Posted by: ayakoaya | November 3, 2007

Sometimes SPAM Can Be Amusing

Got this one today:
From: Sheree Velazquez <>
Date: November 3, 2007 12:03:58 AM HST
To: <>
Subject: Give me the children until they are seven and anyone may have them afterwards.
Reply-To: Sheree Velazquez <>

I’m sure it will come off 🙂
Be discreet in all things, and so render it unnecessary to be mysterious.
Edison failed 10, 000 times before he made the electric light. Do not be discouraged if you fail a few times.
Nonsense is good only because common sense is so limited.

Posted by: ayakoaya | October 22, 2007

My Netflix

I recently jumped onto Netflix, and am somewhat happy I did. When I was a kid and all through high school, I was a total movie person. Wanted to make them, and enjoyed reading about movies and watching all kinds of stuff. After my stint in the Army National Guard, where I couldn’t watch much TV or movies for about 8 months straight, I stopped watching movies and television. Just didn’t feel like it anymore.

I had a boyfriend who really got me into independent cinema in 1997, but we had a terrible relationship and breakup. (He and I were both aquarians). Since Hawaii is such a small place, seeing him at the HIFF, HUFF, and other showcases of foreign and independent film was unavoidable, so I stopped going to those since seeing him always made me feel like crap.

I finally started going to the movies on a semi-regular basis in 2005. Meaning, I’d only go when there was something I really really wanted to see since the casual trip to the movies for 2 people costs approximately $30 if you want moderate snacks with your movie. The $9 price tag of a movie ticket makes me feel like the movie has to be pretty damn satisfying, or I wasted $9. Maybe I would feel different if I was going to the movie and trying to Hook-up, but I already have a boyfriend (Virgo) so it’s not the same when you see a crappy movie with your boyfriend, as opposed to some new person you’re trying to hook-up with. Because when you’re trying to hook up, it’s not the movie that matters. (To me, anyway.)

But anyway, I got Netflix. My first movie rental was “Little Buddha” and I loved it (5-stars on Netflix). I opted for the unlimited-2-movies-at-a-time plan. I am still not thoroughly into watching movies like I used to be, so I’m starting off slow. My next 2 rentals are “Grand Canyon” and “Waiting for Guffman.” Basically, I’m catching up on a lot of movies I missed out on in the 90’s.

“Little Buddha” was a beautifully shot film. I appreciate cinematography a lot. I’m intrigued with Tibet, Nepal, and Buddhism. I’ve never practiced buddhism, but it always seems very cool to me. Currently I am in limbo about any religious beliefs. I thought Lama Norbu was played so well, and the child actor, Alex Wiesendanger was also very good. Keanu gets dissed so much for his acting, but I really thought he did fine in the role of Siddhartha. I think a lot of people just like hating on the him for whatever reason. No one else could be Neo. Nobody. But back to Little Buddha – really enjoyed it. Chris Isaak was surprisingly good. I’d never seen him act before. Every time I see movies about Tibet or Nepal, I want to go there.

I signed up last week, and I get 2 weeks for free. Too bad I didn’t wait since a friend of mine got an offer to get him hooked up with an additional movie a month and my first month would have been free if he’d referred me. Shucks. Sorry J!

Posted by: ayakoaya | September 11, 2007

Unsure about my career decision

I work in IT. My current job is as a System Support Technician. I get to go to the servers sometimes on base, but mainly am in the office working with data, or configuring the different test servers in the office. I don’t hate the job, and some days am really happy when I learn something new, but other times I wonder about my job. It’s a job where I fix things that are broken, and setup things. It’s different from other jobs where I knew what I was doing, and working hard usually yielded good results. With this job, I can work for hours and days on a problem, and feel as if I yield no results. As an example, our boss was going to demo our applications to some very big people, and I had to configure the laptop server she’d take along with her. It was buggy, and if I had more time I would have liked to wipe it clean and start from scratch, but had to just plug away at it and apply some fixes, and hope for the best. If my job was to demo the laptop, I’d work very hard on what I was going to say and do and research and all that… but since my job is making sure the laptop works, it becomes an entirely different kind of pressure when things start happening like services won’t automatically start on bootup. I worked on it for many days, and I was still scared even though it was tested and seemed fine. I am still new to the field, and have only been working in IT for 2 years now. So I guess things will probably change for me if I stick with it.

