Posted by: ayakoaya | February 5, 2008

the woman exam: 2008

I hate going to the gynecologist. I know it’s a necessity, but I don’t like going. This year I scheduled it for the day after my birthday – January 30th.

And this year, I bled when she took my pap – – which is not normal. And it’s not something that’s ever happened to me before. She said when someone bleeds on the pap smear test they automatically perform an additional test. So they procedurally sent in 1 sample for the pap, and another sample to test for gonorrhea and chlamydia.
Aside from the blood during the pap test, she felt something she didn’t like when she was reaching around in my insides. Since my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer recently, my doctor is concerned about me. They want to see my ovaries better and rule out anything cancerous. I have an appointment in late-February for an ultrasound so they can peek at my ovaries, and I have to go to another follow-up exam with her to see if there’s anything I should or shouldn’t worry about. If the ultrasound doesn’t show her enough, she said I may have to do a CAT scan.

I had to go to work immediately after the exam and felt terrible and pretty scared for a few hours, but had to suck it up and work through it, and let the anxiety quell. The STD test came back negative like I’d figured it would, but I wonder why I bled and will deal with the results of my follow-up exam when it comes. Hopefully it’s nothing.


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