Posted by: ayakoaya | March 16, 2007

My New Job

I’m interested in seeing what a Friday is like at my new company. I was happy to discover I’m allowed to wear headphones, and listened to the Soma FM “groove salad” stream, which I like most of all so far. Most everyone else who does listen to music, has some kind of mp3 player but I hook up straight to the back of the CPU so I’m literally connected to my PC while I sit at my desk. It’s kinda geeky when I think about it.

I decided to take the the Tech route. Most of the women I meet in this field choose the Business Systems Analyst or Project Manager route, but I decided I want to work with Servers which is why I took this job. The guy I’m dating was a Tech II, but decided to become a Business Systems Analyst at my old company, and he says he is glad he took the opportunity because it helped him decide he wants to go back to Tech stuff and not be a BA for the rest of his career in IT.

I still have a lot to learn, but have been practicing on my machine at work. I installed LyX, the Oracle server software, imported some users, and also got to install ANT, Apache, Tomcat and Orion, and am learning how to deal with PDAs since I never got to touch one before. I’m also being trained about the software our company writes, and how to use the different applications, and the business purposes they server our clients; and will be working mainly on application deployments once I’m trained. We have servers in Korea, Alaska, Japan, Okinawa, and Hawaii so far.

But yeah: listening to music is one of the best perks to me about the new job. Definitely different than Help Desk at my old company.

I also got a pda issued to me by the company. It’s a Tungsten T2. I’m not used to PDAs or handhelds at all, so it’s been cool to play with it. I have to get used to using one because I’ve never really needed one before.

I have to decide between HMSA and Kaiser for my health insurance coverage. I also need to decide what to do with my 401 (k) and my life insurance from my other company. I hate dealing with all this stuff. I suck at it.

Overall this is the end of my first full week at the company, and I’m happy I made the decision to move on from my old job. I heard the Director of IS is currently the Help Desk Team Lead since I left the company. No one else wanted the position, apparently. It was tough in a lot of ways, and I truly value my time in Help Desk since it helped me move on to this company where they are willing to train me, and took a chance on me. I feel very lucky and thankful, and I hope I don’t let people down.


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