Recently I’ve wondered if I should pursue my original plan of being an English instructor at a community college, since a master’s degree is sufficient, and doesn’t seem impossible for me to obtain thanks to evening classes. I do miss writing and reading. Nowadays I only buy computer books, and I don’t write unless I’m writing instructions for someone on how to install applications and configure a server.

I strayed from English when I was in school because my family was always broke, and needed money. So I went for a career that I thought would pay, and being an indecisive person, I also locked myself into a major which would help determine my future career for me. I like problem-solving, so server work suits me more than anything else I’ve seen in the IT field. I do lean a lot, but have much to learn.

2 years later, I don’t know whether or not I’d be better off going back to school or pursuing IT to the fullest.

Posted by: ayakoaya | July 27, 2007

I Cannot Own a RAZR

My Motorolla Razr V3xx phone suffered an embarrasing fate last week by taking a dip in the toilet after leaning a bit too far out the back pocket of my black work slacks with no front pockets. I cannot stress to you how important having front pants pockets is to me, but since i gained a little weight, some of my pants are scandalously tight and inappropriate for work. hence the fateful day when i wore the slacks with no front pockets, went to the bathroom, and heard a sploosh before I splooshed.

I reached in after it. I did. Of course I washed my hands a lot. But it was unfortunate. This is the second razr in 2 years I’ve lost due to my inability to keep gravity from working as it does, at least, unfortunately, in the case of motorolla razr phones in my possession.

As soon as I mentioned to my friends that I dropped it in water, they knew it was toilet water, right away. Even though I presented it as: I dropped my phone in water and it won’t turn on now. “Of course,” My boyfriend said to me, “How else does someone submerge their phone in water?” Oh, it’s hard not to think about the fact it fell into a toilet in a public restroom. So, even though it managed to turn on a few days after I let it dry out, I am not using it. The thought of placing it against my face, or holding it in my hands is kinda gross. So it might actually be working perfectly fine, but I’m not up to touching it yet.

My backup phone is a motorolla as well. not sure of the model, but it was about $30 or $40, sold as a “go” phone, and I slipped my SIM into it. I think i feel better without all the high-tech gadgets. Though I do admittedly miss my camera phone.

I guess I wasn’t really meant to own a razr. My first razr died from one too many falls onto the ground from my pockets, slipping off my bed, out of my purse, etc.

I’m not a clumsy person with most other objects but my Razrs…? I don’t know. heh.

Posted by: ayakoaya | June 27, 2007

i passed! (CompTia A+ Certification)

I took my A+ OS test (220-302) at the University of Phoenix testing center, located in beautiful downtown Honolulu less than 12 hours ago. Thankfully I passed even though I didn’t have much time to study, so I’ll be hoping for that certificate in the mail.
The company I work at now doesn’t care if I have certifications or not, but I had started out taking the Hardware portion (220-301) in January when I was still working at the Help Desk as the Lead, and wishing i could quit every day.

I work with Servers, so I might think of persuing some server certifications. And maybe becomming Mac certified since I own a mac at home, and prefer using it to PCs. I hate the image mac has been manufacturing for itself, but i still can’t dis the product itself. I was thoroughly happy with my G4 12″ powerbook. Too bad I dropped it so many times it broke. Now I have the 15″ MacBook Pro and it gets super hot, and the fan is pretty noisy. I bought it only 3 months ago, in March, and am wondering if I’ll be taking it in this year for problems or not. (Hopefully not!)

