Posted by: ayakoaya | April 14, 2008

My First Marathon?

Will 2008 be the year I finally run a marathon? Perhaps.

I’ve never run the marathon before and am not the greatest runner. This year was the first time I ever participated in any kind of run or stuck to running 3 times a week on a regular basis. I started with the Great Aloha Run, and the Ford Island Bridge Run. Next up is the 2008 Pineapple Run happening on May 10th. I was trying to run last year, but my mom was in the hospital for a couple of months, and between work and visiting her I had no time for it.

The marathon has always intrigued me since running was always a super difficult task for me. When I was in Basic training, it was the toughest part. Running kicked my ass. It still does. What kind of sucks is, i might have to have surgery this year even though… for the first time in my life… I finally started getting serious about running. I found this out in march. I have an appointment for a second opinion, but I think they’re going to tell me to get surgery.

In any event, I’ve been training, so hopefully I can still do it. I am a beginner runner, however. The farthest I ever ran is 8 miles so far. So, I’m not even 100% sure I can do the marathon but I asked my boss if I could have that date off, and am pretty determined to do it if possible. It’s just bad timing. I might have a condition called endometriosis, where the endometrium lining found in the womb, also starts growing outside of the womb. I don’t feel any pain, but catscans and ultrasounds don’t show the affected area, so no one knows for sure what it is that my current gynecologist is feeling when she does the pelvic exam. My mom had chemo last year for Ovarian cancer, so… they can’t rule out cancer in my case. She was in the hospital in April 2007, and had treatments through October 2007.

I have to go see Dr. Benton Chun in May for a second opinion. My current gynecologist doesn’t know what else to do since she doesn’t do surgery anymore and she can’t see it from catscan, ultrasound, and MRI. She can’t do anything more for me, she said, so she’s referring me to him.

I’m really impressed and proud of my mom who held up so well through all the treatments, and having her hair fall out – then start to grow back, and everything. She is a tough lady, and had another setback this year by having to have surgery on her shoulder for arthritis. She’s recovering now, and anxious to heal so she can finally feel like she’s free from medical setbacks.

Hopefully she has beaten the cancer, and I can still run my first marathon in 2008…


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