Posted by: ayakoaya | July 22, 2008

After the Laparoscopy

There were pains in the weeks following my laparoscopy that I didn’t expect. Extremely sore gas pains which kept me indoors for a few days, and my bladder felt a weird pressure, and they said these were just post-operative pains, and to call if I got a fever, or nausea, or couldn’t eat. But none of those symptoms developed. Just the pain. If you experience those kinds of pains, I was told to walk – as painful as it was. I also took gas-x, which can break up the gas before it enters your intestines… but once it gets into the intestines, the doctor was telling me the only way for the pain to go away was for it to pass through on its own. If you ever, in your life, experience the pain I was feeling, I think you’d be shocked. It was more uncomfortable and painful than the first few days home from surgery.

I haven’t updated for a while about the status on my laparoscopy and what the doctor who performed the surgery told me. I had an appointment with him on July 10th, and he said I had a “bad” case of endometriosis. Some women end up having to have the laparoscopic procedure done multiple times, and apparently, he feels I am in that category where they’ll have to monitor me and see if it comes back. I have to go see him again in August before he releases me to my gyn.

Apparently the tissue growth was pretty wide-spread, and he showed me a handful of photos they took of my insides. There was a big nodule in there, and one of my fallopian tubes was actually being held to itself by the tissue and he had to free it. On the other side, he showed me my ovary was wrinkled, and not smooth– meaning the eggs were dying. In other words, if I want a child I should really think about it happening sooner than later since I will probably have a hard time conceiving.

I didn’t feel like posting this. I still don’t know if I feel comfortable, but remember reading other women’s blogs when I was wondering what the hell was going to happen, and how grateful I was they posted theirs so… here it is.

The day he told me my eggs were dying, I teared up a little bit in the car after the appointment; because it wasn’t the news I was expecting. And I didn’t know what to think about having a small window of opportunity for a child. And I didn’t know what to do or think about all of it (I still kinda don’t) BUT… I’m just gonna deal with things as they come.

I am nowhere near being married so I’m not thinking of having a child right NOW. I had always pictured myself having a kid at age 40, like my mom did… and never really knew for sure if I even would have a child one day… Of course people have told me about adoption… and hey, if I meet the right person and still am able to, I can try to have kids. So, I know the news could have been worse. Granted, it was not good news… but could have been much worse.

The doctor cleared me to go running and to lift heavy things as much as i felt comfortable, just 10 days after surgery. I didn’t try running until this past Sunday, however.. 19 days after surgery. I only ran 3 miles, and it felt like I ran super far. (I had been running 6 – 10 miles before the surgery).

In the end, I am thankful the news wasn’t worse. I’ll deal with things as I need to… and am not going to stress the stuff i can’t do anything about. I’m getting better, and feeling more normal, though I did catch a cold just yesterday… and I felt a little pain in some of the incisions after my 3 mile run on Sunday… but I’m OK overall. And, I’ve got Chris Rock tickets!!!!



  1. Hi. I stumbled upon your blog while searching for endo information. I just had a lap a few days back and was told I have pretty bad endo. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story. I know this won’t make things better for you, but you articulated a lot of the feelings I am going through now and that gives me comfort. Thanks again.

  2. Hi there,

    I just had my 2nd laparoscopy a few days ago. I remember how bad the gas pains were for my first one. I felt like I was in labor for days and I was so constipated that I couldn’t release the gas. This time around the gas pains have been in my shoulder and under my ribs. I too am a runner, but due to the pelvic pain I have been in, I have not ran in months. I’ve been out walking as much as possible. I remember feeling better after a week or so to return to activites but that my incisions would hurt if I moved around too much. I’m afraid this time, I had extensive excision of endometriosis. I wonder how my recovery will be this time. So far, I have been having really bad pelvic pain and soreness near my incisions. I wonder how long it will last. How are you feeling now after a few days? Did you have a lot removed?

  3. Hi jesse – thanks so much. It’s comforting that someone else felt similar emotions! I hope you’re doing OK. I really appreciate you posting!!

