides our stupid arguments over nothing really important , i think its all on preference of mind over astrology 🙂

  85. Normally I don’t even look at horoscopes and such, but reading about my sign and his sign, I see so many similarities. My struggle is that I don’t know for sure if he’s going to take it to the next level. He initiated everything (and I let him – you just learn this with some men), but I can’t tell if he’s just going to be a good friend (like I need another friend) or if there’s a future. We work in the same field, and our conversations are always animated and full of fun. Lots of laughter. He makes me feel valued as no one else ever has. Knowing that he has this trait of wanting to be in control, I feel like I need to wait until he fully decides what he wants this relationship to be. In other words, “let him chase me until I catch him,” right ladies? I am head over heels. Don’t know if he realizes that or not, but I feel like I can’t wait a moment longer. Thanks for letting me vent!

  86. A female aquarius (18yrs old) and i am in love nwith a virgo and for some reason, even though he can hurt me so deeply…i just cant let him go because he always wins my heart back…ps the worst part about it is he lives 10 hrs away ;(

  87. I’m an Aquarius woman who has been seeing a Virgo man and I am absolutely loving everything about him and the way we just seem to ‘click’. I am very much into astrology and was aware that we were not supposed to be a good match when I first met him so I wasn’t expecting any real feelings or like for him to arise but they did! We have a similar sarcastic sense of humor, similiar goals and aspirations, we are both neat & organized, we have great conversation, and I just love the way he always seems to know just what to say and do to make me smile. I can’t understand why we would be considered incompatible…even when I read up personality traits of a virgo I liked what I read! I definitly see this being a long lasting ‘thing’ and the only way I could see it going down hill is if he were to turn into a complete A hole…. So any Aquarian female who is attracted to a Virgo male, if he’s anything like mine, hold on to him and good luck!!!

    • thank you for your comment——————I met a woman recently and every opinion is so doomed about this kind virgo – aquarius get together—————————–No more being a stuffy virgo——-spontaneous is what we all need————who the fuck knows——

  88. I am absolutly smitten by this virgo man, he is interested in me as well. I think he has like me since last summer, but still hasn’t ask me out. The first time I saw him, I thought ok he is very attractive, but didn’t really think anythng of it. Then when I saw him again I felt I was suppose to be with this guy. Should I ask him out or wait till he gets the courage to do it himself. I would like to go on date with him to see what he is like. Maybe I should just forget about him??? Any Advice, That would be great? THANKS

  89. I would suggest that you ask him out and get it over with….that way you can know for sure how he feels about you and you can make sure of your feelings about him…hope this helps!

  90. If I did ask him out, what would be the best way.

  91. I would just find out what kind of things he likes to do and suggest you all do them together OR you can always suggest getting together for lunch, dinner, or drinks. Next time you all are talking let him know that you think he seems like a nice guy and ask him if he would like to go out to lunch one day…

  92. I would suggest just being straight forward. That reduces your chances of game playing and wasting time…and that’s always good if your the type that likes to cut to the chase

  93. Ask to look at his hand. Study his palm. Tell him he has a real interesting love line. Write your number in his palm. Tell him it just got more interesting. Walk away.

  94. [Why do I only think these things up when other people are trying to hit on someone? Sheesh, that one was pretty good.]

  95. A little admonition would be mitigating.

    Alright, I am a Virgo lady and I think I have fallen for an Aquarius gentleman.
    I believe he has feelings for me but I am not entirely confident in this conclusion. He has such a manner about him that he treats the one in his company with undivided attention. This can be obviously misleading… hence my current uncertainty.
    Why I have fallen~
    I love his selflessness and ‘hey, its no big deal’ attitude. Amazing sportsmanship. He never throws hissie fits. He always puts other peoples feelings first. I feel as if in a situation where someone accidentally burned down his house- and they started crying- he would be the one comforting them (I know, odd scenario, but you understand the point in position). You can see this consideration for others in the way he moves, speaks, and acts. I find this acutely compelling. I believe the most attractive trait in a person is consideration which he has a fortunate abundance of.
    My questions:
    *How can I tell his feelings for me?
    *Is this worth pursuing?
    (I am currently in a rather boringly perfect relationship with a fellow Virgo)

  96. Sounds like you really like the aquarius guy

  97. I am an aquarius female that was quickly drawn to a virgo male…i never had such a powerful connection sooo soon, then after about a month we got into this small arguement and he told me that he didn’t want to deal with me anymore! I gave him time then sent him a few txt messages which he would respond to a day later. We finally started back seeing each other, but at a distance.

    Now as an aquarian I am all about giving a person space, but I was thrown off as well b/c the person who started out spending lots of time with me and explaining his feeling was now telling me that he had a very busy life and he had other female friends as well, he would make plans with me then not answer the phone, u know doing a lot of things to push me away.
    One day I called him with a very personal issue that he tried to help comfort me on and even followed up with phone calls, he then made plans to see me later that night and invited me over but, didn’t answer the phone when I called. I called the next day and no answer, the following night he called and invited me over, of course i went. But he acted really weird, like he would touch me then pull away or kiss me then say he shouldn’t which really threw me for a loop b/c he always displayed affection even when I rejected. He later kissed me goodnight then without asking, explained to me that his reasoning for not returning my calls and canceling was b/c he “really liked” me and he didn’t want to get caught up and hurt like his previous 6 year relationship that ended a year ago. Not knowing how to take it i just responded by saying, what is our purpose then and he said that he can’t just let go b/c of temptation (whatever that means).

    So we went a few days without talking and the next time I talked to him and asked him about our distance in talking, but in a joking manner, he explained then that he was busy with work and the gym and that he has other female friends besides me, but that they don’t always have to be about sex and that he likes me, but i shouldn’t like him b/c he is a dog, but when i explained to him that i should leave he completely contradicted everything he had said and each conversation thereafter went similar, with him saying how much he liked me but shouldn’t and him telling me not to like him…completely confusing!! Well whenever I felt neglected I would send a text or leave a voicemail stating that I get the hint and I’ll move on which always made him respond quickly, but he explained that I was always making assumptions, b/c he leads a busy life.
    So, a couple days later i asked if i could visit and he said yes, but call before i came and that he had to get up early the next morning, well i called 10 mins later only to be told not to come, frustrated that i had already left and feeling like i was given the run around again i went off! We argued for a while and then he gave in telling me to come the changing his mind again saying that if i came he would be frustrated throughout the visit, so right around the corner from his home he advised me to turn around, which only frustrated me more so I expressed my frustration only to have him tell me that he’ll call me 2morrow and make it up to me, but i still had to express my frustration, for him 2 then ask me what i wanted from him numerous times and when I didn’t answer he told me that he didn’t think that we should argue b/c we weren’t b/f & g/f and that he didn’t like the way things were going and that maybe we shouldn’t deal w/each other anymore when i asked the dangerous “why?” he said that he shouldn’t have to answer to me and that this should be casual and no arguing and that i was gonna make this hard for him and when i didn’t listen he hung up and when I called back he didn’t answer…i left a message expressing my feelings and told him to have a nice life. However, i called the next day to apologize for being selfish and disrespectful, he didn’t answer so i left it on his voicemail, nonetheless he didn’t call back and hasn’t for 3 days.

    I am so confused by him and his actions, but i think about him all of the time and i was really beginning to open up and now my feelings are kind of hurt even. I don’t know if i should keep pursuing, leave it alone, or wait.
    Please can a virgo man give me some advice before i go crazy =]

    • the man is an asshole——–hopefully not as crude as that————–cut the shit—————–he just ain’t committed and may have a reason to be—–not cause of you but for him————-STill tell him to take a leap———and make the virgo man squirm by cornering him- take no for an answer and demand , on the spot why he loves you———–

      Is it me or am i actually interesting/

  98. Sorry it was sooo long, but i really need the advice!!

  99. I am a female aqua and i have been with a virgo for 10 years now. Your virgo man wants his cake and eat it. he is messing with you. Virgos dont like to burn their bridges, he cant say no and he cant say yes…

    He tell you to come around then when you are nearly there says dont come…What?!!! He must have had another woman there said come over to make it sound like he is on his own so your not suspiscious on him then he says dont .

    One thing virgo’s i am sure of will not lie when it comes to the crunch. Ask him out right if he like you ALOT and wants to have a girl friend boyfriend relationship. Check his body language and what kind of words he uses. if he is dodging it, he does not want to commint to you but does not want to let you go ethier.

    I know as an aqaurian myself you must be smitten by him, but virgos dont half love to control things and play weird games…

    One thing a virgo wont appreciate is you tring to make him jealous with another man, dont try that he will be put off by you. virgo men usually like women who are not tarty .

    Another thing virgo men like is intelligence , you need to make him see that you can share the same stuff and you are a woman who respects herself etc.

    Another thing virgo men dont like is stubberness, well aquarians are born to be stubborn as we were born under that trait. Just keep talking to him be flexible, if you do really like him it is worth persuing.

    Il ask my partner to give his input he is a virgo , but he like many other virgo’s never seem to have time. Dont fall for him keep your wits about you, just keep talking to him as much as possible and see what happens. Good luck.

  100. virgo like healthy food and to keep fit, cook him a healthy dinner. Take him a book to read. or better still ask him to solve a maths problem /puzzle he wont refuse. Virgo love puzzels and to help. Then once your in his house leave something behind so you can always go around to pick up.

    How old is he? men seem to grow up very late or never! Cheer up Monie!

  101. Hi Po you scrumpy yummy sexy virgo! go on give your advise to Monie…

    Love you XXXXXXX

  102. Been reading all these interesting stories.

    I’m an aquarian girl currently dating a virgo guy.
    Made the mistake of playing an April fool prank on him recently. I think he is still angry 😛

  103. Hello All
    This is Virgo male, 23. I’ve been connected with an Aqua girl (18) for last 5 months by mobile/phone. We are doing friendly conversation, some nice jokes as well as within this time. We haven’t met but talking everyday and send receive txt msg.
    She is intelligent, good sense of humor, humanitarian, lovely to talk, caring, less emotional, detached and funny girl. On the other hand I carry almost 80% personality of Virgo as a astrology.
    She told me that, she loved a guy and made 1 year relation. After that the guy broke up with her without any good logic about 6 months before. Now she tells me that, she can’t trust on guy. And she has no plan to fall in love again but friendship at this moment, because she needs to judge the people.
    I told her, that (relation with other guy) was not your fault, if your lover leaves you than what can you do, may be he didn’t love you at all, or you made him crazy. Now forget this because a beautiful world is waiting for you. You don’t need to look at back. Be patient and go ahead. You must be able to find out your dreamy guy.
    Now she tells me that, she treated me as a best friend, she likes me very much. Also I like her too. But it seems to me that she likes me more than friend. And make a plan to meet with me soon, and wants me as a company for long
    In this situation, how can I understand her true wishes about me? Whether she wants me as a friend or more than friend?

    Please give some suggestion, it will be helpful.

  104. Monie –

    I can SOOO sympathize with your situation but let me tell you, that when/if you do get this man in your grasp the confusion will continue.

    I don’t want to call them ‘manipulative’ but they tend to turn your words to mean something you didn’t put out there, take your actions as something you didn’t mean, etc. There is definetly a communication issue between the two signs and it takes a lot of maturity and patience to see it thru – I’m still working at it (we just had a major blow-up actually … PMS and a stubborn virgo do NOT mix!! LOL )

    Also, my Virgo is one of the the most stubborn people I have met in my life!!! I am not EVEN joking here – I thought I was stubborn …. pffffft – nothing compared to this man. But, ironically, that is one of the things I love about him – go figure!!

    Sounds like you really like him but I can also bet that some of you liking him is the chase, the challenge, personally, I like the chase too but – these men are different from any you will ever meet, they are intriguing, they are sexual and sensual, intense, over-analytical, they are flatterers but are so very critical …. so hard to explain … i love mine more than I can express but sometimes I just want to wring his scrawny little neck until his eye balls bulge out and then let him breathe again just so he can say he’s sorry for being such an ass – the only bad part is it’s unlikely he’ll say anything of the sort. (rolling eyes) what the hell was I thinking?!??!!?

  105. Splash,

    As an Aq. girl, I know that a lot of times I have been in the same position that the girl in your story is in … Aq. have a hard time differentiating friendship from ‘love’ … people I only see as friends a lot of times see more than that in the relationship and i don’t see that they are seeing this b/c … well, basically, Aq. is an airhead and very aloof. Many hearts have been broken by my hand (not that I am a heartbreaker, unintentionally, I assure you) b/c of this confusion.

    Not sure if either of you drink but, when I have feelings for a guy and am not sure how to go past the ‘friends’ stage, a couple of drinks will loosen me up, take away some of my inhibitions enough for me to take that chance and let out my little secret. That might work for you but, I can also tell you, if you have expressed your feelings for her as more than a friend and she hasn’t shown any type of reciprocation then, more than likely, you will only be friends in the long run.

    Just my opinion – not sure if it helps but I certainly hope so!!

  106. cnyelie – what was the prank ??? I have often wanted to play one on my V. man but, yeah, the whole ‘offended’ thing always comes to my mind and I think better of it …. sometimes I wonder if this man is really holding me back from really being myself – I have changed a great deal since meeting him nad all for the better – done a lot of growing up but, all at the same time, somethings I find enjoyable and fun I also don’t really get to do any longer b/c of his insecurity issues, his easily offended issues, he’s very emotional and almost fragile – but at the same time very dominant and strong – does that make ANY sense??? probably not, that is probably why I am constantly confused by this man …. (long sigh)

  107. I have a question for some of the V. men out there …. how does one try to get their point across to the stubborn Virgo male? (that is not meant as an insult – you guys know you are stubborn!) Not prove them wrong but just get them to hear you, to see your side, wear your shoes for a bit and see what you actually mean and not assume or over-analyze what you are saying ….. yeah, I thought it was impossible too ……

  108. luvbaquarius

    Thanks for your reply.

    Actually I didn’t tell her that, feel more than friend. Even after 1 month of our communication, she told me that she is interested to make love with me. I replied this is not perfect time to think our relation more than friend bcaz we haven’t met; after all it is necessary to know a man well before fall in love with him. Then she said that, she just wanted to know my feelings that time.
    Perhaps I like her and it does not mean that, I want her. Indeed, I want to see her well and practical. She is under teenage that’s why I am afraid that, she may lose her trust and loyalty and I don’t want this. I just want to see her truly happy. That’s all.

    Thank you again.

