Posted by: ayakoaya | March 10, 2007

I puked twice and went to my sister’s wedding party anyway

I puked twice and went to my sister’s wedding party anyway.

I puked once last night at my going away party, and then one more time this morning (hana hou!)

oh man. i hate tequilla. but somehow i ended up with 2 shots of those last night. tequilla STILL = guaranteed puke for me.

i was also coming down with a cold at the end of my very last day of work at Help Desk. I am surely going to miss the people a lot. My throat was starting to get sore by 4 yesterday, but I went to the party anyways. Thanks to Eric for planning it. I had fun, even though I puked.

I almost ended up skipping out on the wedding party this morning just cause I woke up with a sore throat, mean headache, and then puked again. My nose was all stuffy and runny too. But then I realized this is my sister’s wedding party and I really had to go. I showed up late, but I’m glad I went. The party was at The Oceanarium, located in the Pacific Beach Hotel. The buffet was a brunch, so I had mahi, eggs benedict with salmon, fruits, waffles, and some other things. It was very good and I ate slowly, and didn’t feel too sick at all. It was a nice time, though I felt kinda out of it. At least my headache and nausea had disappeared by the time I got there. The sore throat wasn’t so bad since I took Kris’ advice and gargled with vinegar in the morning when I woke up.

Thanks to kris for driving me home, cause i don’t even remember the car ride or getting into bed. I just woke up and was like: wow. How’d I get here? my last memory was leaving Karaoke Hut to go to the car, and walking through muddy puddles in the street. Oh, and Kris putting a big box in my lap in case I was gonna puke again. hehehe. I remember being kinda drunk and confused, thinking – what’s with this big box Kris is making me hold on to? And then he put a towel under it. but I was tired, so I just put my hands on the box and that’s all I remember about the car ride.

I really am gonna miss the people at my old work place, and am glad i am able to leave the job and actually miss it. it means i didn’t stay too long. And like justin was telling me: towards the end I only really could remember all the good things, and there are many good things about the place I’ll miss. Not being able to eat lunch downtown anymore kinda sucks big-time!

I’m going to be working in Waikiki at a local Software company. I get to work with servers and will meet new people on my first day of work on Monday. I start at 9, and we’ll see how it goes. My throat’s still a little sore, so I spent all day sleeping, and will probably go back to bed soon.

I watched episode 118 of Bleach, and Sifu was right – it was pretty good. Ikkaku seems real cool.

I had a good day even though I only really did stuff for like, 2 hours, and slept all day otherwise. Seeing my sister, Davy, and all the relatives and friends was really nice. I’m super glad I decided not to opt out. I would have always regretted it.

I feel real happy about everything. And a little bit nervous bout the new job, but excited too.

I feel very lucky, and can’t really complain. I’m not even mad I puked. Everything worked out fine, and I just hope I can kick this cold before Monday so I don’t have to start my new job feeling sick.

Thanks to everyone who made my time at Help Desk memorable, and to everyone who’s wished me luck or congratulated me and been so supportive / encouraging. I am real lucky and very thankful.


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