I work with a couple of talented programmers who tell me certifications don’t mean anything to them, but I went to college and studied MIS, where they taught me nothing about being a computer technician, so everything I know about computers had to be learnt on the job, or through reading and experimenting on my own… so I don’t dis certs, but I don’t think they mean you know what you’re doing even if you have one. I know my major in college was more geared towards me becomming a business analyst but i don’t think i’d be happy in that position.

Sometimes I wish I could just leave IT alltogether though… and do something more fun. I guess I am interested in many things, and able to learn so I’ve done things like fix navigation systems on helicopters for the army national guard, and work in distance education editing and td-ing for live classes, and radio broadcasting, and management, and promotional work as the music director for my college radio station, and was a recording engineer at the hawaii public radio station down here… i’ve done a lot i guess. just cause i am a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none type of person. i don’t think its bad, but its hard since i don’t really know what i want to do aside from make money.

BUT: if all jobs paid the same amount of money, i think i would like to produce music videos, or make short movies. or work on a television series. or produce my own beats and collab with my favorite artists. hehe. dreaming huh? but yeah. I passed my test today, and am hopeful in 10 years i’m happy with my career.

Posted by: ayakoaya | April 9, 2007

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was good because it forced me to take a look at things and reflect. The guy I’ve been dating spent time with me in the evening after he went to evening mass. I’m not super religious, but he is and I felt good about him going since he seemed happy about it. He actually touched on the subject of us going out as girlfriend and boyfriend last week, but I told him we should talk about it when he wasn’t exhausted and half asleep. We never did come back to the conversation. I don’t know if he assumes we’re going out or not but his parents seem to think we are. I am not 100% sure what I want to do.

This weekend my family celebrated Easter Sunday by going to the lunch buffet at Makino Chaya. My mom’s birthday was on Friday, so it was a celebration of both events. My mom, sister and I try to go out on holidays. I remember being a teenager who hated spending time with the family and how much its changed for me as I got older since I realize how incomplete it would feel if we didn’t get together. I will seriously miss my family if anyone passes on or moves far away. My mom is already a senior citizen and I’m praying she’ll live beyond her eighties and retain her health. She’s doing good right now, but sometimes it hits me that she isn’t as young as she used to be, because she looks great for her age and seems 10 or 15 years younger, but then I realize her age and it surprises me. She isn’t 80 or 90 yet, but she’s in her early seventies. I would honestly feel lost without her. She is often someone I can bring my big problems to. She’s great even though we argue tons, and it might not seem like it to her, but I think she’s amazing.

My sister is a good person, but very different. Hopefully she and I will remain on good terms. She is super responsible and intelligent, and makes the right choices in life. She’s the older sister. Of course.

Our dad passed away in 1997, and I’ve always accepted it, but never quite gotten over it. I probably never will feel OK about how he died. But I accept he’s gone, and hope he’s cruising around someplace and that he’s healthy, happy and able to enjoy his existence without pain. I don’t know what i think happens in the after-life, exactly, but I like to imagine he can see how we’re doing, and I imagine him young for some reason.

Easter Sunday was somber for me because a lot of things started piling up on me. Anxieties about decisions I’ve been making in life, and the career path I chose… Realizing I don’t think I’m happy doing what I’m doing by choosing IT as a career path… all that stuff. I banged up my car on a pillar in the parking structure wednesday evening after work, and am going through insurance but feel incredibly stupid about it. My carelessness cost me the $500 deductible, and I imagine my premiums are rising now. I left work so frustrated on Wednesday… I just wasn’t paying attention when I pulled out of the stall and the front-passenger-side of the car got it. The mirror came off, and the front panel by the wheel and passenger door are both dented. The estimate is over $2K. I have debts to pay and my car’s due for a tune up, so I wish I hadn’t made this additional bill. The auto body shop is charging me $500, and insurance will pick up the rest.

I just started feeling kinda somber last night. I’m thankful for all that I have and realize I’m a lucky person to have family and friends and a job. Hopefully everyone else had a good Easter – whether you celebrate it or not.