  109. Whoa! Great topic and some real interesting posts!

    Obviously, I’m a Virgo male and I’m long divorced (’91) from an Aquarius female. Living proof that one can love another, but not live with them. I’ll share some opinionated thoughts using my relationship as the benchmark…ymmv:

    sex: real hot! And ladies, Virgo men like kinky women, not slutty ones. There’s a difference. Aquarian women tend to bring Virgo men waaay out of their sexual comfort zone…like sex in public places. It shakes a Virgo’s vanilla life up quite a bit, but we like it in a weird, strange sort of way.

    love: she was aloof. Virgo men appreciate it when their wife/so/gf/etc. tell them that they love them. I don’t know if it’s a male insecurity thing, or just that the Virgo male knows he’s in over his head with an “out there” Aquarian woman, and needs to be reminded she’s still happy and content. I’m still not really sure *what* I was supposed to do to convey my love to her beyond telling her. I guess it didn’t work. 😦

    intellect: I’d go into a lengthy, well thought out, cogent appraisal of a situation in accurate detail, taking 10 minutes to convey the point, and she’d repeat it back to me in one sentence. Now who’s the idiot? LOL! That’s the difference between “out there” and “well grounded.”

    child-rearing: this is where we *really* differed. The Virgo emphasizes security and stability while the Aquarian, autonomy and curiosity. I think somewhere in between is a perfect medium, but one stubborn Aquarian and one hard-headed Virgo don’t usually concede positions. Cest la vie.

    relationship: the best way I can describe my relationship to my Aquarian is through analogy. I felt like I was flying a kite on a windy day and she represented the kite — floating around in her world — while I was responsible for making sure she sometimes stayed grounded by holding on to that string. Not that I’m an exciting person, but I felt constricted by feeling like I had to stay grounded all the time. Maybe it was just me…

    And Max…women aren’t ducks. If one plays too coy with a Virgo male, the game may end prematurely. Give us a scent, and we’ll follow it. ;-P

  110. Hi to all. I have stumbled across these snippets of questions and advice like everyone else.

    I am an aquarian female and I was in a relationship with a virgo man for 1 & 1/2 years, although i just saw him last weekend (now four years later). We were apart for 1 & 1/2 years and still can’t manage to move on from each other. I have dated another man and he has slept with other women.

    My virgo is very fond of sending mixed messages. He will call and leave me a message that he loves me and can’t live without me and then when i do not respond, he will call every day until he hears from me. Then when i come around i get that he sees me as one of his best friends, after we have had sex and then give me advice on my current love relationship, saying that we are soul mates. What a mess.

    But my question is…I know a lot of aqua women talk about the control issues of the virgo man, but does it get to the point where they talk about disowning you, like a father. My virgo has always taken on a father figure role, instead of a partern or b/f role which i find infuriating. Any comments? or did i just happen to land one of the odd ones?

  111. I have quite a dilemma hoping someone out there can help me with;

    Recently, a virgo man that I have been dating for almost a year, up and moved over 100 miles to be with me. He moved into my house, my town, etc – left everything, his family, friends, etc.

    He was traveling a good distance to continue working for the same company – a blowup happened at his work and he up and quit on the spot. Now, granted, we both hated his job, it stressed both of us out WAY too much so, in a way, I was glad he quit.

    My concern is with his responsibility issues now. It has only been a couple of days but, every virgo I know, male or female, has always seemed VERY responsible, almost to a fault (annoying). In the past month though, it seems to me, that his responsibilities have greatly slacked off. Because of his own personal bills, (he didn’t let his apartment complex know he was leaving at the end of his lease and ended up having to pay one more months rent, that to me was irresponsible for not taking care of that correctly) so, the first month of living with me he contributed no money to the bills or mortgage. That I understood and let go, things happen. Now, with the job loss, looks like I”ll be footing the bills on my own again. It’s not that I can’t afford to pay my own way, it’s the priniciple that I am not someone’s caretaker (was in my first marriage so maybe that’s why I feel like I am freaking out too much here, past issues creeping up)

    When I met him he seemed so responsible, so on top of his game, someone I could work WITH and not FOR …

    My question to you guys I guess is;

    Aqu. Females; Have you ever been in a similar situation with a VIRGO male and did it turn around for the better eventually? Am I the only one that thinks, usually, virgos are very responsible?

    Virgo males; Is this irresponsible behavior (at least in my opinion) something for me to show concern over? Like I said, I don’t know any virgos that don’t have the responsibility thing so down-pat that it is almost annoying to me (me being the airhead irresponsible one usually) ….

    All of this recent happenings is also making me wonder if all the things he has told me about his past are actually true or not …. If he really did have his shit together and had perfect credit, nice house, nice car, etc – or was it all just said to make him look better. I hate the doubt that is running thru my brain right now but I am not stupid by any means and refuse to be taken or made a fool of here.

    Uggghhh, I’m just so confused as to whether show my concern and maybe he’ll get on the ball by me saying something but don’t want him to think that I don’t have confidence in his ability or make him think that I am looking at him as a leach (for lack of a better word).

  112. btw, Waterbearer …. ummm, no.

    Not in my opinion, unless said in a joking way – that sounds like a deeper issue to me and not something that should be said to someone you are in a ‘relationship’ with. Just my opinion though, take it as you will ……

  113. luvb sounds to me like you just picked a bad apple.

    I’m an aquarius woman currently involved with a virgo man and he is very responsible. Responsible behavior IS a virgo trait but that doesn’t mean ALL virgos are responsible. There are a lot of things that happen in people’s lives that contribute to their personality and people can exhibit very different characteristics from those characteristics typically known to their zodiac sign and that sounds like the case here.

    Be honest with yourself. Because I don’t know all of the details I cant say for sure or pass too much judgement, but you should ask yourself why he really moved so many miles away to be with you. Was it convenient for him? Was he that much in love with you? Were there red flags that you overlooked that maybe said he’s trying to get out of his current situation and you’re the perfect opportunity? And the job situation…was the job really annoying to you OR did he make it annoying to you by complaining? Not only is it irresponsible for him to leave unresolved bills and etc. but it’s also inconsiderate for him to leave unresolved bills that he knew he was going to have to take care of and leave you with the butt of all the rent and bills while he lives rent free. He should have taken care of that before he moved in.

    You may have a problem on your hands that you might want to start thinking about how you can get rid of….hope this helps

  114. Jen Jen … thanks so much for your thoughts and input. Fortunately, he brought up his concerns before I had to – how much he is feeling like he has let me down, feeling like a loser and tomorrow he is going to talk to some of the people that ran the company he used to work for … not to get his old job back but to set things straight as to what happened and why so he doesn’t get a bad reference. Just him acknowledging his actions makes me feel better, ya know?? not just ignoring the situation and thinking it doesn’t bother me so …. (long sigh) we’ll see. He is supposed to got pick up his last paycheck along with his expense check and told me he was going to give me some $$ out of that – not holding my breathe but I have high hopes, as all of us do when we are in love …. thanks again for your views and your time. Anyone else who has an opinion is welcome to comment, it will be very much appreciated. Pffft, I can use all the help I can get when it comes to this subject!!! = )

  115. luvb,

    Be sure this guy isn’t self-destructing and taking you with him, or using you until he gets on his feet and then bails.

    As far as I’m concerned, astrology may define an individuals core being, but environment and heredity have a major role in how someone turns out. IOW, all Virgos (or Aquarians) are not the same. Loosly translated, you might be in the wrong place (here) looking for answers. Your situation may have nothing to do with astrology…

  116. don’t worry, I’m not going to base anything completely on astrology – just typing things out or reading others thoughts sometimes helps to straighten out your own thoughts, gives you ideas that you hadn’t considered … that’s all … not to worry, I’m not that much of an airhead Aqu. LOL

    Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post, I do appreciate it. = )

  117. I’m an Aquarian/Piscean (cusp) female…and I am interested in a Virgoan male…and I know he is interested in me. In fact, this all came out over drinks during happy hour, or rather, it was confirmed. It definitely more of a mental thing for me and a mix of physical/mental for him.

    I know for a fact he likes my aggressiveness. In fact, I feel that HE is the more aloof one!! This kind of annoys me to be honest, as I prefer the man to be more aggressive.

    I know he is looking for a long-term relationship/marriage. I’m not sure whether or not I want that. I am kind of fickle and get bored easily and I don’t want to hurt him – but I’m VERY attracted to him (at the moment). I want to bring out the wildness in him and … all that stuff!! LOL. We work together so that complicates things a little as well (we sit across from each other and the chemistry is undeniable!). Our productivity level definitely lowers when we’re both at our desks!

    He is also very traditional…down-to-earth, I can’t see him getting angry very easily (he says so as well…). Will he hate me if things don’t go well?! Should I go for it? I know he will go with what I suggest….

  118. Hello, Merlot here new to this site. I was looking for some good advise. Wanted to know if any Virgo or Virgo experts could help? I have been seeing a Virgo for about 2 months now, casually. We also go to the same gym to make matters more complicated. I don’t know if seeing me that often is a good thing. With Virgo does absents make the heart grow fonder or staying part of his routine a good thing? My schedule is flexible so changing times isn’t a problem. Now, I like him and want to see him more often but have been restraining myself not come off needy, so far so good. When I do see him it’s very electric, all smiles and flirting from both sides, that’s what I don’t get. I would like to see him more outside the gym or aleast like to know how he’s feeling. I don’t want to scare him off. We only get together everyother week. I’m not being aggresive, relationship wise he seems to love to have control. The glass is always half full with this Virgo, very positive and charasmatic. How can I tell if he’s being sincere or total player? I am a Aquarius and you think Virgo analyzes things I will to death…. Definetly need some help with this one!!

  119. I was mistaken after all. He think we should be friends since we are coworkers and he doesn’t want to risk our friendship if things don’t go well. That and the fact that I might relocate…if and when I don’t know. Guess that’s that 😦

  120. aquapiscean: Funny how time generally tends to reveal answers or truths. Chin up, there’s plenty of fish in the sea (pun intended…you know, the Piscean/fish thing) ugh. 🙂

    merlot: Are you needy? Until you answer that question honestly to yourself, there is no answer to the rest of your questions.

    I’m also of the opinion that sometimes one must make themself vulnerable to find the truth — in your case — how he feels about you. Ask him out for coffee (or dinner) and if he says no, don’t take it personal. If he says yes…well, you’ll kinda answer your own question.

  121. I don’t consider myself needy but can be aggressive at times. Not such a good quality with some men…Up date last night he asked me over to let me know he is going to get back together with his x. He told me he likes me and Im such a cool girl but didn’t want to get to close because he’s still in love with her. He said they never got closure on the relationship witch is true. They were together for almost 2yrs. He said he has to give it a shot because he can’t get her out of his head. The only odd thing is he didn’t give me back anything I have left at his place from prior visits. And told me to hold on to the books he lent me because I’ll be back over. I don’t know…..He knows I won’t be a booty call. It was the nicest breakup Ive ever had if that means anything…Your advice has been very affective hope Im not bothering you!

  122. Merlot: I’m sorry…maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. Though it seems he doesn’t have closure with you either.

    Hmmm…you’ve got some soul-searchin’ to do girl. Best of luck and time is on your side.

  123. Well I met many virgos my first love was one we had the break n make up for yrs we dated since high school Im 25 he is 24 his mom a aquarius my birthday jan 28th we kept in contact for yrs we would date other people I would do the breaking up bcuz he argue and try 2 control me and his temper was awful we have so much in common he is so so so sexy the sex is the best any where especially in the shower we love that he told me my sex is the best and no one ever got him sprung I replied the same until I met a libra man that was so fun but something about those virgos were we are comfortable with our love making with passion he thinks Im so pretty he loves everything about me how frank I am my odd ways me and his mom get along fine but clash sometimes the only problem is he likes to argue I like to chill and he’s negative about any and everything his friends you name it Im total oppostite we been on and off for yrs I do the breaking up but I love him so damn much when I do move on I cheat with him and go back home Im a bit confusing myself only when its stress or to much negativity going on do guys think we will work he’s talkin marriage but I want to but i have doubts but I can’t let him go because i love him dearly he depends on my honesty and loyalty but he can be insecure thinking I will cheat I never cheated in him but when I tried to move on I would cheat with him he is very jealous he hates when men stare at me even his guy cousins so I rarely have conversations with his family or guy friends because he is jealous he admits he is all he says is I don’t want no one to have you I told Im yours just be secure and don’t push me away oh yeh us aquarius love sex

  124. Is it just me or was that VERY hard to read??

  125. Uhhh, it’s not just you.

  126. Nope could hardly follow!

  127. hk

  128. Thanks for your advise everyone. I thing he’s keeping me for a safety net. I guess I was too. I have limited to seeing him only two days aweek at the gym. I don’t want him to get the best of both worlds. We never did give our things back last week, but Im bringing his things Monday to get it over with. I think it will also show strength. He’s still approaching me at least two times during our workouts. I’ll just be a loyal friend and if something happens then so be it. He definetly left it so the door is open for a nother shot! What’s that old saying “Set love free and if it returns it was meant to be”. I’ll keep giving him the most intelligent conversation when we talk and stimulating linger smiles from across the room othe wise. I have taken your advice and stayed away, he keeps giving me attention! If you have any other good advise let me know. I have a feeling it’s not totally over even more so if this girl shows her true colors again.

  129. well its late and i have been reading this for some time, im an aquarian woman madly in love with a virgo male who does my bloody head in..dont get me wrong no two people are the same and signs as i have been reading about them for some time now do give you a brief insignt but do not tell a story.

    Virgo male can be very controling, if there is a problem 9.99% of the time dont be supprise to find out that you are the one who caused it. But they do raise some very important issues that i sometimes am not willing to hear. I like to see that life isnt about being a dam robot. all routine, i want to go away take a drive to france maybe end up from calis to st tropez, paris or find my self driving to roma, take it as it comes weather i stay a night in the car a hotel the experiance the fun and the journey is the fullfillment, virgo on the other hand is check out the hotels where we are staying get the price, the petrol cost, and that can be quit daunting. If your looking for honesty then to them it really is the best policy.

    We have been involved for nearly two years, been on holiday and they do make great friends as well as lovers, but i agree it does take alot of work and also takes alot of understanding as we really are two different people that are very stubbern, we have been arguing quit abit and over matters that are trivial, i have a tendancy for interupting not because i dont wanna hear what you have to say but because i always have something to say, i hate thinking about what someone might have said and then bring that up later, if i have something to say i say it there and then as it comes sometimes with little though and this just for advice really ticks the virgo off. But i know many aquarians who are simular and girls we sometimes just dont shut up when we need to talk when we shouldnt and when we should we are silent.

    Virgos really are special and will keep your mind stimulated for hours on end, and they dont really like being expressive about thier feelings of the heart, i think it is about fear of being hurt, or you not living to the perfection they desired. BUT THEY WILL LOVE YOU LOYALY dont really show effection outside but inside they cant keep there hands off.

    i know i have gone on but it nearly 4am i cant sleep. Good luck ladies and fellaz in finding and staying with the one you love….ITS NOT EASY BUT IF LIFE WERE THEN IT WOULD BE A BIG OLD BORE…..don t give up on someone when you love them because it gets tough, it the one thing that will build your foundation and all realationships need a solid ground to make it work……

    i have never been the type to rely on anyone but love in its self can change a personality no matter what sign you are and like the sayoing goes love is a fools game.

    i am always looking for answers and when one comes along i tend to ask another Q and so on.