    Hi Erin – I heard gas pains can happen in the shoulder area. Sorry you’re having them again! My pains seemed to be around for about 2 weeks after the laparoscopy. It was strange because there were some good days in there where I felt I was getting better and then suddenly, the gas pains would start. I also felt pressure in the bladder area. Though I was cleared to run by the surgeon as soon as 1 week and 3 days after the procedure, I didn’t feel up to trying until 19 days later.. and caught a cold the very next day, which kept me out from running for another week. I still have some of the congestion from the cold today. I had it done on July 1st, and am OK now. He said there was a lot he had to remove and it was on my fallopian tube, and other spots as well as a big nodule he had to take out in the cul de sac. I hope your recovery goes well and speedily! My belly button was the most sore compared to the other incisions. I hope your pains go away quick! How long was it between your 1st and 2nd laparoscopy?

  4. I have a question. I’m looking at having my 3rd laproscopy soon. The first was a total waste. They were blaming my pelvic pain on ovarian cysts. Then I got with a MUCH better doctor and she did a 2nd surgery. She seemed to think it was endo – all symptoms are there, but said that that wasn’t what was causing my pain after the 2nd. Now a year later we are still looking for the cause of my pelvic pain. The reproductive endocrinologist I saw wants me to have a 3rd surgery with a specialist in endo at the helm. During the 2nd, there were adhesions, cysts, scar tissue, etc.

    After the 2nd, the pain was back within 2 weeks of the surgery. I was able to get the pain management doctor to do something besides vicadin (YEA!) but its still a daily issue. I just want it to get to a managable level. I’ve had the doubled over days. The pain has been really bad for the last year and a half. I’ve been told its chronic ovarian cysts and that one option was a hystorectomy but now that I am so tired of the pain I’m ready for that HUGE step – they don’t seem to want to do it because it may not be the main cause of all the pain. The doctors seem to come back to endo. So i guess I’m just curious. I’ve known people with it before but it never seemed to be so hard to get that diagnosis. It seemed to be more of the ‘all the symptoms are there so endo is what you have and let’s do this about it’. The not knowing after all this time is the killer for me. I mean I read its uncurable – from what I had seen or read it seems to have things they can do with the management of it at least some.

    I read some on the web (which always makes me even more nervous) that endo can be hard to diagnose. Has anyone else had a hard time with being diagnosed?

  5. Hi Tanya,
    In my case they had a hard time diagnosing it at first since everything looked normal in my ultrasound and catscan… but the nodule growing inside me got bigger and they could feel it on the pelvic exam, so that’s how they knew something was up. The specialist I was referred to from my usual gyn is an infertility specialist and ob/gyn who sees endometriosis cases all the time. Maybe you’d want to check into a doctor who specializes in infertility if you don’t already since my usual gyn really wasn’t sure what to tell me, and made me go through 4 office visits before referring me to this other specialist, who diagnosed me in like 10 minutes.
    My mom had ovarian cancer, so my gyn wasn’t ruling out cancer at first, but the specialist knew right away what I had. Though, my case sounds way less severe and yours will probably be harder to diagnose, but I hope you get more answers.

    I can only imagine what you’re going through and hope you get some answers, and relief from your pain. I had a comment on one of my other posts for this online community called and it seems like a cool place to meet other people online with endometriosis. You can log in and read about other people’s experiences with endo and make friends. Maybe you can get some good answers there.
    They gave this guest username and password:
    username: guest1
    password: weare1

    Thanks for writing! I really appreciate it. Good luck with the 3rd laparoscopy. Sorry to hear you’ve had to go through so much. I wish the best for you, and hope you recover quick, and they can give you some answers. Aloha.