Posted by: ayakoaya | March 16, 2007

STM Medium Alley laptop bag

STM Medium Alley - carbon

Though I am not a total brand-name person when it comes to clothing (though I did go through a Banana Republic phase not too long ago) I am super picky about purchasing a laptop bag, and love some of the STM line of laptop bags. STM is a company that’s based in Australia and specializes in bags to lug around digital gadgets. I came across them by chance online through a mac forum when I was first looking for a cool laptop bag.

I recently ordered the STM Medium alley bag in the carbon color. It fits my newly purchased macbook pro 15-inch great. I got my macbook pro because I dropped my 12-inch powerbook and the display died completely. I took out the hard drive, and bought this macbook pro on clearance, so it has the core duo chip, and not the core 2 duo. But it was only $1299 so it was a great deal!

The bag has a nice vertical zipper pocket along the front flap which comes in surprisingly handy, and a horizontal one along the back of the bag which rests against my hip.

The main pocket also has room for my folders, and there are sub-pockets that fit my power adapter, and other accessories. In all this bag is awesome.

Posted by: ayakoaya | March 16, 2007

My New Job

I’m interested in seeing what a Friday is like at my new company. I was happy to discover I’m allowed to wear headphones, and listened to the Soma FM “groove salad” stream, which I like most of all so far. Most everyone else who does listen to music, has some kind of mp3 player but I hook up straight to the back of the CPU so I’m literally connected to my PC while I sit at my desk. It’s kinda geeky when I think about it.

I decided to take the the Tech route. Most of the women I meet in this field choose the Business Systems Analyst or Project Manager route, but I decided I want to work with Servers which is why I took this job. The guy I’m dating was a Tech II, but decided to become a Business Systems Analyst at my old company, and he says he is glad he took the opportunity because it helped him decide he wants to go back to Tech stuff and not be a BA for the rest of his career in IT.

I still have a lot to learn, but have been practicing on my machine at work. I installed LyX, the Oracle server software, imported some users, and also got to install ANT, Apache, Tomcat and Orion, and am learning how to deal with PDAs since I never got to touch one before. I’m also being trained about the software our company writes, and how to use the different applications, and the business purposes they server our clients; and will be working mainly on application deployments once I’m trained. We have servers in Korea, Alaska, Japan, Okinawa, and Hawaii so far.

But yeah: listening to music is one of the best perks to me about the new job. Definitely different than Help Desk at my old company.

I also got a pda issued to me by the company. It’s a Tungsten T2. I’m not used to PDAs or handhelds at all, so it’s been cool to play with it. I have to get used to using one because I’ve never really needed one before.

I have to decide between HMSA and Kaiser for my health insurance coverage. I also need to decide what to do with my 401 (k) and my life insurance from my other company. I hate dealing with all this stuff. I suck at it.

Overall this is the end of my first full week at the company, and I’m happy I made the decision to move on from my old job. I heard the Director of IS is currently the Help Desk Team Lead since I left the company. No one else wanted the position, apparently. It was tough in a lot of ways, and I truly value my time in Help Desk since it helped me move on to this company where they are willing to train me, and took a chance on me. I feel very lucky and thankful, and I hope I don’t let people down.

I puked twice and went to my sister’s wedding party anyway.

I puked once last night at my going away party, and then one more time this morning (hana hou!)

oh man. i hate tequilla. but somehow i ended up with 2 shots of those last night. tequilla STILL = guaranteed puke for me.

i was also coming down with a cold at the end of my very last day of work at Help Desk. I am surely going to miss the people a lot. My throat was starting to get sore by 4 yesterday, but I went to the party anyways. Thanks to Eric for planning it. I had fun, even though I puked.