  130. I am an Aquarius woman, and I met a very interesting virgo man. We’ve only been recently started seeing each other but something about him that is so much different than any other man I’ve ever met. He is a neat freak. Total perfectionist. Me in the other hand, I like things clean but I don’t have to clean every day. I like to sleep, while he tells me “he doesn’t like to waste his day away”. But overall we like each other very much. We like our differences and I think that’s part of the reason we get along so great. My father is also a virgo and they sure are very alike. Scary sometimes because my dad and I bump heads all the time due to our stubbornness. I really hope this works out. He tells me I am not like any other girl hes met. The guy has so much respect that it took forever to just get a kiss. But it was well worth it for he made it very special. I love romance., I love affection but only from someone who is interesting and has me on my toes. I am constantly daydreaming, I get so into romantic movies that I just wish it was me.

  131. I am an aquarius woman insanely in love with a pain in the ass virgo male we just hit 10 months.. we broke up 4 days ago bc he is a cheater a liar and although he is 8 yrs older than me he acts 8 yrs younger. I do not believe either of us have the typical virgo-aquarius characteristics. he is a child who needs to be helped and tended to at all times I blame his family for this he is the only son and the baby of the family I am the oldest daughter and have been independent since I was 13 y/o. although I am a nag and can be annoyin and needy at times I am only this way bc he constantly puts everything b4 me.. wen we first met we kinda rushed into this full blown huge drama filled relationship I stood by him threw everything and bailed him out of so many problems and I feel as though wen I need him he’s never around. you are probably thinking why did this aquarius girl stick around with this jackass. well besides for his bad qualities wen we aren’t together. wen its just me and him he is the sweetest cutest loving person. I get flowers every 3 days… sex is great… but cuddling with him is the best I feel so safe and in love. then he leaves and the jackass comes out again. for instance we broke up 4 days ago.. he picked up and left he’s vacationing in florida while I’m here miserable he keeps textin and calling but I don’t pick up I just feel most virgo males cannot be trusted. and like to show off to their friends..ive heard stories about him cheating but chose to keep my eyes closed to his flaws and I believed my man. unfortunately I wasted 10 months. and wen he gets back he knows to stay away he won’t. but he has been told.. my advice to aquarius woman… if u are dating a virgo male stick with it if u have patience and want to feel what it feels like to truly love someone he probably won’t feel the same but if he’s a liar like mine he’ll tell u.. you will believe it and get very hurt in the end like me. ugh I just re read what I wrote and I confusedmyself even more lol I dunno ladies you won’t know unless utry

  132. also yes he is a virgo but he is the messiest person I have ever met in my whole life. refuses to clean just wants to work all the time and believes the woman should pick up and clean and tend to her man. I guess he believes we r still in the 50’s.

  133. Lori ann:

    I believe most Virgos are clean freaks, but I live with one (brother-in-law) who sounds like yours. Hes a mess, but then once in a blue moon he gets the urges to clean. Well I dont know whats going on with the virgo i was talking to. Hes old enough to want a relationship, but then again I think hes afraid to commit to one. Over the weekend we kinda drifted away and then yesterday he shows up at my job to say hi and see how I was doing(by the way hes the UPS guy but had no package to drop off). I think he kinda got freaked out too cuz my co-workers basically attacked him, since they think Im still with him. So im just letting him figure things out on his own, while I do me. I have a two year old daughter and I think that might freak him out a bit. He actually met her the first time we hung out and he was okay with it. But after weeks later of having great times together he starting acting weird. Im sooo confused, beacuse the last time we were together it was great, and then he stop calling as often and made converstions short. Then I left him alone for the weekend, and he shows up here…???… who knows

  134. Oh yea one more thing…

    I totally agree with you about the whole cuddling with him. There sooo great at being passionate. You feel safe and warm beacuse they are constantly rubbing your hair and back. I love it, he does it with such passion. God I miss him already….ughhhh!!!

  135. This was all very interesting to me. I didn’t realize until later on in life that all the relationships I’ve had in my life have either been in the sign of Aquarius or Virgo.

    I am an Aquarius female born February 6th. The longest relationship I ever had was living together with another Aquarius for 24 years who was also born on February 6th, but 3 years older than me.

    Two other Aquarians I had relationships with were born February 7th and February 8th.

    The Virgo ones were September 9th, and 2 were born September 10th. The September 9th and 1 of the September 10th relationships, were both 9 years younger than me. The other September 10th was 20 years older than me.

    In my experience, there was an explosive chemistry between myself and the Virgos, but that was it. I instinctively knew that there would never be a long term relationship with any of them.

    The Aquarian I had the long term live together relationship was the love of my life. I believe we will be together again.

    Virgo males, to me, are like playing with fire, but you wouldn’t want to make a career of it.

  136. i’m an aquarian girl who have been in love with a since 4years.he liked me so.we broke up in 2007.last march his dad died,i sent him a msg to support him.he thanked me and that was all.he didn’t ask about me.i still love him.he’s so shy and doesn’t dare 2 talk 2 me . i think i made a good step 2 come back.was what i did valuable 4 him?any aquarian or virgoan could answer? Are there any chances 4 aquarius 2 come back 2 his virgo in 2008? 10x

  137. I actually am a true blue hard core Aquarian….which is frightening sometimes lol in which everyone around me reads the aquarian descriptions and are like OMG that’s so you, but I’ve just ended a long term relationship with a Virgo man awhile back in which there was good but a whole lotta of the cliche bad too, and now i’m with another Virgo and it’s the complete opposite, we’re like kindred spirits that put each other at ease, which there are still rocky times but ultimately it’s not that bad. I actually found an article once that said that though the road may be difficult at times with work and enough in common it could end up being a very loving life changing experience and that to find common interests to keep excitement in the relationship so no one gets bored, we both have similar hobbies and interests so we use that as a way to keep a strong bond. we try to take many small weekend road trips to new destinations and some big vacations to have fun and so far everything is going well and u couldn’t believe the difference in this relationship compared to the last. which I’ve also read on many articles that a lot is supposed to bank on how the stars, planets and moons line up in your birth chart in which i have no idea how to do that.

  138. i am a virgo girl and i have been interested in/dated a few aquarius men. it may not be the most ideal astrological pairing, but i think it is an interesting pairing and definitely can work ! whats weird is, all of the aquarius men i mentioned fall under my “marriage” section in the book the secret language of relationships (virgo/libra cusp matched with aquarius 3s). i wouldnt put too much stock into the book, because there are so many other factors in a person’s chart.

  139. This has all been so interesting to read. I have been friends with a Virgo male for around 4 years, since the beginning he has wanted to date me. I am so hard to catch and have never even thought of him in that way. We were always friends with benefits as I am sorry to say weak for sex, (which is why I don’t understand how you all could say aquarius is bad in bed!!! My problem with him is that he loves the ladies and will tell them just about anything!! He cheats on his girlfriends and never is really interested in them. I can say that I am a TRUE aquarian at heart and he seems to be quite the virgin. He is so great to me though and him and I NEVER fight!!! If I try to start a fight about whatever he knows just how to calm me down… thing is that as of lately he has been on my mind as I have been trying to figure him out. He always talks about marriage and I always laugh at him, I will let you all know what happens between him and I but one more thing THE SEX IS FREAKING GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He totally keeps me interested!!! woohoo!

  140. Things have been progressing well, this guy has surprised me more than I surprise myself!! He has kept my interest in so many unusual ways and I think I may be falling for him. Normally I would have been tired of a guy already but this guy is full of surprises and is really funny….i wonder if he is really a virgo….lol!! BY THE WAY>>>>VERY EXPERIMENTAL IN BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. I found y’all through google. But the running theme here interests me. So write in another aquarius female totally and deeply in love with a virgo man. I am slightly different than many women on here as I see when he watches out for me as an expression of love. I feel totally secure and safe when I’m in his arms. He’s the best thing that ever happened to me. We met at work through a mutual friend. We have great conversations. And he’s steady as a rock which I totally adore. I’m an aquarius. I push buttons, both literally and emotionally. I’m a button pusher, totally looking at how far I can push. I can say exactly the opposite of how I feel, just to watch the fall out. I pushed him away. I seriously wanted to be free and convinced myself that I was better off alone. He simply waited out the storm. I have no defenses. He’s the real deal. And I love him for it. Virgos play it safe, and aquarius look for weakness. But he’s the best.

  142. Interesting reading all the entries about Virgos and Aquarians. I enjoyed relating to so many of these entries. I do think compatability has to do with life experience, history, family and everything. Astrology is an interesting thing to mix in, but you can’t use it to find your dream person. My dream person does not exist, but at least the sex is really good with my Virgo. I hope we work out. Just started living together after dating for one year.

  143. its crazy i dont really do this type of stuff but just reading this article caught ma eye…im a 21 yr old virgo male…for some odd reason aquarians always catch my eye..ive been w/ one for 2 1/2 years..sometimes i think shes tha one for me but other times i be like hell na! its crazy how it works…as i read all ya’lls responses i see myself and her the real analytical one…while shes tha stubborn one…i just got into this horoscope stuff so im still lookin but i feel its all bull…anyone can be compatible..just takes communication and understanding if neither side can do that then their cannot be a relationship…my aquarian can work ma nerves to the point to screaming! but i love her to death…when we not arguin over petty things we cool! i’ve tried to improve on acknowledging when im wrong..which i have…i think it takes a big person to say “they messed up”…i think virgos and aquarious people are very much i said it just takes time and patience…she knows i love her and i get a lil extreme at times but its only the fact that i care so much…if i didnt care i’d be like fuck it and go on about ma way..i know im attractive and can get any girl i want..(only if she’ll listen to what i have to say..i may be young but im very intelligent for my age)…i might sound conceited but im just confident w/ what i do…i dunno what it is but you aquarian woman do something to us virgo men!

  144. oh my god i’m an Aquarion too and i’m seeing a man whos also a virgo and this was very supprising that hes me and i’m him like we have EVERYTHING and i mean EVERYTHING in common and we’re also very spiritually connected and to us it just seems and feels right and i agree with EVERYTHING that you had to say cause i also dont let horoscopes rule me. the only difference between me and him is that there an age difference like i’m 18 and hes gonna be 24 on the 22 of september but we dont care what matters is what our feelings towords each other are and we are truely, madly, deeply in love with each other and thats what counts. so everything that you had said is the way i think and i think thats kinda cool.
    to me personally it dont matter that race, what horoscope er whatever you are what matters is how we feel about each other and FUCK EVERYONE WHO DISAGREES…dont let zodiac signs mess with you b’ys let your heart speak for itself. ive been in an VERY emotional, physical and mentail abusive relationship before with a capracorn er however the fuck ya spells it for three years and all i wanted to do was literally kill myself i and thought about it over and over and over, i hated EVERYONE and EVERYTHING…i even hated myself altho o still have a lot of hatered in my life but my boyfriend now ever sence he came into my life he turned my life right around.
    you b’ys must think i’m r.tared er something for saying this but when i said me and him are spiritually connected i that we have everything in common its true cause when hes itchy i’m itchy and i know when hes thinking about me i know physically cause my heart syarts aching thats spiritual connection he was abused all his life and ive been abused for so long and me and him we think alike too we even have the same favorite ice cream, tv. shows EVERYTHING!
    so yeah i agree with everything you said up there

  145. I’m an aquarian girl, I also dated a Virgo guy… But not anymore ’cause he thought i’m quick at decisions and am very tomboyish and dreamy etc., etc., But initially he liked these in me… is it that “There are exceptions in Virgos who fall out of the normal bunch??”

  146. hahahahhahahahahahaha i made a spelling error hahahahahahahahaahahaa oops
    anyways…thats a very good question raj i too am a tomboi (y) but i’m in between a tomboi and need i say girlygirl i would like to know the answer to that question too

  147. Aquarion MAN in LOVE with a cute Virgo called Noor*

    I hope the girl I am in LOVE with will also end up here to read the above comments…to love conquering all… Let the stars watch us grow old togather x

  148. wow sam you think the way i thinks…AWESOME-NESS but what i have with my virgo man is too special and we both finds it so r.tarded that we have EVERYTHING in common but we love it at the same time too so we cant complain ^^

  149. Well, things did not work out with my virgo. He became so boring to me once the fun wore off. Just did and said the same things all the time. I am dating a scorpio now and things are pretty serious….well see how this one goes….he is NEVER boring though.

  150. Wow ! What interesting comments. I met my guy a month ago and haven’t seen him since. Im aquarius girl and a bit of an extrovert (a bit? ) . ok, to cut long story short , I went for him, I flirted with him and it was a beautiful. I have no doubt that he’s worth pursuing. I did initialy get discouraged from reading all the negative compatibility results. Now I have more hope and I’m wishing to see him again. This might be a crazy thing to say, but I think I’m already in love with this guy. I have to see him again!!!!!

  151. Love all the posts!! I am an Aquarius female (DOB 2/3) and I recently have become smitten with a Virgo/Libra cusp male (DOB 9/19). I totally believe in the cusp thing because this guy doesn’t really seem to have very many traditionally virgoan traits. he is very outgoing and sociable, lil messy, laid back, spontaneous…(which i am all those things as well). i think he has kept some of the BEST virgo traits however (health nut, passionate…). anyways i think he seems more predominantly libra than virgo and that probably why we got off to such a great start.

    i have met him through mutual friends…i’ve seen him around for a couple of months, but never really talked with him. then recently he came out with a smaller group of us in which we really started talking and hitting it off. he was extremely interesting and presumably interested in me because he started asking me “top 3″ questions like…”what are the top three things you look for in a guy?” anyways he was just really cute about his approach and was really easy to talk to.

    after we went out, we all had after hours chillin in our apartment complex hot tub (oh yeah…did i mention he lives the next building over from me 🙂 ?). anyways, so we all talked and hung out and everyone left us to give us a little privacy :-*. we just talked for hours it seemed like, about anything at all.

    after that he took me up to my room, and gave me a *sweet* kiss goodnight, that was extremely electric.

    over the next few days, he asked me out to a movie, came over to my place for a couple hours while we just talked…for literally until about 3 in the morning. we started telling each other some very personal things that NOT many people know about either of us.

    this man drives me wild….we haven’t had sex but a LOT of hardcore make out sessions which were absolutely phenomenal (can’t WAIT for the real thing)!! oh man…we both have admitted to the other person that we really like the other…:).

    this man is so cute, sweet and just amazing. i think i am falling hard and it’s only been relatively very short time.