  6. Hi, I just had my first lap on the 9th. They thought I had endo but everything was normal. They thought I had PCOS. Which let me tell you being told i’m infertile isn’t easy. Then maybe I was. Now after lap I am just fine and can have babies. So who knows?!? They didn’t find anything. I don’t know if i’m more upset that they didn’t find anything i’m still having symptoms have horrible endo and its nothing?
    Anywho I’m what.. going on my first week after lap and I’m just wondering how long certain things last?
    I have seemed to have gas pains.. maybe just small tiny pinches inside. If that’s the gas pain?!? I am still so so so bloated though. I have a feeling that the gas hasn’t gone yet. My back is killing me but it could be from resting a lot.
    Everyone in my family seems to think I should be just fine and back to normal by now. That I should go back to work. ( I push 50lb freight) I don’t think i’m near ready. Everyone says well they didn’t find anything so you just have small incisions. I’m thinking.. they’ve never had lap so they don’t know what they are talking about. My follow up apt isn’t until the 24th of Oct. So i’m not clear until then anyways. I have been getting up every 2 hours or so to walk around and try to do simple things, like have a small snack and stretch carefully. Each time I do a little more a little longer. So I work my way into my normal daily stuff. However I get dizzy and sick to my stomach if I am up for too long. So I just lay back down. I don’t want to over do it. I still seem to need my pain meds they gave me if I get up and over do it. I don’t know long I should be on the pain meds. I don’t want to be on them but my back is killing me. My point is.. maybe someone can email me and tell me how long this stuff lasted for you.

  7. Hi there
    I just had my first lap a few days ago, i had been experiencing chronic pelvic pain for 3 months straight nothing would relieve my pain after seeing many doctors they decided to do a lap and a hysteroscopy. They found endo, polyps, and an adhesion. I still have lots of gas pain, pain in my back and shoulders and cramping almost like before my surgery. Im not sure if your pain is suppose to go away immediatley after surgery or after you heal from surgery ? I feel for everyone that has this horrible disease. It is nice to know that i am not the only one out there dealing with this.. I am glade I can read other peoples stories and learn from there experience since I know very little and I can use all the info I can get. This disorder has tried to take over my life but I am not going to allow it to, I am going to stand up and get through this day by day. I wish all of you the best if anyone knows when the pain should go away can you email me thanks.

  8. Ayakoaya,
    Thought I’d post the results. Sorry its taken a bit. I do have endo but it isn’t a bad case yet. The doctor who did it is a specialist. The insision sites (sorry about spelling) were tiny. I was back up and around in a couple days driving and everything.

    They burned a lot off, removed a fibroid and cyst. The pain has come back but its not as bad as it was before so far. The doctor said he thinks the pain is coming more from the cysts though and that I’m one of the few cases he’s seen with a ‘robust’ system. Basically since I take birth control pills, my body sees it as interferring with the normal functions so my body produces the cysts to do what its supposed to do and work against the pill. Crazy, isn’t it? The normal fix for having ovarian cysts can actually cause them in certain people. I just seem to be one of the lucky ones this happens to.

    The fix for this is taking more hormones which makes me nervous. Lupron was mentioned and after reading some of the posts I’m not sure I want to try that one. His first suggestion was to have a baby though. Since my hubby and I are getting a divorce that isn’t really an option.

    So I asked about maybe trying some other kind of birth control. Some friends were talking about the IUDs. They seem to have had really good experiences with them. One is on her second and just swears by them. The doctor seems to think that it might be a good alternative. I’m a little nervous about it though. I started taking them 15 years ago because of bad cramps. I know some people who use the ring but over half of them got pregnant while using it (5 of 7) so that one is probably not one I’d go for.

    I’m sure I’ll end up having to take something for the endo too but taking hormones to counteract other hormone pills makes me feel weird.

    The emotional part is the hardest I think. Especially at first. I kept seeing pregnant women and wondering if I’ll ever be able to have another child. Then with the divorce and all. Its getting better. I mean it wasn’t bad news. I can’t imagine how it was to be told that your eggs are dying. Then I found out one of my oldest friends is pregnant. I’m happy for her but at same time, it was hard to hear with everyone going on.

  9. I just had lap and hydrotubation done on Thursday, Dec. 4th. to look for endo. My doc said everything looked fine and there were no signs of endo. She also told me I should be feeling normal within 3-5 days. It’s been 8 days now and I’m still having pain on my right side at the bottom of my ribs and also in my right shoulder. It’s been bad enough within the last couple days I’ve been short of breath. It almost feels like my diaphram is bruised or something. That’s the best way I can describe it. Have any of you experienced this?

    I feel for all of you that have been diagnosed with endo. I do feel some relief that she didn’t find anything.