I almost ended up skipping out on the wedding party this morning just cause I woke up with a sore throat, mean headache, and then puked again. My nose was all stuffy and runny too. But then I realized this is my sister’s wedding party and I really had to go. I showed up late, but I’m glad I went. The party was at The Oceanarium, located in the Pacific Beach Hotel. The buffet was a brunch, so I had mahi, eggs benedict with salmon, fruits, waffles, and some other things. It was very good and I ate slowly, and didn’t feel too sick at all. It was a nice time, though I felt kinda out of it. At least my headache and nausea had disappeared by the time I got there. The sore throat wasn’t so bad since I took Kris’ advice and gargled with vinegar in the morning when I woke up.

Thanks to kris for driving me home, cause i don’t even remember the car ride or getting into bed. I just woke up and was like: wow. How’d I get here? my last memory was leaving Karaoke Hut to go to the car, and walking through muddy puddles in the street. Oh, and Kris putting a big box in my lap in case I was gonna puke again. hehehe. I remember being kinda drunk and confused, thinking – what’s with this big box Kris is making me hold on to? And then he put a towel under it. but I was tired, so I just put my hands on the box and that’s all I remember about the car ride.

I really am gonna miss the people at my old work place, and am glad i am able to leave the job and actually miss it. it means i didn’t stay too long. And like justin was telling me: towards the end I only really could remember all the good things, and there are many good things about the place I’ll miss. Not being able to eat lunch downtown anymore kinda sucks big-time!

I’m going to be working in Waikiki at a local Software company. I get to work with servers and will meet new people on my first day of work on Monday. I start at 9, and we’ll see how it goes. My throat’s still a little sore, so I spent all day sleeping, and will probably go back to bed soon.

I watched episode 118 of Bleach, and Sifu was right – it was pretty good. Ikkaku seems real cool.

I had a good day even though I only really did stuff for like, 2 hours, and slept all day otherwise. Seeing my sister, Davy, and all the relatives and friends was really nice. I’m super glad I decided not to opt out. I would have always regretted it.

I feel real happy about everything. And a little bit nervous bout the new job, but excited too.

I feel very lucky, and can’t really complain. I’m not even mad I puked. Everything worked out fine, and I just hope I can kick this cold before Monday so I don’t have to start my new job feeling sick.

Thanks to everyone who made my time at Help Desk memorable, and to everyone who’s wished me luck or congratulated me and been so supportive / encouraging. I am real lucky and very thankful.

Posted by: ayakoaya | February 26, 2007

System Support Technician

The System Support Technician job I applied for back in the beginning of February finally came through this past Friday (2/23) and I was offered the position. I submitted my resignation as Help Desk Lead to my current boss today, and he asked me if I could ask for 3 weeks before leaving instead of 2. We are short-staffed, and he doesn’t know who to designate as the Lead in my place.

I felt awkward resigning, but it has been tough being the Lead of such a poorly under-staffed Help Desk. There were 6 full-time members of the Team when I started, and we are now down to 4 of us. I am leaving, and one guy just won a position on the Desktop Team last week, so he’ll be leaving them when they hire more replacements. My boss says no one is applying to work in Help Desk. I feel he may lose the remaining team members if he doesn’t fill some positions quickly, but if no one is applying, than I don’t know what can be done.

I explained to him that I was no longer learning anything new in IT as the Lead of HD, and I’ve wanted to work with Servers for a year now, so I felt it was time to move on. I hope they find some new people soon. I feel like 3 weeks will last forever, but I’m sure it’ll be over before I know it.

I’m thankful I had the opportunity to work in Help Desk because it was a lot of work and stress, and can only have helped me to prepare for other jobs. Hopefully things are better at this new company I’m moving over to. They are a local software development company and I would help to deploy the application at sites who will be using it. I’m so thankful they are willing to teach me, and giving me the opportunity to learn and develop more skills as an IT professional. I finally graduated from Help Desk!!! wooo hoo!!!! I hope I do good in my new position. I don’t know when I start yet, but am looking forward to the challenges and gaining more skills. Cause… dudes like chicks with skills, right? ;P

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