  152. Hello Everyone,

    This is an awesome blog-site! I was involved in a relationship with a Sagittarian whom I felt was my soul-mate.
    During our relationship of 6 years I was sooo pissed and sick of his drunken antics I separated myself from him that lasted about 6 weeks. he was on Alcolic Rage binge … I creeped, tred to leave for good…

    During that 6 weeks I met a V-Man a year older than I, (46) We had great conversations went out to dinner a few times. Heading towards the 6th week we entered into a very passionate, explosive Bliss of love making.

    Believe it or not it was too dam good! I find that knowing your whole true self really helps you from repeating the same mistakes. My mistake would have been to continue to see him because of the sex, know I have a weakness for good (D)

    To make this long story short I never saw him again after that…he called and called I finally told him why and it would not be fare to either one of them if I continued to be with both..Yes I went back to my Alcoholic whom recently passed away from Liver disease. That was a hard exp however Im dealing with it. Mr Virgo has kept in touch and has been very comforting durng this

    Based on what Ive read he is controlling, neat freak and I too are stubborn – It a “Challenge”
    I’d really want to take it slow and learn each other first instead of learning each others body..
    The sex will alway be good –

    Im single Now and I would take a chance with him, a little nervouse about it though…

    (Just don’t let my heart fall between my leggs)

    Feel Free give me some feed back 🙂


  154. im a virgo man, and its true we are stubborn at times, im not a controlling person though. Im at times a critic, im organized but not a neat freak, im only organized with certain things but in no way a neat freak my passenger seat floor board of my car looks like a trash can and i only clean it out when it overflows or im expecting someone to ride with me. overall i dont know if all virgos are like this but im a very kind hearted person and i dont have problems expressing my emotions like the guy previously in the forum. I like to help people and i also have a problem with over thinking/analyzing things. I think too far ahead. Im easily side tracked. But I also am like one person said that when my mind is made up my decision doesnt change for the most part. Virgos are not terrible people or anything, I think we just handle situations different from others. The control freak just took the money thing to a higher level. I like to control my money and manage it…..what my woman does with hers is her business. I also am not a cheap skate i like buying expensive gifts that are worth every penny you get what you pay for.

  155. Well, I just skimmed through most of this… quite long. I am a female virgo. I’ve dated aquarius males, but never had a long-term realtionship with any. I have noticed a weird pattern of wanting to suddenly put “rules” on the relationship. I’m a very libra-induced virgo. heh I have a virgo sun, taurus moon, gemini asc, libra venus and mars, and leo mercury. My longest-termed relationships (including marraige) have been with virgos. Virgo males, can’t live with em, can’t live without em. There are definitely 2 sides to them. When it’s good, it’s REALLY good, when it’s bad, it’s REALLY bad. And, I have never had sex with any other sign that comes close to a virgo, not even a scorpio… Virgos just know where it’s at, and care.

    The reason I’m posting is this:

    I just met yet another Aquarius male. He’s 4 1/2 years younger than me. I just turned 30 (although I look younger), and he’ll be 26 at the end of Jan. I feel almost giddy with him, I have never felt this way about an aquarius before. In fact, I haven’t felt this way about a guy in a while… period. He asks me questions about myself, and remembers things I say, he’s uber-responsible, and funny and fun too. I’m kind of a wild little virgo, myself…

    Anywho, I’m over-analyzing this whole thing, worrying about a lack of a call, or email. I feel totally insecure. I realize it’s ridiculous… and I’m not going to let him know I am worrying so much.

    My question is, to all the Aquarius males out there, what attracts you most to us virgo females? What attracts you the least? I am going out tonight with a group of friends and he’ll be there, should I play it cool? I know he’s interested in me, we’ve cuddled in bed, no sex yet, but I can tell by the energy, it’s going to be amazing.

    *sigh* I love/hate this stage of dating!

  156. I used to be pretty skeptical till i met my virgoan man (my last bf was a virgo and it was horrible….i thought he was boring and needy…my sister is a very strong virgo in which we are EXTREMELY different in a lot of ways). anyways…i didn’t think i could handle them in a romantic relationship. but man i am changing my mind…(i just wanted to update from my last post…)

    me and my virgo are both smitten for each other. period. i can see why (based on my experience with virgos) why most aquarius can be put off by certain virgo traits.

    but if the good stuff is really there…i mean it’s there! i am falling hard for this sweet, interesting, smart, quirky, sexy, outgoing, fun virgo (with an AMAZING body i might add) who tells me all the time that he feels the same way!

  157. btw we have been out on even more dates…and we can’t get enough of each other 🙂

  158. wow, I am a Aquarius, just met a virgo over a chat site and talked over the phone. Interestingly, he asked me about virgo and aquarius compatibility. Was not interested in looking up sun signs ever. today is the first time I did so and I chance on this website. hmmmm

    Yes I am a dreamer and love to help others out but I also believe that if you treat your mate as your best friend, you can have a good relation irrespective of what sun signs tell you. When you marry, you marry each other’s faults too, you know what you are getting into, you just have to work things out.

  159. I haven’t posted here since Feb 08..shortly after I met my Virgo man (I’m an Aqua girl) Everything was absolutly PERFECT back then and I was actually scared to talk about and admit the good because I figured it was a ‘new’ thing and it wouldn’t be that great months and months down the line. Well, I was wrong!

    The relationship between me and my Virgo has gotten stronger. I like him even more now then I did back then. I actually love him and I fell in love with him about four months ago but just told him recently because I wanted to make sure what I was feeling was real. And it is!

    He has qualities and characteristics that I’ve always wanted in a man and a relationship. He’s protective, caring, non-smothering, GREAT SEX, (OMG, I had to throw that in since I’ve been seeing everybody else talk about it lol) responsible, resepctful, REAL and honest. The thing I like and respect about him the most is that he hasn’t changed one bit since we’ve met. He’s the same man I met almost a year ago 🙂

    As an Aquarius, I’m not too emotional and I do have a hard time expressing my feelings. I was afraid to jump all in and let my real feelings loose. This is something that me and the Virgo had to discuss and he has had to help me with.

    Overall, the relationship has been great! I have NEVER met anybody who has made me feel the way he has. I’m nervous and excited all at the same time 🙂

  160. 2 all the virgo men & aqua women
    I, aqua woman, heard about this virgo through a girlfriend: workalco, good manners, serious, shy etc… I think I liked him even before I saw him.
    The weird thing is that my virgo guy also heard about me through his buddy who is friend with my girlfriend. I think He liked what he heard and wanted 2 meet me, but his buddy got jealous. I believe my own girlfriend felt the same, she did not want anything to happen between this virgo and I. She even told me before I met my virgo that he would better stay away from me if he does not wanna get in trouble with his buddy????!!!! (The buddy himself is in a relationship-I could kill that guy Grrr…)
    Dont ask me why both my girlfriend and her friend behave like that, some people are just possessive and controlling …
    When I finally met this virgo at a bar it was just … cant find the words to explain it, I knew who he was, he knew who I was. He could not take his eyes off me. But at that time I did not care that much. Since I could not to talk to him, my girlfriend would not introduce me 2 him and she would talk 2 him only when I am not around and he would not do anything… file closed for me. I think he was intimidated by her.
    Anyway, I felt my virgo’s eyes on me the whole night. I know u dont rush things with a shy guy, but this little game went over and over for almost 2 months. And the more I will listen to my girlfriend tellin about how great he is etc… the more I felt attracted. So, I decided to get in touch with my virgo, without my girlfriend knowing it 😦 Am I a bad person?
    I think he was enthusiast, he said we would talk the next time we meet. On the D Day, I got so shy that when he obviously came to meet me at the bar (I heard he was busy and would not show up) I just walked away with a friend and did not even look up to him. Then He wouldnt answer my sms nor return my call. Fair enough 😦
    2 weeks later, same bar. I was tough enough 2 talk 2 him (in front of everyone!!!). I felt so nervous than instead of a nice simple first conversation, I started 2 question him about his silence.
    why he wasnt returning my call/sms??? … it was just too complicated… (what?)… meeting someone at this critical point (he was about 2 move … a couple of hours away)… (So, What if u meet someone and then split? What s wrong with that??) I guess I should not have said that this way, while I meant is the distance so important?, I think he understood, u can get together and then split, it is no biggies. What a better image of 1self 2 give 2 a virgo:)
    What I then heard felt like a splash on my face… 😦 we can spend the rest of the evening together and that will be all. PERIOD.
    (But why sending wrong signals when u re not sure? when u know the distance matters so much? … Mr Virgo was at first enthusiast, he says, because he was “in mood” (Should I laugh or cry).
    He probably saw my emotion (sometimes even aqua cant hide it) and became sooooo smooth & nice and then actually giving me more reasonable reasons. Weird, I had become silent and he became so talkative… his work, him being busy … etc (are all virgos the same?) I just found an excuse to interumpt the conversation and …run away. yes it is coward, but I never felt like that before, was so sad, hurt, if I had stayed 1mn longer I would have cried (we aqua dont do that and I know i d ve just troubled my virgo). So I took the few dignity I had left and …
    I know we both behave like teens, me coz I am so shy, even if no one believes it 🙂 It must be an aquarius thing…
    But tell me, all virgo men out there, what should I think of this brother of yours? especially when my girlfriend then ironically pointed out later on that no woman should ever run after a man, even when he obviously IS interested but for some reason cant be with you.
    So what is going on in that virgo”s mind??? Why this strange behavour? what re these reasons? I guess I should forget him, but I dont think I will unless I know what was blocking him.
    Maybe I should ask my girlfriend who never mentions my virgo’s name whenever she makes her ironical comments about men who will turn u down if u run after them etc… only bitches do that 😦

  161. HI there fellow aquarians, this forum has given me light and much hope.. hehehe.

    I am a 28 year old typical female Aquarius, very independent, have my own very successful business and the luxuries i have wanted, 6months ago I met the most gorgeous Virgo man, gorgeous as in magazine cover model and the BEST sex ever, i thought I had experienced and orgasm prior to meeting him but was proven far from wrong. He also has his own business which is a big deal for me as we can take a vacation anytime.

    I see it as my “materialistic’ nature got me attracted to him as he is very GOOD looking. I love good looks! then came the sex WOW but the funny thing that attracted me most was his bluntness and cheeky criticising ways, I think I could be bored with all the compliments and to easy to get men, My Virgo man says it like it is, tells me off and exactly how it is and what he thinks of me(usually i don’t get told off ) I have had men in the past that did everything for me but my Virgo is very unique.
    Funny I got more attracted to him when he broke up with me for something very silly ..(well silly to me, not him) i was on a dating website before and while we met and his friend was on it as well, I didn’t delete my profile as I just met my Virgo. A few weeks after we hooked up, his friend told my Virgo to watch his back for me as I am on this site. I didn’t think that I was in a relationship at the time with my Virgo as he is very unemotional and doesn’t talk about his feelings and he seemed very withdrawn, I had no confirmation of us being a couple. I tried calling him and he wouldnt answer, he then sms me “please don’t ever contact me ever again, small world we live in, good luck with your next catch” for the first time in my life I was really heartbroken, I was really falling for my virgo. I can’t explain the pain I went through. But I was angry at the way he broke up with me, he could have at least called or given me a chance to explain myself. I was beginning to think that he was using any excuse just to dump me, so friends also told me. But I later found out that he was genuinely very upset with me and that made me like him even more, his morals and views made me appreciate him more. I called him with no luck. 4days later we started chatting again online and he explained his frustration, I was so happy just get him to chat to me, phew….and his point of being frustrated was very logical, although I also think that I wasn’t completely in the wrong.
    We are back together, it took him a while to get back to liking me as he has issues with trust it seems to me. He is very much of a kid and makes me laugh non stop.
    I have a bit of an insecurity issue with him but it’s got nothing to do with him, its completely me. All his ex’s are beautiful blonde models (I know this through people that know of him) his recent ex is 19years younger than him (I am 12years younger) but he looks 15years younger than his age so it doesn’t seem all that bad. This Ex is stunning, she has just won a huge worldwide modelling competition so everyone knows her…yesterday she posted pictures of him and her on facebook for her thousands of fans to see, this broke me in pieces, anyway she also posted other pic’s of her other ex’s. But to see him holding another girl in this pic Broke me.
    My insecurity mainly lies here….I am very good looking myself (not to sound conceited) but i am no model. I sometimes can’t help but wonder why he is with me, his presence and being with him I find that he is genuinely honest and I judge that he really likes me for me …but because I am so successful and very intelligent, I always leave open the idea of him liking me for my success (money) is this Bad? I can’t help to always push this idea forward! I sometimes think that this thinking is my way of protecting myself and putting up a barrier not to get too attached and leave space for getting hurt? Why is this? how can I know if it’s me or if its true? Or is it okay for someone to be attracted to another and the major factor of the attraction is the success? No that doesn’t sound right.
    Well he good thing about me seeing his Ex’s pictures is that it has motivated me to work harder in the gym and look after myself, keep me on my toes 😉 and I love a challenge .
    Anyone have similar experience, advice, any input would help. Thanks for posting here I read and loved all the posts

  162. I think intelligent, beautiful & successful aqua women attract virgo men. He defintl likes u… 🙂
    I wish mine were less childish

  163. thanks Aquawoman 🙂 I really hope so. My insecurities playing with me, gotta sort that out 🙂
    Mine is very childish too but I’m kinda liking it cos it breaks the seriousness and reminds me to smile. Men will always be boys I guess!
    By the way , i dunno about the rest of you Aqua woman but I love the critic side and quirkiness and the fact that they too need space and are not needy.
    My Ex husband was Gemini, we had alot in common but alot of things irritated me more.

    I feel at times I need to verbally hear virgo’s emotions when my insecurities play with me for some sort of confirmation… but then again most of the time when i’m not insecure I don’t need to be told anything as emotional talk usually bores me, i find weakness in it for some reason.
    O well, lets see how this is gonna work, I just hope this is the right one for me…

  164. I just could not resist adding my thoughts because I am having EXACTLY the same experience as you all. I’m aqua woman who is head over heels for a virgo man. All the same reasons – whip smart, independent, passionate, fun, playful. someone i can respect, which is hard for me to find. yep – amazing sex (how does that become a commonality? haha). i even kind of like his stubborness and how we fight. Too many men have let me get away with whatever I wanted – he doesn’t. And I think he likes that I fight back. Virgo men, I think, tend to have a lot of weak minded women around them and when they meet an aquarius woman, they fall in love – hard. lol Once I got him to trust me, he’s extremely caring and considerate. It makes him feel good to make me happy I think – and to be honest – I feel the same way. anyway – my point is – if your an aquar woman and meet a virgo man, ignore astrology – it’s worth the ride.