    I’m suppose to have a follow up in 3 more weeks so I’m a little curious as to what she’s going to have to say then. I’m also wondering if I should call and ask about the pain I’m still having. Maybe I pushed myself to hard and started work too soon???

  10. Hi all,
    at 31 I have just had my 3rd lap. All went well, but like most of you 4 weeks down the track I too am still in pain.

    I suffer from endo and pcos, both of which I was told I had a a ripe old age of 16! yes thats right 16.
    Might I add that 2 laparoscopys later I still somehow managed to have 2 very healthy childern.

    At the time of my first lap I was told I would never have children due to the scaring that was caused and then with the 2nd 2 years later I was sure that they were right about the no children thing.

    Please ladies, dont take it all to heart what these doctors say, as I am proof that we can and do still have kids.

    I am just hoping that now at 31 and just having had my 3rd lap that I will now be able to have another child.
    Fingers crossed aye.

    Good luck, and I wish you all well.

  11. Tomorrow is Lap number 3 for Endo (I had one for removal of my gallbladder)…I have found that each one gets easier in my case, but the Endo pains are FAR worse than ever before this time around. It took them 2 yrs to diagnose me when I was 20 and now I am 26 and will be having number 3. I just had a baby 4.5 months ago so it is possible so dont give up. I am wanting just one more but we will see how this surgery goes. I have to have a D&C as well because the endo is inside the womb this time. I HATE the shoulder pain but hope to be up around in no time (mostly because I still have baby fat to lose LOL)…Good luck to everyone else dealing with this and keep your head up.

  12. hi everyone, im happy i ran up to this website and know i am not alone. I had a lap 1 week and 5days ago. after the surgery, the only pain i was having was the common rib pain and shoulder pain..wih some pain on the incisions. those went away. now a week after, new symptoms have started, weird ones. these are vaginal pains. i went to the doc’s and he examined me and said my uterus still feels tender and that maybe it was an infection so he gave me keflex. i have been taking it but it does not help the vaginal pressure? not sure how to explain it. i dont mean to be explicit but the pain/soreness starts in the opening and in..and it feels like it was being pushed down type of feeling. i called the on-call and they said i shouldnt be concerned. that maybe with the instruments they caused some distress and now i feel sore. but i don’t afraid that this can be more serious. has any of you every experienced vaginal pressure/soreness inside? this just started like 3 days ago. thanks

  13. Hi. I did my 1st lap a week and a half ago. My doctor finally confirmed that i had endo after being diagnosed as “unexplained fertility for years”. Contrary to what many websites say about this procedure in terms of you being back to normal in 3-4 days, I don’t agree. I am 32 and have been dealing with infertility forever. I have no kids. My procedure was a bit different since I had an incision in the belly button as well as a cut around the same area. The reason for the cut is that I have been experiencing excruciating pain in the navel area for several months, the week before and during and the week after my period. It’s painful to even touch that area. So my dr decided that he wanted to test the tissue in that area. I received sutures (stitches) almost right around the belly button as well as at the two other incision points. This was a total disaster for me cause I had to spend a week with these sutures uncovered before I had them removed. Removing them one week later was another disaster cause they were so tight and were difficult for the nurses to remove. The cut at the navel didn’t heal as expected and I was prescribed an antibiotic powder and cautioned not to get the area wet. Some how today, one and a half weeks after the lap, I am feeling a fluttering sensation in the abdominal area. The last time I felt this was a few years ago and I’m wondering if that was the sensation that was associated with the growth of the endometriosis in the first place. I am yet to meet my dr for the follow up after the lap, where I should see pictures and would be told what stage I was at. I am a bit devastated to know that this has happened in my body but I am trying my best to trust in God for my healing. I can safely say that I will not be doing another lap ever again. I just can’t deal with the drama. He did tell me that I had some adhesions to my bowel that he refused to interfere with. I spend my recovery days resting. As soon as my belly button wound(lol) heals I am gonna try the heating pad with castor oil. I forgot to mention that last year I had 1 failed IUI and 1 failed IVF cycle. I opted to do the lap as opposed to another IVF cycle as advised because of the cost factor and especially because I knew that there was something wrong despite being shoved in a corner as classified as “unexplained infertility”.
    I will keep you up to date with my progress.

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