Posted by: ayakoaya | November 4, 2008

It’s Almost Over! Election: 2008 (Go Vote!)

For the first time in my life, I actually found a presidential candidate to cheer for. In the past, it seemed I was picking anyone but Bush! But this year was different. Barack Obama caught my attention before I knew who he was as I flipped through the channels in December 2007, and heard him speak for the first time.

Through the beginning of 2008 I watched and listened to the Democratic debates and mud slinging. I signed up to vote in the Hawaii Democratic caucus and became a card-carrying democrat. I stood in the long line which winded through the Waena Elementary school grounds, and I couldn’t keep from beaming with excitement at all the other people waiting anxiously in line to cast their votes for Obama. The scant showings of Hillary supporters were less animated, as the rest of us stood proudly with our Obama stickers and buttons which the brilliant campaigners had taken the time to canvas the crowd with. It struck me then that Hawaii was really going to stand behind Barack, and I was proud of us. Proud, because Hawaii let me down when it voted “Yes” to: “Save traditional marriage” and deny same-sex marriage rights to homosexuals in 1998. That disappointed me to no end, and still does. So, I honestly thought Hawaii might not be ready for a Black president (even if he does have Hawaii roots), until I went to the caucus and voted. Then I realized they were more than all right with Barack.

After reading hundreds of news articles, watching debates, and just observing the candidates, I knew I didn’t want Hillary. I would have voted for her if she won, but I wouldn’t have been excited about it the way I am today.

People criticize Barack for being a “celebrity” but he’s got style and substance. And I feel like I trust the man a whole lot more than the GOP. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, and this is just mine.

Mccain, I’d heard of long before this election — through the Keating 5 scandal. So, I already had bad thoughts about the guy. However, watching and listening to Palin and the supporters at some of those rallies… it was too spooky. They obviously had no real issues to stand on since all they could think to do with their campaign was resort to name-calling, and fear-mongering.

Then there were the three presidential debates and the Biden / Palin Vice Presidential debates… I felt the democrats won all their debates, hands-down. And there were hundreds more news articles I pored through but nothing changed my mind about who to vote for – despite all the smears.

Every day, I’d go to Google news and search for the latest on all the candidates, reading positives and negatives about all of them. Once this election is over, I don’t know what will hold my interest as much as this election has! I’ve been excited by the election process itself!

November 4, 2008, is going to be one hell of a day, whether or not your candidate wins. I won’t lie to you, I’ll be incredibly bummed if Mccain wins. I’m hoping Obama wins. I’m gonna be glued to the Internet news and radio all day at work!! Even if you disagree with me, Go Vote! And have fun doing it. 😀



  1. I agree. Today is going to be an all nighter. Too bad I have to go to school…

  2. Voli Dublino thinks you are right!

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