  165. VERY very worth the ride indeed!! My virgo took very long to fall in Love but I think he’s completely In Love with me now! heeehaa !! 🙂
    I guess Ive got to try my best to keep things interesting and not get myself bored later, that worries me about myself, but its all about effort I guess! Im so excited!

  166. I have also found that I can feel a little insecure and jealous of other women sometimes, which as an aquarius, I have NEVER felt with any other guy. He doesn’t make me feel that way on purpose or anything, in fact, he tries to help but something about keeping my aquarian trait of over confidence in check attracts me to him. Just interesting how so many of the characteristics of the the aquar/virgo relationships on this post are similar.

  167. I love (am annoyed with) the way some people comment without leaving an indication of their own sign. I might not respect the response of one sign over another. I’m particularly peeved because I’m an aquarius female, lol jk.

    Leave your signs people otherwise your post wont be considered relevant in my book. I need to see where each response is coming from.


  168. Oh, I hesitated to mention this… I’m engaged to a Virgo after 2 weeks of courtship. Virgo’s can seem somewhat spontaneous when they find what they knew they wanted/needed. My ability to articulate my desires and feelings (related to career, family, home, finances, sex, cleanliness, parties, etc.) set him at ease. He tells me we are perfect for each other. One thing that I should add, is that his parents passed when he was younger. So despite any quirk he may have (which I easily tolerate because I have my own), I cant deny that I feel the need to help him emotionally. This is normal for Aquarians (females esp) because we are very emotionally giving and empathetic. (To anyone that reads this, please keep in mind that we are great teachers so when we see you are “able” to learn we will teach you yet nurture you until that time) ANNNYWAY, I have had serious relationships with the following signs in this order, Scorpio, Leo, Taurus, Aquarius (the longest), and Geminis. I’m kept lingering by Libras but I find them too sensitive at times. I noticed someone had mentioned before that Scorpios and Aquarians do not get along well at all. I’d love to know your sign buddy. My father is a Scorp, my first love was, and my roommate is. Scorpios and Aquarians also have an unspoken communication. Scorps are very perceptive, sensitive although they are prone to fits of rage. One thing that fascinates Scorpios, is the Aquarians ability to detach itself from a problem and get over things most easily. Another is that both signs like to get down and dont mind doing it anonymously, if you know what I mean. So, this is directed to you BUDDY, if you do a little more research you will find that each sign secretly wants to be more like the third sign that follows them. FOR EXAMPLE: Scorpio, Sag, Cap……AQUARIUS and so on. I’ve used this to manipulate people at times, especially the easy Gemini. 😀 Whhooops. Love it.

  169. OK..Sorry to be blunt, dont want to turn this forum into a sex topic, but the sex thing blows me away, I want to add that i have never enjoyed sex so much in my life. I get so out of control that it frightens me, cos as an Aqua, I like my control, at first I use to hold myself back from complete loss of control but my virgo man picked that up immediatly, Im not that transparent no one else ever noticed, but he seemed to know. When I am about to have one, he demands that I let myself go in such a demanding way, now WOW, His ways with that demanding request and for him to know that I was trying to hold back makes me have an ogsm in such a way that I never thought was possible for me (possible for water guns;)… Go Virgo Man, I probably would have never let complete go if it wasnt for him. Trust me once you have let go completely once, you will always know how! I cant get over how he has such control over himself cos My Virgo can go on and on until Ive had enough, that can be the whole nite at times. and whats also Hot is that its all about me when it comes to the bedroom;)

  170. anyone 2 help with my issue?!

  171. Hay Aquawoman, I don’t think you a bad person to get in touch with your Virgo without your friend knowing, the worst would have been not to get in touch &always be wondering what could have happened. I think one should always go with their instincts in a situation like this.
    My Virgo is very shy as well, in fact I met & spoke to his photographer on Sat that knows him for ages. He said that he can’t believe how shy my Virgo is considering his past profession (he was a stage dancer &ramp model), I said but don’t U just love that about him, he said yes it’s great that a person of his stature is not arrogant. They are very shy but not in an obvious way, I too believe that Aqua woman are shy, although we cover up very well, maybe too well that it can be perceived incorrectly, maybe a bit egotistical/proud cos we don’t like to show our weakness/insecurities. Sometimes people think i’m a cold person.
    Virgos to me seem a bit stubborn(although some don’t like to admit it) but also Aquarius woman, so it can take long to get to a point and maybe thats why he seems blocked.
    I also ran after my Virgo, I felt I had no choice, I was curious to know him more and I felt he struggled to approach me. He once told me that he always had issues in the past where woman felt intimidated by him &he couldn’t approach or initiate a conversation & chat up a woman, so it was difficult for him to find someone. But that makes me feel secure that he is not a player. Although I find I sometimes need to be approached about his feelings and what he wants from me as im constantly questioning his motives in my head.
    You need to find out what he wants, thats the only way to get confirmation and to be at ease. Mine too seems blocked, we where kidding around and I said “you are so lucky to have me” hehe, anyway his response was “Not Yet lucky” as if he doent have ‘have’ me yet he also always mentions “time will tell” I thought we where there already, why we need more time? and the usual me questioned that response over &over and figured, that because im still going through a divorce (the divorce settlement been going on for almost a year now with a Gemini who is MAD) I think he believes to actually have ‘me’ I would have to have this whole divorce thing done with etc. fair enough ..But his blocked emotions phase me, I know my virgo doesn’t have realtionships just for the sake of having one, that’s what he said, I think they might be very serious about their relationships once they know it’s real. So maybe your virgo will find it hard to accept that he is leaving to another place and could fall for you because it might be serious. They difficult to read! Thats why we here I guess hehehe. I empathize!!!! Guess we need a Virgo mans opinion about this..

    But I think u need to find out what he wants and if it takes you to run after him then so be it, there is no shame in that. You are confident enough to admit an attraction, they like assertiveness we have as they lack it. The only shame is not knowing what you could have had.
    Well good luck! let me know how it goes.

  172. and he tells me a talk a lot, looking at my long posts, think he is right.

  173. 🙂 thanks aquagal
    Did u really chase ur virgo? How did u do that? please tell me!
    I had the feeling mine wanted me 2 reassure him… He is really shy, but he wasnt at all with me, at least not at first,, when he was giving me his im leavin/2 comlicated speech. I felt he was really cold, almost as if he were doing it on purpose.
    How can I win such a man over?? I dont wanna be after him, hurts too much, with him always busy with his work 😦
    I dont call/text more often than he does, but I find myself constantly checking his BG and spying on him!!!
    How can they do that??? Just disappear and not give any news for long weeks!!!

  174. All the virgo guys out there, tell me why the hell would you forget (does a virgo ever forget anything) to stay in touch with someone if u care about that person? Not returning call/mail or only after a month (!!!) … how busy can you be at work and not even have the time 2 write 2 sentences in the body of an email!!!
    I would not even do that 2 someone I dont care about! 😦

  175. Hi everyone 😀
    I’m an Aquarius woman, I’ve been with my Virgo man who is 7 years older than me, 2 years before and it was amazing I loved him very much and he loved me.
    But our relationship was not that strong,because we didn’t understand each others need in a relationship and we didn’t meet often and we separated just before I was moving out of town. He broke up with me because (he said) he didn’t love me anymore. I wondered what I said that hurt his feelings..I got broken, and didn’t call him after that, I left him behind, and never get an explanation. Just then I understood how much I loved him, but it was too late, and I couldn’t forget his love, and I met other guys and they would do anything for me.

    Annnyway two years after we saw each other and it was like the two years didn’t exist, we just smiled to each other, and I felt that I loved him and he still love me. Sometimes, you just know when he loves you, I knew he was not that kind who just look at you like that, his feelings came from the depth of his heart. One month after I got his number (it’s a long story) text messaged him and just asked him how he was , he called me right away and was very happy!

    Right now we’re back together, I don’t know how, but we are. He had a good explanation for what happened, and I gave our relationship another chance, because I know he is honest .Our feelings are strong, and I just love him more than before! All this time we were away from each other just made us know our defaults that we were making, and what we need from each other, especially trust, and how much life was boring without each other. I know he’s no that good in talking about his feeling, so he always send me songs, and tells me to listen to the lyrics :p

    I love the way he acts like a child sometimes, the way he gets shy talking about his emotions hihi, and how good looking he is ,how he cares about me, how he make my heart beat just with a smile, that’s unusual for me! I’m used to be cold, and whatever a guy do for me, unfortunately it doesn’t touch me. This Virgo man makes me feel whole! NB! we are living in two different countries and I miss him so much!

    There are negative things also, well, I feel insecure and suspicious sometimes, and he doubts about my love for him. But I always think about the things he did and still do for me, and he is doing the same, he thinks about things I told him, we both know that we don’t lie and flirt just like that if it didn’t really mean a lot.

    Ciao ciao : ))

  176. aquawoman!

    Don’t get it personal. My Virgo man did that to, and “ignored” me for one week, at least i felt it like that, and I was angry on him, and told him that he would at least answer my messages. I asked him why he was so “absent” and he told me that I was right, he was, but that he always thought about me. I don’t like this habit in him. And I don’t find any explanation, can some Virgos be patient and tell us?

  177. virgo men do seem absent and distant? why is that?

  178. hey aquari
    ur story sounds like mine, the distance, the confusion, my suspicion and his doubts and well… the look that tells you much more than words would lol
    I think time will help (in ur case 2 y) And i just backed off. I know exactly what I want… HIM and he should know as well. I am afraid 2 send him the wrong signal by doing so, but I have no other choice. Those men always think, if the other is interested, she will stick around but at the same time they just end up taking you for granted.
    So, I wil just back off, it hurts, but less than being taken for granted

  179. I found this written by a nice virgo

    When a virgo is giving you the deep space cold treatment, you ignore it, you just go to him and talk to him (about whatever not too serious subject … but never about his attitude !!!!!),
    you talk to him once, he will grunt, you keep talking, he will answer but probably avoid looking at you. You insist and he will finally forget about the cold attitude. If you can talk about funny thing that will force him to laugh it will be like a flame thrower on the ice.

    You can also try to make him help you on something, as a virgo he cannot really say no to a call for help 🙂
    except if he wants to completely cut any relation with you. Other wise he would be too afraid to refuse his help to you and risk loosing you for good. He just want to make a point by being cold, and probably doesn t want to ruin everything. From what you posted a few days ago, the staring and closeness, are solid signs that he is fund of you. But he can still “punnish” you if he feels ignored.

    Oh yeah, and don t go talking to him about feelings, let it come to you for that, it might take time (6 months is not out of the question 😉 ) but eventually he will come.

  180. I’m a 31 yrs old Aquarius woman and met a Virgo guy (38 yrs) on Internet. Became very close soon and have kept in touch for 3 months now.
    Well, it feels like we would have known each other for longer. We haven’t met each other yet, since we lives miles apart. I broke up just last Summer, and so it’s been all right with me, to have some time on my own. But I think I would like to meet Mr Virgo in real life. I’m a realist and like to think things over. But there definitely is chemistry between us even though we’ve never even met! You can tell a lot by the way other one talks and I think I have quite a good instinct. I keep thinking of Mr Virgo constantly and the moments we will share together… 😉 maybe even more… 🙂
    It’s just that… Seems he’s faithful, loyal, respectful, healthy life habits… but he’s also very busy with his work and time can pass without me hearing from him.
    Now, as an Aqua, I really need my own time and space… but I would like more affection etc. Hmmm, makes me think, would I get easily bored if he was always there easily available, I think I would… 😉
    I’m just too aware how easy it is to cheat and play around especially on Internet nowadays… I just keep thinking if he has several affairs going on. I know I’m insecure and suspicious and I don’t like it. I just don’t want to get hurt. He has said I’m the only one, but I’m not sure, if I should believe him or not. How can you know that for sure? I’ve thought of leaving him be and be just friends, this takes too much energy out of me…
    I know I’m having an issue here and it would be wise to solve this issue with myself now, otherwise it just keeps coming back, I guess… I just keep thinking how could he be interested in me, as he is good looking and I’m quite average (well I think I’m beautiful but not a model though). I think he likes my heart and we really connect. He likes being so open with me. Everything we’ve shared so far has happened naturally. We are supposed to meet quite soon, but as a realist, I’m not even sure about that. He has said he wants to meet, but I guess I’m just too realist not to believe it until he has actually booked the tickets. Hmmmm, I think this is me just trying to protect myself from getting hurt.
    So, is there anyway to make sure if he is really serious about me? He has said he’s very confident about us. I don’t want to spoil this all being too jealous and suspicious, due to my own insecurity. Maybe I have to deal with this issue of my insecurity myself… Time will tell what will be our story. Just not to get too serious yet, but still stay open-hearted.

  181. and warm *hug* to u all… i really enjoyed reading all these posts and sure had many laughs 😀

  182. Btw, my 1st bf was Virgo too, born on the SAME DAY SAME YEAR as current Mr Virgo! When I found his birthday, first I didn’t know what to think! I was quite amazed! You see, my 1st bf was very shy, insecure, alcoholic and a bit violent too. I left him 4-5 yrs later.
    Current Mr Virgo seems to be very self confident, fatherly protective, responsible, strong will power, good sense of humour, outgoing, takes care of himself and ahhhh, very goodlooking (although to me nature matters more than looks).

  183. It was the most frustrating encounter 4 me, but having inside into a V’s mind definitly helps understand men… think Im gonna write a book about them (a luv story) hihiihi
    moooore posts!!

  184. I am Virgo man that ran into a Aquarius girl, nothing but the best time ever for the first fighting or anything..over nite she change completely like nothing ever happened…there is a friend of mine in the middle I think it made it worst..I do understand Aquarius female like things slow n very honest…when I talk to her now she said she never told me that thing she had told me.. she does not confuse me just make me wonder y she does it…for a good thing or a bad thing, she had told me she need her space she had told me how much she really care about me before…I know she backed off a lot maybe she is not trying to get hurt, I am not trying to take her for granted..

  185. Well I have a friend who is a virgo and he is deeply in love with his girlfriend who is a Aquarius.
    Though they do have rough times where they argue over anything then next thing you know there not talking to eachother.
    Its strange since they are so different,In every way.
    But for some reason they are so attracted to there differences.

    I am a Virgo and Ive been married to a beautiful Aquarius for 3 years.
    Being together as Virgo and Aquarius is VERY HARD!
    But no matter what people say about Virgo and Aquarius being together if you truly love them your always going to get through things.
    and Im sure everyone gose through them rough times.

    Sometimes it works sometimes it dosnt its up to how you think of it and what you think of eachother.

  186. Hey Sorry for my bad english just to let you know I am german.
    I am a virgo man and I have known a Aquarius girl for a very long time.
    We have been good friends for a long time but we then dissected to become more then firends.
    Our relationship is alot different form any other relationship I have ever had.
    A Aquarius women is not any women,she is carefree and enjoys ever part of life even when things go wrong they always look on the bright side.
    Me being a virgo and reading things about virgo and Aquarius makes me wonder if our relationship is going to work.
    I see this Aquarius women as a out going girl open minded and loves being around people,But she also has a stubborn fairy tale side of her which I can ever understand, she is so random in mood.
    I do believe a long run relationship with a aquarian women has a chance of working.
    We both are so different and argue over our differences but this is what holds us together.
    I like that about this aquarian.
    I cant help but Love this stubborn optimistic Aquarian.
    I Love our difference we learn new things from each other by that and I guess that makes it more interesting other then the practicing part of understanding.

    • Tom Kaulitz?

  187. i’m an aquarius gurl n i find it intriguing that most of the guys that ask me out r virgo guys…smtimes i’m like…wait ……i bet this guy is a virgo 2…n then coincidence: he really is a virgo……i smtimes believe in astrology cause sm things sound true…at least according 2 my experience….i read tho that aqua gurls n virgo guys are a bad match…surprisingly i’ve experienced otherwise…..for example my ex was a virgo n i say my ex only cause i broke it up….i didn’t feel ready 4 a relationship….n i prefer that to lying n saying otherwise…..he was really patient n really understanding…..most virgo guys r rafined n sensitive deeep least the ones i’ve known….tho i must admit that they have a strong “aptitude” 4 criticizing others :P…..but no1’s perfect i guess…..n i didn’t make it easy on him either to be honest….but he really tried…so i have nothing to say…..if the relationship broke it’s mostly my fault…..but i do believe that a virgo guy n an aqua gurl can make it together …..i see that many virgo guys, being so realistic n practical ppl, look 4 smthing else in a relationship meaning sm1 different fr the way they r…totally different…nevertheless they seem to also be looking 4 emotional security….that’s normal but sm aqua gurls have intimacy problems n r scared of losing their independence…..i kno i am to be honest ….but it can work as long as both are willing to put effort in the relationship n overcome sm of their fears….i guess u guys shouldn’t totally trust the stars but mainly urselves n kno what u really want n not be affraid to go for it.

  188. hey Im a Aquarius girl dating a virgo for 3 years
    To be honest I think the stars say it all that its true we are a bad match but its kinda weird since I cant seem to keep away from this virgo.
    He loves to joke though,which i found strange since viragos are very serious people.
    Its just he jokes way to much to the point were he hurts my feelings,though he never seems to mean it.
    This virgo guy keeps on me track though,he helps me stay on the line and shows me the so called business world, and I guess ive been showing him the fun side of life were its not all serious and he can relax.
    He counts on me to always be there for him no matter what which Im happy to do but he always wants me to be perfect.
    But we have moments were we would sit side by side and just tell each other all our worries thats where I fall for him more, We trust eachother so much.
    I was wondering if someone could tell me if it would work out…

  189. WEll, i’m a virgo girl and i’ve been dating my baby Aquariouse for almost a year now. I do believe to some extent we have outside influences from our friends to stay together, but in truth i’ve dated several other guies before him and never have i experienced a relationship of lasting friendship that sums up to the adventurouse experiences that we have shared and that are yet to come. Despite our bond, I have to admit that we do argue a lot. At the beginning of our relationship it was worse but getting to know each other better has allowed us to taim our arguments. We have come to respect each other and I do see us together in the future if not as partners we will be lasting friends. I believe and study astrology although more than anything i’d hate for it to get in the way… many of my readings have calculated to be true… but at the same time because of who I am I am determined to make this realtionship work.

  190. reading a lot of the blogs and trying to relate to each one the best i could… made me at peace.
    how arguing with your partner whether (s)he is a Virgo/Aquarius and your a Virgo/Aquarius…
    or being attracted to the one you love in a way you could for no other.. just made me think.
    it truly isn’t what the “book” says because it’s not written in stone… it’s what you both believe and think. If you’re too caught up in the relationship working or not… than your spending way too much time away from what you’re truly suppose to do… love your partner… believe and see what happens,

    good luck!

  191. SMILEY FACE – i have asked my virgo about this “wanting me to be perfect” thing cause he seemingly criticizes everything i do or am. he told me, that even though he knows he isn’t perfect, he wants to be and because he loves me, he wants me to be too. I’m not giving excuses for that, believe me, but he sounded sincere so I just responded – well maybe you should just say it nicer then. lol just wanted to to respond to that because it resonated so much with me.

  192. I like to go for good old fashioned chemistry.



  195. its_so_true!!!! I say to you… I say that your man is so typical virgo!!! Today I had almost the same argument with my virgo man, and he kinda told me the same thing. And I know 100% that his critizing ways are only there because he cares!!! becasue he criticizes himself in the same manner maybe to be perfect or rather maybe to try hard to live life proper in his own way! the intentions are GOOD no matter how he expresses it! the most important lesson of all here is that….we aquarians or what ever sign u may be you are here to learn ..therefore we are open to learn and realise that we all are different and how wonderful to be so open minded in life..and accept all types of people, You love him and you are evolving to learn and change and accept. I hope that made sence as I havent eaten and drank a glass of wine, LOL

  196. Aqua_gal_in_lust – EXACTLY. I am an aqaurius and I do believe we are pretty open minded and can accept many things that others cannot. I do love him and and open to change. change is good. plus he says plenty of complimentary things (more than critical things) that show me he does care and love me. I believe Virgos are helpers. they really want to help people. it’s not always in the traditional sense, but that is the underlying motivation: to help and get it right.

  197. Im a virgo girl who met an aqua man online last November. He lives about an hour away and came down to see me and we had a great time and the sex was amazing. Since then we have continued to chat online and sometimes text each other. He is divorced which ended quite horribly for him, with three children who he sees often. He often mentions coming down again and says that he only wants casual as he doesnt seem to have the time for a relationship, but it never seems to come off. He works as well and always seems to be busy. I feel that there is an attraction there because he will say things like hes missed me and we have some great conversations and he always asks me if ive met anyone yet, but I dont know whether hes scared of meeting again. We get on so well and I really like him. If I dont contact him then he always contacts me. Im so confused. What should I do because I really want him. Can anybody please give me some advice

  198. well.well.well.

    We are a smitten lot aren’t we?

    Add me to the bunch.I am CRAZY right now.
    Mostly because I don’t remember anyone stirring me the way he does.Mostly because I am so surprised by his aloofness and detachment,and I thought I was supposed to be the Queen of such.

    I am a Feb 14 Aquarian with a Virgo Moon.:)
    He was ALMOST a LEO at August 30 but is Totally a Virgo.
    You know when you like a guy but he likes you more and then he becomes annoying and that turns you off? Well,well,well honeys.
    This man keeps me craving for the “crumbs” he throws
    I am addicted.
    I have cleared out all tenants in the Heartbreak Hotel. He is the Last Man Standing.
    He approached me first and because of the age difference I declined,but ladies,do you know ANY Virgo who isn’t an avid gym freak therefore you KNOW the body is RIDICULOUS!…and this Aquarius woman is a walking HornDog!

    He is younger,considerably.
    He is the most focused and grounded thing I know.
    I am attracted to his shyness because as extroverted as I am,I am shy as well.YOU know what I mean sisters.
    I love the fact that he works hard at everything.I need a lesson in that.
    I love the fact that I LIVE for those sweet things he says or that soft touch.I can literally recall the first time he put his hands on my waist,my naked skin,for some reason his hands are always saying what his mouth cannot verbalize and I can SO relate to this because when I was his age I was the same way,it has taken years of self-exploration to know and understand my own patterns of behavior and why i was in relationships that were a waste of time.
    His PATIENCE is uncanny and makes him highly appealing to me,where others cannot wait or lose interest when they cannot get what they want.

    My mother (Sag) dated a Virgo man for 15 yrs.I grew up with him in our home so I feel like I have a leg-up on you guys only because I know the routine.Think of Beyonce.That girl wont sit down!She prob loves to have her schedule for the day and SHE’S the one who doesnt want to show affection for JAY-Z in public! He said in one of his songs” she loves the work more than she loves me”.
    Yeah I get frustrated when I feel like Im being patient to give him his space and he needs more!
    Yeah he’s critical and assholeish at times but I never respected the sugarysweet kinda guy who tells me what i want to hear.I am as honest as he is and the LOYALTY I saw btwn my mom and her beau was to be admired.
    They do like the same things over and over because they like their security to come from routine and habit.
    Me on the otherhand,I can’t be bothered with details…how tedious.
    I tried to break it off w him a month ago (just becuz someone else pissed me off and i was mad at men that day),that didnt happen.He agreed initially,then said it wasnt what he wanted.That’s when I knew he cared at least.
    I NEVER ran behind a man but I find myself feeling out-of-character becuz I need responses to my love and I feel like a 5 yr old when i dont get it.
    But like an earlier poster said,pulling back and waiting is the best thing for us to do.
    I even told him,look, you have stuff goin on,i have stuff goin on so i’m just gonna pull back….guess what?……he showed more interest…

    Now I know that because of our age difference we will probably not have a future together as husband and wife,because im ready and hes too young,but I hope to maintain the friendship if nothing else.

    He tries to be SO nonchalant and cool and I see right through it…just like my first crush in high school (Fine-ass Virgo who was too shy).

    You know why they like us right?

    We are SOME things they wish they could be.
    They are usually already beautiful (Beyonce) but they cannot lose control and we are open to it.

    We are dreamers and although they see it as a negative,they wish they had the will to stop WORRYING so much.

    I know that having a dog and a child shows him my unspoken dedication to family (he’s close to his mom) and responsibility.

    The sex: (devilish grin)

    you have to understand.
    i was seduced by a Leo in college.
    he was seven yrs my senior and was established financially.He loved taking me out and showing me off…just had a wandering eye….
    Such a history there……..
    But I spoke w him the other day and told him of my situation and how similar it is.

    Sex with Leos is voyeuristic.I feel like he was fighting for control and ultimately was out to please himself.
    Sex with my Virgo is so TENDER.
    Can I just say how SWEET they are? OMG
    I dont think much can make an Aquarian woman swoon,but let a Virgo man look at you the way he does during any intimate moment and those are the “crumbs” you LIVE for.With these men,its the NON-VERBAL communication that you will need to pick-up on and later come to love.

    He LOVES being clean! OMG,I am around women and my daughter all the time so when he comes around,fresh out of the shower and smelling like soap………Me Likey!

    (I’m gonna need my own blog…i am verbose.)

    In conclusion,lol,if you’re still with me,I dont know what the future holds but I live for the now and the current.Currently he is my only lover but he does not know this.It would scare him and put pressure on what we have.I dont see him often enough to feel the way i do,i just do!

    I have another Virgo suitor across the country and I love the words he showers on me about how I’m the woman for him.Hearing that from a Virgo makes you feel very empowered once you realize how picky they are.It is truly a compliment.And since they choose their words carefully,comments ,like that just melt me.

    I find the connectivity during sex to be a result of the intimacy beforehand.It’s not the focus of our relationship but we “gets it in” lol.Honestly,i have to pull back because we’re not together enough for him to fill my sexual needs alone.But I wish we were.

    SMH……this could go on and on…..

    YOu know how we do

    Live life! Love a Virgo today!

    so let it be written,so let it be done…….

  199. Wow 2_sheets_2_the_wind it sounds as tho you talking about My virgo.
    It really surprises me on how acurate the signs are when it comes to Character description. I was never one to believe or read horoscopes, but now I do believe that there is a lot of truth here.

  200. Virgo is born into a family where Mom is quite put out with Dad. In many instances, Virgo is born when the mother decides to have a much-wanted child. She then goes through the crisis of having to stay at home from work to take care of the kid. This mother begins to resent her husband, for after the child is born she can’t afford baby sitters since the family has just lost her income. Or, the Virgo child is born into a family where one more child is another financial
    responsibility that is added to an already heavy burden. The mother resents her position,
    and begins to question her husband’s ability to support his family. She not only criticizes
    her husband, but doubtless criticizes her own mother, her in-laws and the whole neighborhood. It isn’t too long before she gets around to criticizing the little Virgo as
    well. Because the mother is such a dominant force, the criticism that she offers is taken
    quite seriously by the child. The mother may instill in her child values that will also discourage Virgo from feeling
    comfortable in certain adult aspects of relationships. Often, the mother of a Virgo goes
    through an antisexual period during the kid’s infancy. She worries a lot about hygiene,
    and the normal functions of the body are often regarded with distaste. Mothers of Virgo
    infants have been observed to have extremely negative reactions to the job of changing
    dirty diapers. The Virgo male has a more difficult time of it. He is a mother-dominated child in an
    atmosphere where his father is criticized and rejected. As he grows up, he’s quite angry
    that his father is so incompetent. He feels that if his father were a better provider, his mother (the centre of his universe) wouldn’t be so unhappy. Consequently, the Virgo often works too hard on a job in order to prove he isn’t the ‘no-good’ that Daddy was, and
    he gets very angry when his work is not appreciated. The Virgo male can carry a great deal of
    resentment towards his mother. If she is really overpowering, and if she is intensely critical of him and his dad, the boy may not want to have any involvement with women at all; for every time he sees a woman he sees the characteristics of his mother. Men born into feminine signs have more trouble dealing with women than do their masculine sign counterparts. Because Mother ran the household, and seemed to be the ruler of the universe, it is more difficult for these men to converse freely with women;
    subconsciously, they think that women have ‘therpower’. When they learn that ‘the power’ is really related to the concept of the feminine principle, and that this power is in them and can be used in a material sense for building something in the material universe – whether the building is intellectual or physical – then they are free to see men and women as human beings. Until they reach an understanding of the masculine and feminine principles operating in the universe, they will over-listen to women. It’s difficult for them to have a disagreement with a woman; they can’t easily handle opinions from a
    woman, and they overreact to what she says. A woman may have no idea that the Virgo
    male is reacting to her in this way. She just notices that he’s too detailed, too involved in
    statistics, too involved in proving his points by quoting passages from all the books he’s read; and she can’t get a straightforward conversation out of him. If it happens to be a positive-sign woman (who wasnt to be respected in her own right by men in general) encountering a Virgo male, these two can engage in a most interesting argument, all based on the subconscious drives within them!
    ** There’s plenty more of that **

  201. Well I was married to dis Virgo man and had a child by him. At first we had LOTS of things in commin: How we grew up, what we like, the styles we like, food we like, things we hate, what we like to do, etc.
    We started going out…but dat boy turned out to be a constant LIAR. Its true, he had rough time growing up with his parents, like it said most Virgos do. He started cheating. Like the horoscope says, they tend to be revengeful/ grudgful. I havent cheated on him at all, but when I tried to say MAYBE we should get a seperation because he was always putting things before me and never there for me or my child. He started sleeping around and used that excuse to be a hoe. BUT he cheated on me before. Everyone said they feared him turning out to be like his Father, and thats what hes become.

    Its sad, my child dont even recognize him nor likes him cus he’s been gone doing “music” practices and deployments. I personally dont like to ever see him or hear from him again because he’s just real disgusting to me. Just thinking bout him makes me feel like throwing up. But Id be nice for my childs sake…even though my child dont even care for him.

    The thing is, Virgos are sweet and would try to please you. BUT they tend to be VERY grudgful, critical, revengful.

    It is true when they said, when both aquarius and Virgo do wrong, they tend to be at each others throats…

  202. WTH! why people believe so much in horoscopes. I believe, as long as you have trust and respect for your partner, there is nothing gona be bad. believing all this is crap .. 🙂

    honestly, you will never be able to at some point based on horoscopes.

  203. Virgo men are losers. I had a relationship with 2 of them, and both ended miserably. Their attitude is so ugly. They have such a negative approach to life and constantly lie. I was patient with both, but that doesn’t work. Why? Because they have a bad relationship with their father and that’s why they can never be a real man. Just like the father had control issues with the mother, that’s what Virgo men do. No matter what you do to please them, they are never happy. They are extremely sneaky and slick. You will never know what they are up to and if something happens, they will cleverly put it all on you so they can be free of guilt. Such ass holes and full of insecurities are virgo men. No thanks, I rather take any other sign than a virgo.

  204. I am an Aquarius female, who’s currently with a Virgo male in a serious committed relationship. So far, it has been the most honest, most affectionate, loving, intense, respectful relationship I have ever had. I didn’t realize chivalry and gentlemen still existed until I met my Virgo! Couple things I would like to point out though, after reading everyone’s comments…

    I have always been a fan of Virgo’s. This is the 2nd Virgo I’ve been in a romantic affair with. The 1st Virgo romance experience was wonderful, but just couldn’t continue because we live on opposite ends of the world and didn’t see when or where we would or could ever actually have a real relationship. Yet we still love and respect each other very much. I have also always had a lot of Virgo friends, particularly males. I don’t know why but I’m just very attracted to the Virgo male intellect and wit. We are always on the same “wavelength” even if we are on different planets.

    Your sun sign is NOT the only thing that exists! You also have your rising sign, moon sign, etc etc. All of these different parts of your chart shape who you are likely to be, and how you will match up with someone else. So the Aquarius/Virgo relationship can be influenced by what your other sign compatibilities are within each other’s charts. For example, although the Aquarius/Virgo sun sign relationship may not necessarily be “a match made in heaven” it might still work because your moon signs are magnetic matches. It really all depends, so don’t jump to conclusions as to why your relationship works/ doesn’t work. And of course, upbringing, core values, childhood.. all have an impact on one’s personality!

    As an Aquarius, I do have a lot of the typical Aquarius characteristics. I’m an artist at heart, I’m spacey, stubborn, opinionated, bisexual (just very open and unconventional towards lots of things) “in my own world,” and LOVE MY SPACE. My Virgo boyfriend is more “realistic,” opinionated but not as stubborn, can be very critical, prioritizes (in a good way – i always come first!), approaches things in a very methodical way, traditional, and needs a feeling of security. Of course we clash in a lot of ways. I often find myself fighting about things with him that I normally would never fight about. EVERYTHING is important to him.. whereas I always look at the long run so I tend not to focus on tiny details. Sometimes I come off as uncaring. BUT, we are very good at communicating how we feel, so we make each other understand where we are coming from. COMMUNICATION IS KEY! I’m not usually the emotionally outspoken one, but my Virgo is very emotionally expressive which in turn, makes me more expressive. We talk a lot, and aren’t afraid to confront each other. What keeps us level-headed is our mutual respect and will to understand each other. He can sit and listen to me for hours while I blab about my craziness. He might not understand or agree with everything, but he will still accept me for who I am.

    I also think our compatibility has a lot to do with our moon signs. My moon is Scorpio, which is very much the opposite of Aquarius. In that sense, I think it makes me not so extreme in my personality. I can also be extremely emotionally sensitive, very protective of my feelings, very intense about things… I brood a lot, I get “emo” and very “dark.” But I think it helps me be a little more grounded and the Scorpio side of me enjoys the security which Virgo brings. He always reminds me how he feels about me, and it gives me such a feeling of comfort and security which I often crave. His moon sign is Leo, making him a very warm, passionate and affectionate person, and also is a good counter to the often “boring and one-sided” portrayal of a typical Virgo. My Virgo is definitely not boring. He’s full of pleasant surprises and loves to keep things interesting. He’s a total giver.

    And can I just mention that sex with this Virgo and the last Virgo were both amazing? Giving in bed and always making sure I’m completely satisfied and exhausted. Whoever said Aquarius are boring or awkward in bed? Well… maybe it’s my dark and sensual Scorpio side that brings that part out of me 😉

    I know this was a long comment, but all in all, the Virgo/Aquarius relationship can be determined by so many factors… and first and foremost, you must have open communication and mutual respect to make it work! My Virgo and I are madly in love with each other and hope one day to get married. I know it’s a challenging relationship, but it’s totally worth it in my eyes!

  205. hi i found this thru google .

    niways, im an aquarius woman and in a relationship with a virgo guy that’s one year younger.

    we dated for abt 10 months before we make it official . and that official status started out with sex . – and yea sex was great .

    he’s a workaholic since he’s doing something he really loves doing – fitness trainer .
    he’s not really controlling meaning he gives me ample of space to do my own things . which sometimes bugs me cox i definately need a lot of attention from him .

    im truly in love with this man . yes, he gets angry over small things at times but he always manage to say apologise after i drill him down with “what the hell u were tinking, do u tink wat u did is rite” guilt trip. he wants to be right all the time btw, so it’s always me giving in if the matter’s not a big thing really .

    im hoping this relationship will work out . and i believe even how many readings said that aquarius-virgo relationship doesnt really work, im hoping to beat the odds .

    cheers everyone !

  206. Virgo’s are one of the most complex signs but how boring if we had met someone who is the same, I know I love a challenge of minds. They say us Aquarius think life is to short to spend with one person, thats true if its a boring easy match. Go Virgo, you have kept me keen and curious.

  207. iM a virgo n My GirlFriend is An Aquarius n she is fckn Sexy yo. iDont mean to turn this into sum sex thread but it is jaw droping she is fckn sexy she can do evrythinq n lets me do everythinq iwant to her she says she liked to be controlled. but relanshonship wise are great we work thru the problems we do have which is not many.

    she can work my nerve here n then but idont ever want to let her go. when we do argue we make up and then have sex lol she is the best thing by far i have never had. she is not jealous she is beauiful,caring,did ii mention beautiful. anway she is a keeper.

  208. I am an Aquarius female, and I have been with my virgo male for 7 months. It has been a rollercoaster of a relationship to say the least … but nevertheless, no matter how picky and critical he gets I just can’t seem to let him go.

    Before I met mr virgo, mainly all the guys that were interested in me were virgos. But my mr virgo, is the most beautifulest by a mile.

    We argue quite alot .. usually about petty small things that I wouldnt usually flinch an eyelid at.. but of course to my virgo … its a mountain that cant be moved. Yes, he is a perfectionist .. while he remains grounded and pessimistic, I remain up in the clouds and optimistic so its a constant battle of beliefs .. its just a case of finding the balance I guess.

    Stubborness is abit of an issue too. I often fear that if I didnt call him or initiate any contact after we depart from having a disagreement, just how long he could actually last without calling me at all.

    He says I am perfect for him, but that I am in a lil bubble of my own. I know this irritates but at the same time intrigues him. He says he loves the way I am so confident, smart and beautiful, and help him boost his ego. He is smart too, we definetly have some interesting and conflicting debates .. .but sometimes they can get abit too heated. I feel my virgo is not really an ideas person and sticks to what he knows alot of the time. Which leads to me being frustrated … a build up of tension between us always leads to some mind blowing sex!! …. Then it starts all over again.

    I do love him though, I can count on him to be faithful and loyal, and when I do finally call him hes always happy to hear from me, even after an argument. I can tell hes falling for me hook line and sinker.

    I do wish he was abit more romantic though … and adventurous. I find I take the lead a litte more than i’d like… especially in the bedroom. But hes always compliant. lol

    In a sense, I love my moody virgo .. I can tell that when we’re having arguments, simply by the soft glint in his eye when he looks at me that he loves me….but he just cant help his detailed picky moany rants. But, if I reach over and give him a hug and a big sloppy kiss, he rarely refuses. Then, if I take it a step further he’ll be more than happy to please.

    The sex with my virgo is the most passionate i’ve ever experienced .. and sometimes i’m worried that thats whats got me hooked. He gives..hands down, the most enjoyable sex I could ask for. He is the best kisser too. He loves to please, and I love to praise him.

    I dont think my virgo ever will be truly secure deep down. Hes suffered alot of rejection in his past and as a result has trust issues. I try and diffuse the situation though, by being affectionate and showing him how much I love him.

    I hope we last, I think we could if I continue to try to understand him rather than put him down if I see something I dont like. And, my trick seems to be working so far – softening all the bitter touchs with a bit of unconditional love and physical affection. My virgo loves it!

  209. I am an aquarian guy and dated a virgo girl few years back. We were alike each other and also we went well when we talked on phones. she was easily out going girl and I really liked her. THe only problem was at times I thought she neglected me. Before I told her about my feelings we moved away because of my silly msg and i regret it now. I just wanted to know that whatever i read in astrology she was quite opposite to that…not intelligent, needed space, easy going… How could we be same or was she pretending?

  210. I’m an Aquarius girl and I’ve dated a Virgo guy for a while.Intellectually,I’d say they’re pretty much on the same wavelength,albeit obstinacy dominating in discussions.
    The sexual chemistry is ok,not sizzling but can-do-with.Actually,Aquas thrive on change and creativity and sometimes Virgos can be sooo routine,even in the sex dept,they tend to turn Aquas off(no generalisation intended)
    They’re both honest,straight-forward and caring individuals though.On the whole,I’d say a short-term affair is ok,if you just can’t resist it,but a long-term relationship may prove really troublesome and not-workeable…

  211. Yet another human being brought to this page via google, this time a Virgo male completely enraptured by an Aquarian female 🙂 And all I can say is that I simply love her and can’t get enough of her, she tends to confuse me in such a nice way, that I always wonder what will be the next thing she’ll pull from up her sleeve. Basically all her solutions would take me ages to come up with, she just sparkles with brilliant ideas and does everything in her own way and I adore her to bits for it. Still, we’re alike in many ways and we understand one another, we both tend to make fun of ourselves and find each other very addictive.

    Time flies so fast when we’re together and it moves so slow when we’re apart, we can talk for hours on any subject – well, kinda as we’re rather switching the topic like five times in a single minute. There’re simply no dull moments whatsoever. Also, there’s something cute about all our conversations, she gives really special touch to them like when she pulls down her pink sock, folds it and with saying that she has to polish me a bit she starts rubbing me smooth and nice.

    We’re so madly in love completely smitten with each other but we at the same time we’re like friends too, we get easily carried out and it’s quite a common thing that we just start joking around and teasing each other – now, that’s what puzzles me a bit, as it often occurs during the most intimate moments as well and it sort of resembles the topic-switching, ubiquitous in every aspect of all the moments we share together, but here it feels sort of… erm.. unusual to say the least, as we often end up rolling around on the bed, cuddling, poking, chasing each other and so on only to realize that it’s 3 am yet again and it’s way past our bedtime 🙂 Anyway, is this normal, does this happen with anyone here too? And if so, any hints to keep it a tad more serious? The sex is great (who would guess 🙂 ) it just doesn’t happen too often. That said, I’ve never been so happy in my whole life, seriously.

    P.S. forgive my poor English; hope you’ll take the time to reply

  212. What a great thread!! lucky to have found this webpage and it makes me understand that although opposite signs, there are a lot of happy couples here. I hope you aqua girls here can give me some valuable comments on how to make mine sucessfull

    Im a virgo male 26 moon sign aries presently completely smitten by a beautiful aquarius female 24 born feb 1 moon sign capricorn. Well I to be completely frank I love her to the core and I wish I could marry her. I know i sound crazy, but this is the first time in my life im acting and feeling this way. We have met a couple of times. But we have never spoken to each other yet. Recently found that she and I have a common friend who is very close to me as well as her. He knows all about my crush and he told me all about her background and also agreed to help me meet her at his house party.

    Now, Im really scared of asking her out because I think she might reject me. I am not a bad looking fella.. but how do I get her to like me?? what does is the best way to gain her trust and make her realise im a genuinely interested in her. I heard all about her from my friend and found that we have many similar tastes but I would like to know what really makes a aquarius goes nuts for you. Please help me with your kind comments and suggestions.

  213. Quick Question: I am smitten by a virgo male (He is everything I always wanted). For about 2 years we would always exchange initmate glances. I waited to long to tell him how I feel. Is there anyway to get him back?

    Thanks for the help

  214. Virgo guy needs attention and that aquarius girl sometimes has so many friends that it bothers him, but he has his friends too. He just, is a bit selfish with his time with the girl he loves. In all honesty….

    the only thing that drives these two together, no matter the horoscope and the differences…

    is true love.

  215. I am Aquarus i am proud adn storborn like my bf how is a virgo.we love each other very much. but thing is we live miles part. we are different region but i dont mind. he is virgo and i have read that it is the worse match for me, but it the communciation off says we are fine. when we work get other way we are both wanting the best and more. i know a man sould show commitment and effort in relastionship he does. to other virgo men come across as loving them selve to much. we both have symiarts and differences. when aquarius woman fall in love they fall bad for virgos.

    my firend tell me im clever in for a aquarius woman,but find it hard to find love sexy doesnt mean anything to me.I argue with one part of the reading that they work with commucation and understand. i love virgo man so much but friend worry about me as i very gullable. but she the world from the outside and not inside.there are differnet child of people in world what ever star sign my be but will be different because of there up bringing. show a girl fight for he love and also me. if you cant fight for you love in a relastionship. why what is the point in being togehter. aquarius woman find it hard to let go of there loved ones and when they lose someone go in break down and will be storborn evern more.

  216. i found this sign when i was having a arguement witha best friend over my virgo bf. we have been together 7mouths know and love each other so much we can bare being apart be communcate each day and do argue ove silly think and do make up. i could never leave him even through people tell me to.I find virgo man very sexy and great in bed and out out of bed when just chilling and they send time with you. they seem to be romantic which aquarius woman go mad over i am aquarius woman and very romanic for a girl. we keep each other entertain by letter, text, cam, see each other ,every thing i wasnt in my man if he can show how he fells inside then what the point. but with my virgo man he does show feeling and emotions, i hate then people say virgo man love them self to much to love anyone else whe the fact is that everyone can love them selves i agree with the reading online how read between the line in the middle of the bos not out side not in in the middle. i love my bf because he help me solve issue when i can solve then that quick.

    someone can you help me me and by bf live in different part of the world know im in the uk he is in algeria and friends are worried about me because they know how kind hearted i am. they are worried that that i will do something stupid.they think he is after a visa to come to the uk. think is he doesnt want o live in the uk he hates it know. but i can live with out him im going mad and i dont know what with myself.I respect him adn i am going to algeria because i love him, but he thing is if he really loves me he would come, he get jelous but it in this nature and my virgo man soooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  217. Hello , Happy Fool’s Day!

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    Now it was the turn of Shlomo to ask a question.
    “Youre from Texas, so what about your farm?” asks Shlomo.
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    “That’s too bad,” says Shlomo. “I once had a car like that.”

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

  218. Heyhey, this is my first time here, and I’m very glad I encountered this site!

    I’m an Aquarian girl, but really attracted to this Virgo boy, and I can tell he likes me back too. When I read through the compatibility of Virgos and Aquarius, I gotta say I was pretty discouraged, but after reading your responses, I was so happy!

    I’ve been wondering about something. They say your Rising is how you act and etc. I’m a Taurus rising, and I only just realized he was a Gemini rising. So does that mean we are only attracted to our outer personality?

    Should I ask him out? Or should I lay low and wait? I not very fond of short-term relationships.

    Thanks for reading. 🙂

  219. How come there’s so much about Virgo males and Aquarius females?

    What about Virgo women and Aquarius men?!?

    Someone should shed some light on that…

  220. Im an aqua girl & hes ive been messin wit him.I ddnt noe he had a gurl till he told me lata which pissed me who,he still wants 2 mess wit me cuz he says she cheats on him bt he”luvs her”<-fuq outta hea.i dnt feel rite dewin dha cuz I wud neva cheat on sum1 I luv evn if dey were cheatin cuz I wud dedit kinda needy wen it cums tew luv bt i cud live w/o it.I dnt show him how much I liek him,dnt wna stroke his he seems to cancel on his gurl to cee me.cud dat mean hes leaving her?

  221. Hi All….partilly i read all the comments.
    Im Aquarius in love with Virgo man. Honestly speaking from my observation base on my analysis..actually Virgo and Aquarius can be together. The Virgo need to change little bit of what in them exspeacilly the ego, sturborn and so called attitude the “know everything”.
    As Aquarius, i have changed of myself…for him….and im still want him regardless of what the horoscope said. If the Virgo can changed little bit of his attitude for me…and pay attention on my curiosity about him…answer me then i think i will have great love together.
    There is one comment saying that Aquarius is not good in sex…well that not true….But Yes..Aquarius attarcted with virgo for a intelent reason too

  222. What up yall. My name is E. Im a virgo male and for some reason I cant pull myself away from this aquarius girl. We started out working together and in the beginning we were both attracted to each other but for certain reasons we detatched and attatched 2 each other over a number of months. When we were able to connect to each other it was really strong, at least on my end. We been friends for 2-3 years we had our ups and downs. But I was always more attracted to her then she was me. Months ago my mother died and she was the 1st person to come to my side. Things got physical but no sex. Connection was strong tho. It happened again and got pretty intense but I held back because I didnt want her to think sex was all I wanted. Since then I havent seen her. Been about 6 months but we damn near talked everyday. With some more ups and downs of course. Right now we’re down. Almost below sea level if u know what I mean. She just wants to be friends, I want more but not a commitment. Like I said we use to talk everyday. The problem is she is very closed off and bitter towards men because of past relationships. I want to be friends as well but the type of friends that can talk about anything. I understand you can force it but she means alot to me and I want her to open up to me. Maybe in more ways then one. Ive jus got into astrology and horoscopes and I believe some things are true and false. Apparently virgo and aquarius arent a good match. Possibly not even as friends. Im finding that out the hard way! But I cant let her go for some reason. When we get into I do catch feelings, dwell and get very detailed and nit pick at alot. But im aware of that and admit to it and try to change it but by astrology standards its my nature and she hates it with a passion! Im trying and willing to let go of the emotional attachment that I have with her for the sake of the friendship but easier said then done. Theres a connection but might not be enough to keep the friendship together let alone anything more. But I want her BAAAAAAAAD! Outside of that she has been a good friend. Way more good convos then bad but when they get bad they’re really bad! Should I try harder to put my natural instincts aside to be this girl’s friend, and hope maybe 1 day her feelings change? Still ignore my instincts and concentrate on the friendship which I’ve been doing? Let things run their nature course regardless of the outcome? Or jus live and let die? This girl means the world to me but I hate confrontation and they’re becoming more frequent. But she has a hold on me! Any guidence is welcome. Please? By the way, my birthday is Sept. 13, 1986. Hers is February 17, 1988. Excuse the spelling and the grammar. Im kind of rushing. Thank you for your comments!

  223. Hi E 🙂 an aqua girl here feb 15.), recently “involved” with a virgo alpha male.

    What do you mean by wanting her badly? For friendship and sex, but not commitment? Losen up your commitment status…relax…its either black nor white…and this girl witt probably not hold anything against you if your honest….Love – two people melting their body, mind and souls togehter to see if this is their path. Both virgo men Iwe meet said the same thing on the first “date” – I am not looking for a relationship. ?!?! heeey! shut up n dont destroy the magic of the moment and how the hell do you know what tomorrow brings? I understand the virgos need to be sure, to know if he can give what he wants into a relation, to know if both he is good enough and she is what he dreams of. But don’t destroy the magic on the way… I am far from my sisters when it comes to relationships and commitment. My spirit is as free as yours (if not more) and I will give everything to let your spirit be as free as mine. My heart smiles if you say black today when yesterday was white…never take away our freedom to change our mind, as the mind is lucid and ever changing.

    As i know us agua girls we either accept a platonic lover relationship where feelings is not involved or a committed love (then deeeep or nothing) relationship. Love is very important for an aqua, but we do not commit easily. We can hang out and be fully open, devoted and loving but it takes a few years of growing a relation to know if the aqua girl really knows that this is her man. Well, she also knows it the first moment she lay eyes on him, but she can forget it during their talks or sexual lacts and turn the whole relation into an illusion. Aquas are devoted but sensitive enough to hold back with a man that does not seem to want something deeper. She will then serve you only bits and pieces of what she really is. And you will linger, wondering if she likes you or not. She wants you to see straight through her, and she want you to know from your minds eye whom she is for you.

    On the other side it seems like the kind of commitment that both virgo and aquas seek are similar. They just need some good old open communication to figure it out. Virgo men and aquas (I think for both sexes) are of all the signs the once that are single for longer periods in their life. Both signs picky, into details and super perfectionists. Virgos more into small things and aguas have more patients with the smaller details as they are busy figuring out the universal laws. Light-years in front of their calm virgo which is still analyzing the past. But she loves him for taking time to go into the details and that he grounds her.

    I to feel a strong, primal and deep connection with this virgo. Its like he stirrs up my very roots and reminds me of what I have forgotten about in my life, my core beeing. Great communication and sex that grows on every act. its pure lovemaking not sex…

    E – I think you should let go of your fear, surprise her, find out how to evoke her interest from her dreamy and fairytale perspective of life. Go through her roots, she melts easily if she loves you. We love fearless spontaneity, its sexy. Go through her head, we turn on mentally before physically.

    Iwe meet this virgo few weeks ago, spent only few days together but have gone through many chapters of life, of our inner and outer worlds and psychical chambers – its a blessing. BUT my biggest fear is that he will use so much time in absence that I will grow bored and be over him when he first finds out that this is something he wants to look more into. (I can be patient but needs a certain amount of action in my emotional life to keep my interest up)

    Honesty, fearless emotions and truth awakens the heart of an aqua girl 😉 I believe a virgo male and aqua woman can grow a strong and deep love relation. Good luck!

  224. I don’t know why some of you can be negative about an Aquarius & Virgo relationship. I’m with a Aquarius girl, yeah she’s outgoing, cheerful and man..she’s the girl I love with all my heart, we’ve been knowing each other for about a year or so, first we started as friends but got a bit too friendly and we went out…things happened and we broke it off but our friendship bond is strong and we stayed as friends. Then we went at it again, is a weird relationship but I have strong feelings for her and she does as matter who else we date after the break ups we always come back to each other, we never fight, if she ever does anything she knows I wont start a fight, we’ll talk and figure things, if I do something we talk it out…and she knows how I feel about her, I try to be open about my feelings and she tells me how she feels as well(just trying to keep a good and healthy communication) Now we’re only teenagers she’s 16 and I’m 17 so our teenage ways come out but also is stupid to believe what astrology says, I wont accept it or see it as true when it comes to the relationships, I believe if your love is strong and the bond strong enough that you believe you’ll make it then you don’t need to look up at the stars to see if you can or cant be with the one you love..

    I honestly don’t know why people look at this thing, I only found this b/c the girl I love send me the astrology of our signs relationship and I told her I wouldn’t believe this b/c is wrong, we started off pretty nice as friends and lovers.

    I say fuck what this crap says. (excuse me for the language)

    And for all you who want to date a Virgo or an Aquarius, go for it! not all Virgos or Aquarius are all alike 🙂

    By the way, it has to do with a person’s personality as well.

  225. 😉

  226. Hi, i am an aquarius women, i have a problem with my virgo male… We have been a couple for about 6 months now. Currently its so hard to make him reply my messages.. Even if he reply, maybe once in a day, saying, “please dun get sick, eat well”.. Can anybody tell me, is this mean that he doesnt like me anymore or what? Tq.

    • Well, I’d ask him face to face why he doesn’t feel you’re worth the 10 seconds it would take to reply. I don’t know if him not talking to you means he doesn’t like you anymore or not, only he does. So ask in a casual way, what the deal is.

  227. I’m an Aquarius woman, dating a Virgo man for almost 8 months now. We’ve hit a few bumps in the road, and although we’re both extremely set in our ways and stubborn, we always work it out by fixing the problem, or simply agreeing to disagree. I can safely and honestly say we’re in love, and this is the happiest relationship I’ve been in.

    That being said, please don’t take all of the stuff about sign compatibility completely to heart. Aquarians are supposed to match up quite well with Gemini- I dated one for 2 1/2 years, off and on, and I’ll just say this: never again.

    If you truly love someone, you’ll put in the time and effort to try and make it work. Good luck with your relationships.

  228. I really do not understand why discussing something as compatibility between signs!!!!
    There is so much more in astrology then the sun sign and there is no good or bad compatibility but what are the lessons for every one of us what we have to learn in this life time. So, first thing to look for is natal chart (your own birth chart) There you can see/found what kind of people suits you or you attract. Next step is to compare charts with astrological method synastry. Then you have more insight in what is exactly going on and why. Do never look only to the sun sigh when choosing a relationship.

  229. I just got with an Aquarius female on October 9th 2011, it is nothing short of heavenly. Even before our relationship we got along like we had known each other for a lifetime. There are exceptions to the general opinion on how it’s supposed to work out. Not everyone is alike. I will never leave this girl and I know it. She provides me with the excitement and ingenuity I need to find fun in this life and really relax. She takes me away from my boring planning. Please do not let yourself give up on your Virgo man Aquarian women. If you try for a Virgo, he will try for you.

  230. Hi Guys, been reading most of these.. very interesting. I’m a Virgo male.. and my Father is a Virgo male too – in fact he’s the most typical old school Virgo you can meet – I rebelled against him in my youth as I found him too critical and he worries far too much, but I’ve found as I’ve grown I have many virgoan traits – I try to focus on the positive ones and do something about the negative ones. I recently met an Aquarian girl – whoa! She’s 10+ years younger than I and after we exchanged numbers – SHE did all the chasing, initially. Because she works away for short periods we’ve only met a few times.. and always end up in bed! In fact 80% percent of the time we’ve spent together has been in HER bed (she won’t stay in mine!) I’m more confident than she is, & I know this isn’t something she does all the time (pick up guys).. BUT I can’t seem to get into her heart or her head, only her bed! She just seems so cold/detached and I’ve read that Aquarian girls can be like that.. The thing is I’m halfway between intrigued and fascinated because she is so different to me. I too, find my typical compatibles boring.. cancer, taurus etc.. and the crazy, unpredictable, Aquarian has got me hooked!! She’s already said she doesn’t want anything serious, but I know she’s been hurt in the past.. is it worth me persisting? I always respect her freedom and give her plenty of space. If she doesn’t reply to a text or return my call, then I REFUSE to try again.. but she always does get back to me, but maybe days later or at 3 in the morning!! I am a typical organised, logical Virgo (except I’m crap with money).. I also have a best-female-friend who is Scorpio (and they just DIDNT hit it off) and most of my friends are female. She too has many friends of the opposite sex and I’m willing to trust her.. not sure if she trusts me though?! I know my Venus is Libra whereas hers is Aquarian, so maybe we r matched ONLY in physical attraction and maybe that’s fizzled out too now.. we haven’t been in contact for days.. & the last time we met, she was brrrrr cold!! I have a present planned for her birthday which is coming up – but if that fails to light her up once again, then I quit!! AQUARIAN GIRLS – ANY TIPS???!!

  231. Ceebeejeebee: Tell her that you love her, might scare the crap out of her but she will think it through and see if you are really someone she wants to be with. Good luck!

    • Thanks! Actually, my hard work and patience paid off! She is now my girlfriend and we are very happy together!! 🙂

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  233. I am an aquarius woman with a virgo fiance. Him and I were best friends for 5 years, we were crazy about each other and most of our relationship was long distance because of his step dad being in the army. Mind you both our lives have been very difficult, we have both been plagued by abuse, trouble with our fathers, we grew up struggling, though my life has been a cake walk compared to his. I have a cancer moon and scorpio ascendant, which makes me much more sentimental and emotional then the average aquarius, and much more money minded as well. I don’t know what his ascendent or moon is but I can tell you that he is analytical, but not as clean obssessed as most typical virgos he is very practical though and knows so well how to take care of me because I do possess the genral crazyness of an aquarius. And passion? There is no lack of that between us. We are both crazy about each other and show it as well, we need and breathe each other deeply. I don’t know if its because I’ve ignited this in him, because he said he’s never been like this in any of his other relationships, maybe its because we had such a connection with in the first few days that we met, maybe because we have both had to struggle and fight for what we want, maybe our experiences connect us. But at the end of the day, if you want to go by astrology, I say check his moon and rising sign as well and see if its compatiable with yours, but regardless, a relationship is about how you are both willing to compromise for each other, make each other happy, and love each other.

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